The Elements Will Be the Death of Me

Chapter 1


I woke up in the middle of the night. I took out my cell and checked the time. 11:50 pm. I shook Lee and Sokka. "Guys wake up." They just rolled over and ignored me.You see we need to either share beds or sleep on the floor. There wasnt enough room down in the city. They're making more room in the morning. I shook them harder. "Guys its almost our birthday!" Actually it was my birthday tomorrow, then Lee and Sokka the next two days. They got up and we all got dressed. There was a curtain, of course. After we got ready we headed out to the birthday alter. Its just where the people who have birthdays go for the day. They literally get there at midnight and stay untill midnight. It had everything in it. Literally anything good you can get in the city is there. Once we got there, there was a welcome sign that said our names on it. Since there were three of us and the birthdays were over a three day span so we had to stay there for three days. Glad that place was roomy. We went under the alter and into the room and saw that our birthday clothes were already hung up. We headed into seperate parts of the room and got dressed. "You look great Kora!" "Thanks. You too Lee." "What am i? Chopped liver?" Lee noogied Sokka from behind. I laughed. "You look good too. Now come on. Its time for the party." We headed out. I was in the middle and we put our arms around each others shoulders. When we got out there were cheers and i saw our grandparents at the front of the crowd. They ran up to us. We had a group hug type thing. Except mine and Lees grandmas.. Thats not their kind of thing unless we are alone. "Nice job kiddo, you made it to sixteen. Get ready for the rest of your life now." "Grandma!" "Just kidding. Happy birthday!" Sokkas grandmothers came up to me. "Congrats honey!" "Yeah, like Katara said. Happy birthday!" "Thanks, Katara and Suki." "Please call us your granmothers." "Yeah you've known us long enough." "Uhm..." "Dont think she wants to, sugar queen." "Really, after all these years you couldnt think of a better name to call me!?!" It looked like they were about to get into a fight. Thankfully Suki intercepted before anything could happen. They left and the grandfathers came up to us. "Happy birthday you guys. You having fun?" I hugged my grandfather. "Yes. So far at least." "Dont have too much fun, hun. You might explode." I laughed at Sokkas grandfathers not-really-funny-at-all joke. Sokka laughed for really. "You're hilarious grandpa!" Lee rolled his eyes. "Yes." He turned to his grand parents in the corner. "So. You guys in a not so depressed mood?" They looked at him. I came up beside him. "Come on! Its our birthdays! At least smile a little. Have some fun!" They smiled a little and hugged us. It was akward. At least they tried. "Sooooo, Lee...... You ask her out yet?" Zuko leaned towards Lee. "Who?" I tilted my head in interest. "No one!" Lee said a little to quickly. Mai rolled her eyes. "Come on Zuko. Im hungry." "But i was ta-" She elbowed him. "Ow. Fine." They left. We headed back to Sokka and we started dancing. Around the end we headed to the top of the steps. My grandmother, Lees grandfather and Sokkas grandfather came forward with some crowns. They put them on our heads. Everyone cheered and after a few speeches, most done by Katara, they all left. We headed into the room and sat around. "So, Lee, we doing any missions soon? I need to see actuall sunlight!" "Well they need two people to go up to get food in a week. Nothing major. Interested?" "Sure." There was a silence for a little bit. "Any new inventions Sokka?" "Im working on modifying my fake fireblasts. They need more...... I dont know. I need a firebender. Lee?" "Sure. Maybe later. Im tired from the party." "Cool." Lee headed to bed and it was just me and Sokka left. "Wanna play pool?" I shrugged and got up. "Why not?" I won the game and we headed to bed. In the morning i woke up and tried to get up. But the guys were both hugging me and wouldnt let go. "Ah! Guys! Guys get up." They groaned and held on tighter. "GUYS!" They both jumped and Sokka fell of the bed. I giggled. "Are you ok?" "Ow. I hit my head, but i think i'll survive." I helped him up and we went into the game room. After a few rounds of winning air hockey i decided to go to the gym. "Can we come?" "No, Sokka. Its fine." "Bu-" Lee covered Sokkas mouth. "We understand." I nodded and left. In the gym i saw the white lotus people. "Uh.....Hi?" "Kora. We must tell you something." "It is very important." "It will be ha-" "Oh for goodness sakes, you're the Avatar. Lets go." "Yes. The ceremony will be tonight." They left and i sat down on a seat i made of rock. "Hey." I jumped. "Oh. Hey Lee. You hear that?" "Yeah..." "Yeah..." There was an akward silence. "So...... You need a fire bending teacher?" "Yeah. You up for the job? It has bad pay, horrible hours and its a huge challenge. But its gonna be pretty dang fun." "I do like a good challenge." We laughed and i made a chair for him and he sat down. "So where do we start?" "Boring stuff." "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaww." "I know i know. But we might as well get it over with." "Oooooooor, you can teach me how to make fire THEN do the boring stuff!" He sighed. "Fine. Some boring stuff comes with it though." "Thats fine." We got up. "Ok, close your eyes." I did. "You feel the energy and warmth running through you?" "Yeah." "Hold up your hands." I did. Then he adjusted them. "Now imagine that warmth and energy running up to your hands." I did. When i opened my eyes i saw a little fireball in my hands. "Oh my gosh! It feels alive!" "Thats because it is. Fire is energy. Like the sun, its needed to live." "Wow. Could i make it bigger?" "Well, yes bu-" It was too late, i made it bigger and it got out of control. It hit Lees left eye. "Gah!" "Oh my gosh! Lee!!!!! Are you ok? Im so sorry! I didnt mean to I-" I rushed over to him. "Ah. Its fine. Begginers mistake. No problem." "Let me see it." He uncovered his eye. It was burned really bad. "We need to get you to the hospital wing." "No, i dont need to go. Lets just continue with the lesson." "Get up." 'Why?" I helped him up. "Come with me. We can finish the lessons later." I dragged him to the hospital wing. When i got there i saw Zuko and Mai outside the room. "Lee. Is that you? You look just like-" "Me." Mai dragged a shocked Zuko away. "What was that?" I shrugged and dragged him inside. I saw Mara-Lee inside. "Well, thats a pretty bad burn there. Here, sit." He sat on a cot and i heard someone come in. "Zuko." I turned around and saw a shocked Katara standing in the doorway. "No, sweetie. Its Lee. What happened?" I looked down. "Uhm It was-" "It was me. Just something gone wrong with fire. Totally my fault." I looked at Lee, confused. He just winked at me, i smiled and mouthed 'thank you'. Katara touched the burn. "Well its going to leave a scar, is that ok?" "Yeah, its fine. After they were done we headed back.

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