Naruto New Girl

Naruto New Girl

(P.S this story is for girls, boys can read..if they're like that suppose.)
The story starts off with you being a 16yr old teen girl, you lived in konoha for 10 years with your parents, and an only child. When you had turned 17, you decided to live in a small apartment near your parents home. You didn't go to the famous acadamy for ninja's & so you were "a normal girl" who worked at the local ramen bar "Ichiraku". You meet many characters along the way, some good, some bad, & some you may love

Chapter 1

Part 1- Meeting

"(NAME) could you take out the trash? Could you?" Ayame said to you while serving a customer, handing him a bowl of ramen mixed with eggs. "Ok" you replied, exhaling deeply. You had done a ful days shift, washed and dried bowls, swept the floors and served starving customers, and was now going to do the garbage as usual. You gave Ayame a weak smile before heading out the back with the garbage.
You had done your tiring chore a few minutes later,only to return back with a white but dirty apron gently gripped in your left hand from the whole days shift. When reaching the counter you gave a deep sigh; it was already dusk, and all the customers that had come for a meal had left, leaving only empty bowls and used chopstick behind. You turned to see teuchi (who is the shops owner for some of you who don't know.) closing the store.
"You should go home (NAME), you've done amazingly well for today, you deserve to have a day off." he smiled, checking through the counter.
"Thanks Teuchi, but i'll come tomorrow anyway, besides i have nothing but laundry to do when i get home." you reply, Teuchi smiled brightly again and said good bye before you left the shop to go head home.

As you were walking home, the streets of Konha felt empty in an odd way; every one had gone home and shut their stores, leaving only you walking in the streets.
Once you reached your small but spacy home, just opening your door before your little dog (You can decide if you want) came rushing up the hall way towards you, skidding her small paws against the floor, rapidly waving her small tail in joy.
"Hey (Name of dog)!" You said, crouching down to your knees to pat her small head, feeling a bit better than you were earlier in the morning. You looked into your little dogs eyes with joy, smiling brightly. She was just nine months of age, and yet could make the sadest and depressed person in the village of the Hidden Leaf the happiest.
"Come on, lets see whats for tonight's dinner (Dog's Name)." you whispered, standing up and briskly walking into the kitchen only a few metres to the left of you, filtering through out the high cupboards on the right for something that would interest you in eating. Considering your height now, you had only became very tall when you had reached the age of 14, although you were small during childhood, you grew past your childhood 'friends', some of them boys.

"Weird, i work at a ramen bar and yet i never eat there..." You quoted as you filtered through the cupboard, feeling around for items. You sometimes talk to yourself occasionally, even when it's random at most.
(Dog's Name) was sitting down and turning her head to one side strangly at you. You smirked lightly, reaching up into the higher cupboards making you stand on your tip toes and retrieving out a small packet of noodles and another pack full of dog food. (Dogs Name) yelped in excitment, jumping up and down with her tail in the air, dancing around you.
"All right, all right." You said turning from the cupboards to the kitchen bench, placing the dog food and the noodles on the table. You took the lid off the tin, jiggiling the tin, making brown mushie stuff squirm out into the bowl hidden under the bench. (D'S N) darted for the brown substance, digging her small jaws into it, polishing down chunks of it. You smiled lightly, placing the noodles out of the packet after reaching for a bowl on the kitchen sink and putting the kettle on. Once the kettle had boiled, you started enjoying your noodles while (D'S N) snarled down the brown substance.

Once you and (Dog's Name) had finally finished your meals, it was already well after sunset. You left the kitchen, walking down the corrider and entered your wide room. You flicked your room light on, the sudden light hurting your eyes, taking moments for them to adjust. You crossed the lonely room before opening a large brown wardrobe and fiddling your long fingers through the many stacks of clothes hung of coat hangers before finally finding a one piece night dress. After getting changed into your night wear, you turned the light off and blindedly found your way over to your bed and crawled into your Queen bed.
(D'S N) jumped clumsily onto your bed, squishing your feet under her weight.
"Off!" You scolded while moving your feet away from her, covering yourself with the thin sheets. (D'S N) obeyed, quickly hoping off the bed for a long moment, before jumping on your bed once again, narrowly missing your poor feet. She then found her way up to your head that was half snuggled into your pillow. With a little whimper from (D'S N), you looked up, weakly smiled at her. You knew what she wanted.
"Come here then you little puff ball..." You humoured, cuddiling the small animal into your arms, feeling her little body give warmth against you. But it was short lived, It was only a few a few minutes before she started wriggling out of your wrapping arms, down towards your legs and snuggled up to your feet. You gave a crude expression.
"Just because you like my feet better." you remarked, snobbing her.
Feelings of 'being alone' started coming to you. All your life you had been one of "those girls" as you were stereotyped, one of those girls that are too busy on their future to worry about present boyfriends, one of those girls that have to work for a living... You were only 16, living alone with your cute and adorable dog and working weekly at a ramen bar as a waitress being your only source of income. Your parents sadly never come around to check up on you or see how you were going and you were an only child.
You exhaled deeply before grabbing a near by pillow opposite of you and squishing it in your long arms.
"If only i had some one..." You mumbled, feeling like one of those 'loveless girls' that you saw weekly at the bar, eating by themselves with no friends... or 'boyfriends'.
"Night..." You whispered to your dog, but only hearing deep breathing as a reply, she had fallen asleep, leaving only you to the darkness of the night and the village outside your home.

You slowly awoke to sunlight shimmering in your eyes through the window opposite of your bed, your eye lids gently opening. You yawned loudly, gently sitting up.
(D'S N) licked your face continuously, wagging her tail behind her in excitment.
"EWW.." You squirmed, rubbing off the slimy slober off your warm cheeks.
"Wait....." You paused, turning your attention away from the dog and towards the sunlight shimmering through the window. Wondering what time it was.
"If the sun is high enough for it's sunlight to go through the window on this building then.... S
**!" You yelled reliasing that you could be late for work even though you were told to have a day off. You sprinted out of your bed, narrowly missing your dog when falling over, and changed into your clothes for the day; hopped through the corridor, struggling to get on your short pants, just reaching the kitchen before falling over yourself. .
There was a clock located on the wall left of the kitchen entrance, showing 10:37am. You felt like crap for sleeping in and was already late for work!
You quickly snarled down a piece of bread and skulled down milk for breakfast, brushed your hair, putting into a usually ponytail, then left through the front door and ran towards the Ramen bar.

"____ Where have you been?" Ayame said as you entered, huffing and puffing for air, all the while were the customers looking at you making you feel nervous.
"Um... sorry - - had a late night so i sorta..slept in." You mouthed to Ayame, reaching for an apron that Ayame had in her right hand. She smiled, you thought Ayame was the calmest and the most normal girl here, she never got mad, and was always kind to you. In a way, she was your best friend. "Hey ______, today can you help Ayame serve the customers at the front?" Techi called from the kitchen, already cooking up the orders.
"Sure thing." You replied, tying the apron around your thin waist before joining Ayame with the bowls that she was carrying.
"Over there" She pointed, you looked to where she was pointed, revealing a group of people sitting along the bar. You followed her over to them with the bowls in your hands.
"Naruto. Sakura. Sasuke... and Kakashi" She said, while you cautiously put the different bowls infront the of the people she named. Then a boy with yellow spiked hair gave a big smile your way, while the tall man with longer spiked hair was reading some sort of book. The rest just gave a smile.
"Thanks!" Naruto said, looking into your eyes. You turned away, blushing slightly before they could see the red tint on your face.
"A-Ah....Your welcome. Would you like any beverages with your meal?" You replied, after giving the last bowl in your hand to the pink haired girl named Sakura.
"No thanks, we're fine, but thanks for asking" She smiled.
"Hey Naruto! Stop drooling." She continued, giving him a death glare.
You smiled back before turning around towards the counter. Suddenly you over heard a man or boy say something you couldn't make out. But all you heard was "That new waitress is cute." Only making you blush madly again.
You looked at Ayame who was also looking at you, you gave Ayame a funny look. She smiled back and gave a shrug.

In the future:

"(Dog's Name)! I'm Home!" You yelled at the door, after leaving the ramen bar, you decided to go shopping for food with the money that you earned from working for half the day. "Where are you?" you said loudly, walking down the hallway into the kitchen with the shopping bag in your left hand.
"Come on girl... where are you-" you stopped, gasping!

*IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO READ MORE, THEN GO TO PART 2. It will be coming out on the 6th/10/10 =)
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