Naruto New Girl

Naruto New Girl

(P.S this story is for girls, boys can read..if they're like that suppose.)
The story starts off with you being a 16yr old teen girl, you lived in konoha for 10 years with your parents, and an only child. When you had turned 17, you decided to live in a small apartment near your parents home. You didn't go to the famous acadamy for ninja's & so you were "a normal girl" who worked at the local ramen bar "Ichiraku". You meet many characters along the way, some good, some bad, & some you may love

Chapter 5

Right or Wrong?

Previously on Naruto New Girl: You knew who saved you... it was Kakashi Hatake. He had lead his long arm under your knees while the other raised your back, lifting your tall body up into his embrace, your right side pressing against his chest.
You moaned sharply as he carried you as gently as he could, the pain that was cursing throughout your body was now sub-siding back to your wounded waist. Slowly, all you would feel was him walking with you gently cradled in his upholding arms, making you feel tired. You started dozing off, slightly opening yours eyes to see if this was all real. It was.
"Kakashi... where are ..taking me...?" You whispered. You heard no answer, nothing but the graceful sway of his body and the chiming of his lungs, inhaling and exhaling. The surrounding forest silhouetted the moonlight being covered with rain clouds. It was before long that the pitter patter of rain tapped against you two, then the pitter patter changed into loud thuds of droplets, soaking your carried body against wet Kakashi, but you dozed off any way.

You’re tired and sleepy eyes gently slid open, revealing nothing but a lightly blurred and confused vision in your eyes. It took only a few moments for you to clearly visualise your surroundings. You were in someone's bedroom. You raised yourself to sitting cross-legged, facing the single brown door that was laced near the wooden edges with silver looking laces, the door being positioned across the room from you.
"Where am I!?" You felt like fretting at where you were; before you could barely now what was going on, your pulse increasingly raised, sweat now invading every part of you and your breathing starting up. Not only that but the tingling feeling dug in your stomach, making you nervous.
"S***! Don’t freak out, don’t freak out! What’s going-.” A sight of colour suddenly caught your eyes, making you look at what you were wearing. A slim bright red night dress laced with beautiful embroidery draped your long, thin body; having a V-neck lower just over your breasts and the end of the dress only stopping just above your knees. All that was going through your mind was Kakashi carrying you and then you dozed off, eventually waking up here.
"Clothes… I’m in new clothes- THAT PERVE! I GONNA KILL HIM!!!!" That was the final straw, you felt so mad you tried getting off the bed, having one thing in mind – to yell the crap out of someone. The wound of your side burned in pain so voraciously that you rolled over the left side of the Queen bed as you were getting up, making with a loud thud when hitting the carpet floor. You yelped, wrapping your arms around your sore and wounded waist. “Not again…. God, it hurts.” You cursed loudly, the pain still engulfing it’s self into you. Two strong arms raised your body, placing you gently back on to the bed where you originally awoke in. You were speechless, you wanted to hiss and snap and yell at Kakashi, but at the same time feel upset and distressed as to what was happening. His sat beside your laid body, sighing heavily as he leaned towards you, still in his drenched clothing from earlier.
His large hands that placed you on the bed were now directing to the end of the dress draped just above your knees, gently lifting it up."Oh no, he was a perve!" You thought, quickly removing your wrapped arms from your sore waist and clutching the end of the dress down from his hands. “I’m only checking the wound. Unless you would like it ripped from you in order for me to check it?” He was right. “I’m not sure if I should let you.” You snapped, still clutching the dress down. “If I was the ‘town pervert’ then you would really know about it. Besides, the quicker I take a look at that wound, the quicker it can be healed and your dress going down.” He soothed, gazing into your eyes. “Fine, but what about that book you read? Isn’t that for adults?” You replied, swearing that you faintly saw him give a grin under his mask.

You released your tight grasp on the silky dress, allowing his hands to raise the dress about your pelvis and up to your waist, narrowly just under your free breasts. The deep wound had been wiped clean of any blood, leaving only but a long red line across your side where the kunai had sliced across. He gave a ‘thinking’ look, shifting his eye brows up and down. You guessed he wasn’t a medical ninja, obviously. He then turned his upper torso to his side, his fingers disappearing into a small pouch attached to his belt. His hands retrieved a large white bandage and a pale tape, turning back to face you. You shifted your elbows so that you were crouching on them, using them as stands. You felt uncomfortable, especially since that the silk dress was abit too thin, and your breasts seemed to form in it.
“Hold still please________.” Kakashi requested, unwrapping the white bandage and putting it on the wound. Even though Kakashi was no medical Ninja, he was able to bandage the wound and tape the bandage to your waist. All the while he was doing it, your stomach was roaring in a tingling sensation.
“That should do it until we get to the medical ninja’s, tomorrow.” Kakashi stated firmly, finally putting your red night dress back into its original place; just above your knees, revealing your long legs. He gave a large grin under his mask. “What? What are you up to Kakashi?” You snapped, sitting up into a cross-legged positioned. “It’s nothing… it's just that your face is flaring red _____.”

“Was…I-I- blushing?” You raised your hand to your face, feeling really hot, more like 100 degrees. OK... this red dress is getting on my nerves!
“Besides the point Kakashi, anyway, why am I in this room? And most importantly, why am i in a SHORT RED DRESS???” You asked, changing the subject.
Kakashi paused, looking rather quite guilty. "Um-ah... i was- sorta" He stutttered as you folded your arms in defence. Was he trying to get his face refigured by me?
You noticed Kakashi turned over twenty shades as you leaned forward, giving him a cold stare. Why was i in a red dress any way? Was it a 'fantasy' in his mysterious book Make Out Paradise...

"Never mind. I was too distracted with you being wounded and all that was going on. You being in a forest ALONE most importantly." Kakashi said.
"I would have been fine without you Kakashi..." You stated.
Had I lost so much blood that Kakashi took me back to his house instead of a hospital or medical ninja? Kakashi slightly flinched, looking as if I had hurt him in some way. “I brought you here after I found you. You were basically bleeding half to death out there____. “ He replied softly while gracefully standing up from his sitting position, leaving a bit of a wet patch from his drenched clothing behind him. You giggled lightly, biting your lip as Kakashi turned to see what cause you to giggle, only to turn red as well. “Thanks Kakashi, but I really didn’t expect you of all people to come and ‘rescue’ me. And well… after I had a few… yeah.” You looked away from Kakashi, remembering that you are still less than 18 years of age and had had a few drinks of alcohol with Ayame, excluding Sakura.
“Stupid drink... Bloody making my hormones go up the wall.” You muttered under your breath, still your head was down.

You felt a tightening grip on your shoulders, pinning you down against the bed. Your mind went ‘up the walls’ as you felt Kakashi’s warm breath flow onto you, warm and sweet with the scent of dango. “You drank alcohol! With Ayame didn’t you…?” Kakashi asked sharply, not letting go of his tight grip on you. You nodded in shame. Why would he care if I did or not? He’s in his late twenties and I’m only just starting them. If I really did go to the ninja academy, I properly would have spent endless time around sensei’s like him... I would have been a chunin. I’ve talked with him many times, but not on the matter of my well being. You thought.
“Humph, I can smell it in your breath right now.” He continued, his ‘Hidden in the Leaf’ forehead protector had been pushed up in to long silver spiked hair; revealing both his eyes, eyes that were giving you a cold stare. His Sharigan glimmering in the crude light above you two. You hissed, feeling like a wimp. Why me? Please, please don’t start crying! You thought, fighting back the slightest tear.
“Why do you care for my stupid well being anyway Kakashi? So what if you found me drunk and wounded in the forest! And you’re a sensei to some of my closest friends. And if this behaviour is because I’m a bit tipsy… well then-” You paused, looking away while still fighting the tears. You felt horribly embarrassed and quite cornered. Kakashi smirked crudely under his navy mask. Your eyes went wide when you felt his left arm loosen his grip on your other shoulder, using his free hand to gently graze your turned face.
“Why?...” Something brushed your lips gently; he was now pinning your wrists beside your head, pushing you down below him. You couldn't decide whether this was wrong, or just hormones. Kakashi was an older man, he was wiser and older than you. It would have been the alcohol or his strange decision, but either way, he did what he did. “….!” You breathed as Kakashi pulled his mask down again, grazing his lips into yours. You felt the blood drain from your face, the tingling feeling that arose in your stomach was now exploding in to you. You position under Kakashi had gotten wonky, the red dress that you were mysteriously suited in was now tugged up to your waist. Kakashi lower torso was now wedged between your legs.

The night passed like fire. No clothes were removed, but saliva was exchanged. You felt as if you had just lost your virginity, even though you didn’t. Kakashi seemed like a completely different person, the way he kissed you, looked into your eyes, the way he held you in his long and strong arms. The age barrier between you two seemed to be parted. You two were ‘intimate’… even for one night.

In the near future: The woman seemed determined to get your attention. Her finger started twisting themselves into your dress, locking it into her grip. You hissed sharply, spinning around to see nothing but her feminine face scarred with a devilish grin, baring her white pearly teeth. If you would mistake, they resembled canines.
“You seem like the type, you will do well during months ahead while the process takes hold.” She hinted, raising her free hand to your infuriated face and gently brushing your cheek lightly. Her long nails grazed your skin, feeling like they were a cat’s claws playing with its pray before killing it. You snapped more awake, hesitating for a split second before pushing her hand away from your cheek. Her smile only grew brighter. Kakashi appeared. Suddenly a shimmering light grasped you both, wrapping you two into a spaceless cocoon.
“You have just withstood my ‘impregnation jutsu darling.” The wretched hag chuckled, your eyes widen in shook, and so the darkness came in.

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