The Unknown Story

this is a parody of twilight, of emmetts life, and what happens to him when he meets a mysteriouse, beautiful woman, after leaving Rosalie for a short piriode sp? so um, read and enjoy!!!

Chapter 1

Chapter One

by: _Lyds_
Emmett stared at the little girl, sitting between him self and Alice. She was quiet, always just sat there, only talking when talked to. Alice hissed a whisper from across the couch to him,
"Emmett! Play with your daughter!"
He only barely got out half of his sentence before Alice's Glare deafening glare stopped him.
Em, short for Emily, was Emmett's daughter. Her mother died at birth, so Rosalie took her place. The small girl griped her blanket close, listening to their conversation.
"Hey, Em."
His tone was atrocious. This was the last thing he wanted to be doing, and here he was. Why did he ever agree to a kid?
"So, um...Em. Do you want to go play baseball?"
"No. that's ok..."
Em was so quiet, and cute, but also very timid.
Alice glared at him again as he fumbled to think of something els to say.
"Why not? I thought you liked baseball?"
"I do, but..."
Em obviously did not want to finish that sentence, her father was strong, and not the most understanding. Alice felt bad for the small five year old. She lived in a world of fear, with no 'real' mother. And as far as Emmett was concerned she never would have a mother.
"But what Em?" Alice sweetly replied.
"But... Daddy throws the ball to hard..."
Alice didn't understand it. Why, of all people, did he have a kid?
"I throw the ball as lightly as I can!!!" Emmett wined at his daughters comment.
Alice closed her laptop, and sighed heavily. She didn't want to do this either, but someone had to be nice to the poor kid.

Later that day while Em was napping, Leah stopped by to check up on the kid. No one trusted Emmett. Her and Emmett sat on the couch silently, waiting for Em to wake up. Finally Leah got tired of his silentness and started a conversation.
"So, you uh never told me Em's real name. I'll I've ever hard anyone call her is Em."
"It's Emily."
"oh. Ok."
Leah was surprised with his shortness, and decided to leave it at that. About ten minutes later, Em came walking in, holding her bright blue blanket, just like her eyes.
'And her mothers eyes...' Emmett thought to herself. He missed her. She was beautiful, but human. And he couldn't change her as Emily was born. Its pained Emmett to even look at Emily's eyes ever since. He never truly loved Rosalie. She was a loving mother towards Em, but it just wasn't right, and they'd have to tell Em someday.
Emily looked up, noticing another person's presents besides her father, and a huge smile lit up across her face. Emmett got up and left the room, he didn't want his daughter to see him this sad.
When your own child, is happier to see someone else more than you, it's almost unbearable, and it breaks your heart. This was not the first time Emmett had to experience this.
"Leah!!" cried the small child happily.
"Hey Em. How are you?"
"Good. LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! I dew a pity piter!"
Em handed the piece of paper to Leah. As Leah examined the picture, Alice and Emmett came running in, luckily withought Em noticing, she didn’t know about vampires, or wolves yet. In the picture were four girls, each with a name under them.
'hmmm...' Leah thought, 'Most kids her age don't give their drawings names, and they just draw the people they know.'
"Who Alice? Who is coming?"
Emmett had worried for his daughter when she said that they needed to go talk with Leah, immediately. His daughter was just about completely human, and he didn't know how it was possible, but she was, and vampires would be very dangerous for her. Emmett didn't show it, but he loved his daughter dearly, and was willing to fight for her.
"Four, strong, girl vam- friends."
Alice stopped herself, remembering that Em was in the room, and still completely innocent.
"Uh, guys, what are their names?"
Leah but into the conversation.
"Why? It doesn't matter. Its Kay, CJ, JJ, and Bell. But don't worry about that."
"Well, I think you're not the only futuer seeker anymore..."
Alice glared at the small child, jealousy taking over.
"That's impossible!!! She's a human!"
"Well, not exactly."
Alice grabbed the paper from Leah's hands, took one look at it, crumpled it up and chucked it out the window.
"Why though? Why are they coming? We didn't do anything!"
"They smelled Em, and that was reason enough for them."
"But how could they smell her, her sent only goes three miles into the woods, which isn't very far for a vam- one of our friends..."
"Well apparently they got close enough to smell it, and could be here in anywhere from three days, to ten minutes."
Leah jumped up walked out of the room, and came back not but seconds later, but in her wolf forum. She put a shaky Em on her back, but then immediately she calmed down.
'I'm not going to lose Em to some filthy blood suckers."
"It's ok Leah. I won't go anywhere. I'll stay right here with you."
Leah tilted her head in confusion, how did Em know what she was thinking?
"This is SO not fair!" Alice screeched,
"She can read minds to?!"
"Looks like someone's jealous."
Emmett smirked at his own comment, he was so proud of Emily, his own daughter, had amazing powers.
Leah barked at the happy family, who had momentarily forgotten about the extreme problem at hand, amazing powers or not, they still needed to protect Em.
"Yes?" Emmett replied with a worried tone, how much would his daughter soon know with this new gift of hers?
"Wha-Whats a blood sucker?"
Emmett's eyes went straight to Leah; she would be the only one in this room that would use that terminology. Leah backed away from his piercing glare.
Quietly, Em backed away from her father, and wandered off to go draw more pictures. She didn't have any say whether or not she was going to draw, it was an involuntary action.
Her first picture was of Bella and Edward on isle esme. Then she drew Carlisle and esme off in Vancouver, for who knows why. Jasper, off in the Amazon hunting, But lastly, was Rosalie. She was holding hands with someone, and his name was apparently Ryan. But the worst thing in that picture was the heart between Rose and Ryan.
Emmett looked down at the papers, and got a worried look on his face, mostly concerning his daughter. As he saw the last picture though, he became enraged.
Who was this guy? And what was HIS wife doing with is guy?!?!
"Emmett, what's wrong? Are you ok?"
He handed Alice the picture only to see her mouth drop.

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