Love Game chapter 15

Chapter 1


Joe:It's a swimming pool to me [paddling his foot]
Sam: would you please? [jumps on top of him to make him stop]
Joe: [changes position] hello there? ;)
Sam: don't get any ideas -_-
Joe: too late, i already have some
Sam: [gets off him] umm maybe we should put our things on there places [walks out]
Joe: [talks to himself] ugh Joe why did you do that? [slaps himself] ow!
Sam's pov
I can't believe he just said that, I thought he is changing,but what the hell he's bad boy to the blood. ok, where are the kids
Sam: Caroline, Katie, Michelle? [looks around the house and found them on the backyard] hey, how come you guys don't answer, where is Caroline?
Katie: Caroline went swimming [she pointed at the pool with Caroline on the bottom]
Sam: omg! Caroline [jumps on the pool to get her out, she pulled Caroline's hand and carried her out of the water] Caroline, please tell me you are still alive... JOE!!!! HELP CALL 911
Joe's pov
I was laying on the bed thinking about what i said, then i heard Sam shouting, call 911? I ran down stairs, and saw Sam giving Caroline a cpr
Sam: come on Caroline please breath [looks at Joe] what are you doing GO CALL 911, dont just stand there?!
She shouted at me, I am trying not to lose my temper cause i don't like people shouting at me like that, I grabbed the phone and called 911
Sam's POV
Ugh!! why does Joe have to be an idiot right now, I kept giving caroline cpr and she woke up and spat out water. i sighed with relief, phew!!
Sam: Caroline!! I should've said the pool was deep, i am so sorry [Hugs her tight] are you ok?
Caroline: [nods and coughs]
Sam: [rubs her back] easy, Carol, easy
Joe: I called 91- [he paused cause he saw Caroline awake]
Sam:[look at Caroline] cancel it, she's ok now
Joe: look I don't like people telling me what to do, soo WHY DON'T YOU DO IT YOURSELF?!
Sam: you don't have to shout!!
Joe: look you are just my girlfriend you can't tell my what to do!
Sam: Joe, really Joe just a GIRLFRIEND!
Sam: would you stop changing the subject, and no you lower down your voice because you are the one SHOUTING! [the the kids] you wanna go inside?
Kids: [goed inside]
Joe: I'll tell you something, I've actually killed someone before because I lost temper, SO DONT START!
Sam: huh! i'm the one who started, uhh RECAP YOU WERE THE ONE WHO SHOUTED FIRST
Joe: [carries her and jumps on the pool]
Joe: [grabs her head and pushes it under the water]
Sam: [running out of air]
Joe: [pulls her head out] need air? i don't think so
Sam: [inhales fast]
Joe: [takes her even longer]
Sam: [passes out]

what will happen when Joe finds out Sam was drowned? tbc


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