Why I Love Naruto

I want to hear why everyone loves Naruto and share with others why I do. Plus, seeing as it's about Naruto, it'll automatically be the best ever.

Chapter 1

My Best Friend EVERZ

I love Naruto for 2 main reasons: 1. It's what we go through mixed with ninjas and fighting. Could anytrhing be better?
2: It has the most sentimental value of anything to me. My best friend started me on it and I was hooked after the first page. I still remember reading it (And in case you were wondering I started on #21 cuz thats all she had w her) "Sauske, i love you so much i cant even stand it!" "You..... .....Make me sick." i almost cried and i didnt even know anyhting yet!!!!
Plus its just awesome. theres no possible way you could exprees every reason, but this is a good start so....


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