Naruto New Girl

Naruto New Girl

(P.S this story is for girls, boys can read..if they're like that suppose.)
The story starts off with you being a 16yr old teen girl, you lived in konoha for 10 years with your parents, and an only child. When you had turned 17, you decided to live in a small apartment near your parents home. You didn't go to the famous acadamy for ninja's & so you were "a normal girl" who worked at the local ramen bar "Ichiraku". You meet many characters along the way, some good, some bad, & some you may love

Chapter 2

So....What kind of girl ARE YOU?

Preview: "Sure thing." You replied, joining Ayame with the bowls that she had to carry.
"Over there," She pointed her finger, I trailed it to a group of people. I followed her over to the table with the bowls in my hands placing where Ayame said. "Naruto. Sakura. Sasuke... and Kakashi" She said, while i put the different bowls infront the of the people she named. A boy with yellow spiked hair gave a big smile, while the tall man with longer spiked hair was reading some sort of book. The rest just gave a smile, "Thanks!" Naruto said, looking into your eyes. You turned away, blushing slightly.
"Your welcome. Would you like any beverages?" I replied, after giving the mast bowl to pink haired girl named sakura. "No thanks, we're fine. Hey Naruto! Stop drooling." She said, giving him a death glare.
You smiled, before turning around back to the counter. Suddenly you over the someone saying "That new waitress is cute." You blush madly. Giving Ayame a funny look. She smiled back

"You seem to be red in the face, are you ok _____? Do you have a fever?" Ayame asked loudly, just returning from giving some of the local customers their food, walking forward towards you, placing her left gentle palm across your now madly blushing forehead. "I'm fine..." You say looking away; trying madly not to make eye contact, quickly glancing over at the group where Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi were sitting, stuffing themselves in ramen...Well, except for Kakashi, who was incidently reading a small book, multitasking while talking to the others. Ayame glanced by you, noticing your view; giving you a cheeky look when you looked back at her. "Oh....Which one is it?" she asked, the curousity showing in her eyes, making your face turn even redder.

".....You would think I'm weird if I told you Ayame....And besides, he wouldn't even like me.. or even notice me." You said, looking away shyly from Ayame once again, then briskly walked over the counter, placing a few things in your hands beside it. You were too busy concentrating that you didn't notice Ayame quietly come up behind you and say:
"You know __, you've been working here in this place for how long?".
"Nearly two and a half months." You replied.
"Exactly, and how many times have Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi entered this place and ordered something?" She whispered, trying to make a point.
You turn to her, getting just a little of what she was meaning.
"Ayame, they've always ordered here since before I started working, but the fact is that it's only that I rarely get to talk to him from time to time. I mean I don't go to the academy where he goes and I'm always either at home doing chores or working here at the ramen bar with you and Teuchi!" You remarked. Suddenly Ayame's soft plum cheeks went a light shade of red and a large smile crosses her face, grasping her hands onto her lips as if we were sharing a secret. "Oh crap... She figured out who I like..." You thought, biting your lip. Hoping she was wrong.
"You said HIM...!" she squeeked. Your mind suddenly went blank.
"What do you mean 'HIM', all I said was that I rarely get to serve them and blah, blah, blah... Are you sure you didn't lose your senses or something, or maybe hit your head?" You snapped sarcastically.

"I mean is that out the four of those people in that group..meaning Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura... ok maybe not, and Kakashi. You aren't the type to go for Sasuke, and your certainly Naruto either. And that only leaves-" You cut Ayame off, saying "Ayame! I'm am not kinda girl.... " You fold your arms, giving her a mean stare. "Then what girl are you? Your obviously NOT into girls... BUT Kakashi is 10 or so years older than you." Ayame replied, making string eye contact, smiling brightly.
"You know what Ayame? I think I might go home early.. I feel kinda sick." You said, untying your apron, folding it slowly then placing it beside the counter.
"Sorry __, I shouldn't of made those comments like that." Ayame said sadly, rubbing her shoulder. "It's ok, I shouldn't get up because of my 'crush'" You smiled.
"On an older man!" Ayame loudly replied, making Kakashi and Naruto turn their heads towards you and Ayame at the counter.
"SHH!!" You snapped at her, closing her mouth with your hand the moment she said it. "See ya later ____" She said winking her left eye. "i'll tell teuchi that you've agreed to take HALF a day off... seeing that it's alomst lunch time."
"Thanks Ayame." You replied, grabbing your things from the kitchen and heading for the front. Walking briskly past Naruto and the group.
"See ya later __" Sakura and Naruto said, naruto acting weirdly though, waving. Leaving only Kakashi and Sasuke snobbing you rudely.
"Fine... if you want to be snobs then be snobs...." You thought to yourself as you were leaving the front.
"Kakashi Sen-sai! Don't be rude to _____ and say something to her, you snob." Sakura hissed, kicking him in the leg. Naruto grinnig wildly while Sasuke was clear NOT interested in the subject that was being diplayed.
"Fine, if you insist." He moaned loudly,leaning up just as you were just leaving.
"See you next time __,... next time i would like sake for my beverage." Kakashi smirked, returning to his book. "Um... thanks Kakashi." You said shyly, covering your face as you left the shop. You knew that you had turned 15 shades of pink and red entirely on your face. "See you next time" Cheered Naruto.
"He talked to me!..... I think i skipped a beat." You whispered as you were walking down the main street of konha.

"(Dog's Name)! I'm Home!" You yelled at the door, after leaving the ramen bar, you decided to go shopping for food with the money that you earned from working for half the day. "Where are you?" you said loudly, walking down the hallway into the kitchen with the shopping bag in your left hand.
"Come on girl... where are you-" you stopped, gasping!

(Somewhere in the near future:)
"Soooooo........." He said, continuing "Have you got 'a' boyfriend yet? Or have you scared 'em half to death."
"I did nothing of the sort!" You hissed, biting your lip weirdly. "Oh, so you didn't scared him away, you just 'gots de hots' for an... older man." He smirked.
"WHAT!" You yelped, standing up and hitting him in the head, then wrapping your arm around his head and scruffing his night black hair with your fingers.
"Do not!" "DO TOO" "DO NOT" "DO TOO!" You both continue to tease each other until finally your exhausted from the fun.

Remember to read next's chapter that is going to be available on the 9th/10/10.)

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