Naruto New Girl

Naruto New Girl

(P.S this story is for girls, boys can read..if they're like that suppose.)
The story starts off with you being a 16yr old teen girl, you lived in konoha for 10 years with your parents, and an only child. When you had turned 17, you decided to live in a small apartment near your parents home. You didn't go to the famous acadamy for ninja's & so you were "a normal girl" who worked at the local ramen bar "Ichiraku". You meet many characters along the way, some good, some bad, & some you may love

Chapter 3

Who's Home?

Preview: "(Dog's Name)! I'm Home!" You yelled at the door, after leaving the ramen bar, you decided to go shopping for food with the money that you earned from working for half the day. "Where are you?" you said loudly, walking down the hallway into the kitchen with the shopping bag in your left hand.
"Come on girl... where are you-" you stopped, gasping!

Resume- "Leo?... Is that you?!?" You gasped, cupping your hands around your mouth after completely dropping the shopping bag that was in your left hand onto the floor, ignoring the dreaded sound of food being crushed against it.
"Yea it's me, who else do you think i was you lumbat. Come ere' and give me a hug." He replied, smiliing brightly. You smiled back, leaning forward, almost knocking him off his feet, hugging him tightly in your long arms.
Leo was a close friend of your parents since you were a young child, he was always there for you when your parents weren't and basically showed you how to daily chores seeing your parents didn't, and was your only true friend since child hood that you could remember. He's 23 years old and had short and spiky black hair, mostly slicked back with some sort of jel..... Leo was not as old as your parents as a friend, but he was still OLDER than you, he was in a way more mature relaxed then them... well not exactly mature in a way. He did set a shop on fire once, but that was years ago and he was drunk then.

Leo was basically an older brother to you, helping you with your homework that you were assignment by your parents when they went away, although you didn't go through school like all the other normal children your age, you have a very good knowledge about the subjects taught there.
Though you really didn't have a 'thing' for maths. Leo was always a great friend to you, right up until your turned 14 years of age. Something bad happened with Leo and your parents, he said that they would rather not have a man of his status to be associated with their famliy, especially their one and only child and daughter.. you.
So what if they had a bad falling out, you cared little with what your parents thought and only cared about what was to happen to Leo.
Sadly, he said he had to move away, leaving you to your parent who then decided to buy a house somewhere near the academy. You were heart broken that your closest friend had gone and left you, that you cried every night, you slowly got over it, replacing him with your little dog. And now the closest friend you ever had was standing right before you!.. well hugging you, and had suddenly showed up back into your life.

"Have you been for these past two years Leo?" You said, slowly handing him the cup of hot tea that you recently made. He was sitting at the table, with (D's N) nipping at his heals, making him laugh. "OH, mostly travelling around here and there." He replied, having a sense of safetiness in his voice. You smiled weakly, gently sitting down into your chair opposite of him.
"OH! That reminds me! I got something from my travels for you, you'll love it" He cried, skidding out of the kitchen and off somewhere in the house of where his travel bag was. He must of put his bag in your room or somewhere. You rose from your wooden chair, and circled the table in randomness. You weren't exactly happen of how he 'broke into' your house, and the fact that he 'just showed up' out of no where. You circuled the table for a few more times not noticing Leo standing at the kitchen entrance leaning on the wall with his arms folded.

"You certainly had grown since i've 'een gone ____" Leo said, smirking. You stopped circling the table. "And so have you Leo, i can see your starting to a beard." You replied, placing your hands on the table, looking at him. He was shocked at first then grinned wildly, raising his right hand to his chin.
"So i have.. Well, that's expected seeing i'm turning 25 next month." He said, taking his hand away from his chin and into his deep pocket from his navy blue jacket that he was wearing and pulling out a small white box laced with magnificent embroaidary and a little bow ribbion on it.
"Here, i found it at a small village when i was travelling. One of the women there gave it to me there as a farewell and get well gift, 'cause i had the flu there and had to be hospitalized." He said, tossing it to you. You caught it with only one had and unwrapped the ribbion holding the lid and the box together.
"Geese Leo, always getting people to look after you. The flu isn't that bad you know." You chuckled, opening the white box, revealing two lovely small wooden carvings of white and black horses. You paused, smiling brightly.
"Sure the woman gave you this? It reminds me of that toy you carved for me on my 10th birthday you know. " You smirked, gently lifting the two precious carvings out of the box and onto the table.
"Maybe, maybe not. Either way, i thought that it would be a lovely gift for you. In apologies for the two years i've been away. I'm sorry ____" He said, sounding of sadness filled his voice. He stood up from leaning against the wall, coming closer to you, pointing at the carvings. "It's ok, you don't have to apologise for my parents decisions." You said, sitting down in the chair, folding your arms on the table and laying your head on them. Leo smirked loudly, standing behind you.
"Look a 'little like ying and yang...Except for being horses that is."
"Soooooo........." He said, continuing "Have you got 'a' boyfriend yet? Or have you scared 'em half to death."
"I did nothing of the sort!" You hissed, biting your lip weirdly. "Oh, so you didn't scared him away, you just 'gots de hots' for an... older man." He smirked.
"WHAT!" You yelped, standing up and hitting him in the head, then wrapping your arm around his head and scruffing his night black hair with your fingers.
"Do not!" "DO TOO" "DO NOT" "DO TOO!" You both continue to tease each other until finally your exhausted from the fun.

You had slept in for quite sometime, having seeing the sun so high in the sky mad you feel unwell that you would be late, but Ayame would understand... you hoped.
"Morning sleepy head!" Leo shouted from the kitchen, as you entered in your night wear. "Nice hair too." He teased, still having his attention to the food he was cooking in the fry pan infront of him on the stove.
"There's nothing wrong with bed hair idiot...." You hissed, feeling sick. You hated waking up late and sleeping in. Every time you did your felt like crap in a way. Waking up early was a pain but atleast you didn't feel like throwing up.
"Did you have a nice sleep?" You asked, sitting down at the table with (D's N) hopping up onto your lap and wagging her tail.
"Yea, if it weren't for your snoring. I swear i could hear you all the way down the corridor ___" He said, flipping an egg.
"I DO NOT snore... and WHERE did you sleep last night anyway?" You questioned.
Leo smirked, then brought the frying pan over to the table with some plates and cultery. "No where in particular.. oh and i've decided to cook you a meal that doesn't involve chopsticks. Here you go." He said handing you a fork and knife, then the plate coveredd with an egg omellete and two pieces of bacon.

"Thank you." You replied.
"Want to go site seeing around Konoha? There's been a lot of changes since you've left and i would like to have you come with me." You asked, then nibbling at some fried bacon as Leo gave a "Still deciding look" to himself.
"Fine... but only only on one condition." He replied, smirking.
"What are you thinking Leo...." You hissed. He smiled brightly.
"I'll go if you promise to 'hold my hand' the entire way. Then i'll go."
You were completely blank. Your best friend whom you have missed for two years wants to 'hold hands with you! This just keeps getting better and better...
"....Fine i'll do it. By only on one condition as well. I'll go if YOU promise to...." You kept thinking. "Well make up your mind, we haven't got all day., it's nearly 11:30am.
"I've got it!" you yelp, "Promise that you do ALL the chores while i'm away at work." You grinned, folding your arms at him. His smile faded quickly and his face turned into a young boy's pleading cry.
"But why! You know i hate doing chores all by myself!" He moaned.
"You'll do it if you expect me to go around town with my arm in yours pal."
"Yes! That'll work... Then i wouldn't be returning home all the time to a dirty house... hehehe."

Leo agreed to your conditions and you agreed to his, you felt kinda weird though as you were walking through the streets of Konoha with Leos arm wrapped in yours. Every person you knew looked at you two as if you were his partner... making you quite annoyed. Then you two walked down the street in which the ramen bar was, the place you worked... "He better not feel hungry or i'll die of embarrasement if Kakashi's there!!!" You thought, looking nervously down the street to where the ramen bar was.

"Hey ____" Leo said, keeping his attention to the people around him.
"Yeah Leo? What is it." You replied, feeling more nervous.
"I'm hungry.. what to go to that ramen bar up ahead?" You froze.
'No i do not want to go to that ramen-" You were cut off by Leo
"Don't you work there? Great then we can get a free meal or something.
NOOOOO! He's gonna see Naruto and all that.
He practically dragged you to the Ramen bar and inside.
Ayame was serving Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi when you enetered, making her stop and stare at you too..... still holding hands.
"CRAP! Leo i hate you!!!!" Your mind screamed.-

(Somewhere in the near future:)
"Who's there!?" You spat loudly, slowly limping through the forest and past the tall silent trees, your left leg was gravely wounded. Blood that once flowed freely through out your body was now trying to seep out of your wounds, remaining on the ground of which you had past. You kept on going, dare not to stop in case he came back. You yelped sharply in pain as you fell to the groud, tears streaming down your already stained cheeks. "Who's there!" You scream, exhausted completely, you try lifting your self up, only to fall back down again in pain. You felt anger rising within you. As tears fell from your eyes and cheeks and onto the ground you screamed.
"Why me... Why did they have to attack me! I'm nothing but a waitress at a ramen shop! I don't even know ninjutsu!!" the breath from your lungs ceased as you felt a pair of hands wrap around you, lifting you up. It was an adult man lifting you.
"I don't know why they did it, but i'm here now.. there nothing to fear."
You who he was... it was -

*Chapter 4 will be available on the 10th/10/10 =)
Hope you enjoy it!
There will be a LOT of surprises.....hehehe

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