Letting Go to Bring Back (Kellan Lutz)

I'm transfering all the parts I already have into the new story thing :)

Character Info
Name: Erin Sophia Pearson
Age: 23
Description: Light brown hair with natural blonde highlights, green eyes, average height, skinny
Siblings: Katherine (Kate) and Lauren
Children: Kyle, age 7
talents: drawing people

Chapter 3

Numb (Chapter 3)

I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to me. He was here, right in front of me. I felt sick, my stomach twisting and turning. It felt like my knees were going to collapse at any minute. My breathing stopped, and I just starred at him.
“Kola, stop.” He said, grabbing the door, until he spoke I hadn’t even realized that the dog was still jumping on me. Maybe because my whole body seemed to go numb.”You o-“ he stopped, and turned his head to the right, well my right, his left. I forced my head to turn the same direction, and I felt my body turn even more numb, if that was possible. Kyle was running in this direction. Probably because of the dogs, he loved dogs. Why couldn’t he be a child that was afraid of dogs? That way he wouldn’t come over here. I turned back to him and finally my knees couldn’t take it anymore. They gave way and I fell forward, everything going black…

Kellan’s POV

I was out walking Kola and Kevin. Kola started running suddenly, which made Kevin run too. So know I was on a run. Kola yanked at the leash, and of course at the moment she did that, I didn’t have a good grip. The leash flew out of my hand and Kola ran off.
“Kola!” I yelled, running after her. She didn’t listen, just kept running. Kevin and I chased after her for a few blocks before she ran ahead too far and turned a corner, where I couldn’t see her. I kept running.
Finally I found her, jumping against a girl who leaned down and was petting her. I smiled, walking over, didn’t look like Kola was going to run off.
“I’m sorry, she got loose.” I said, approaching them. The girl looked up at me, her familiar bright green eyes widening. Actually, she herself was familiar. She reminded me of…no it couldn't be…could it? She was still starring at me, and it looked like she wasn’t breathing.
I should probably ask her is she’s all right.
“You o-“ I stopped, turning my head. There was a little boy running towards us, and he had just yelled something I didn’t catch.
She looked over at the boy, then back at me. Her legs gave out and she fell forward. I quickly caught her, she was blacked out.
I saw the little boy stop dead in his tracks. Another girl ran over to him, and was starring at us, I think her jaw was dropped. The girl shook her head and ran over.
“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. Thisissonothappening! Shesodidnotjustpassout? OH MY GOD!” she said, my eyes widened, and I looked back down at the girl in my arms. Erin.
“Vanessa?” I asked looking back at her, “Oh you recognized me.” She said, sounding flattered.
“No…well kinda. It’d just you’re the only person I know that can talk as fast as you just did, and freak out by saying oh my god over and over.” I said “Right.” She said snapping her fingers.
“Crap…” Vanessa muttered suddenly, looking sideways.
I turned my head. Okay, I recognized the woman approaching us as Kate, Erin’s older sister.
She was carrying the little boy I saw earlier, and he was starring at Erin horrified. “Is she dead?” he asked as Kate put him down.
“No sweetheart, she isn’t dead…she just passed out.” Kate told him, he sighed. He went over to Kola and pet her, then bent down to pet Kevin.
“Here, let me take those.” Vanessa said, sheepishly grabbing Kola and Kevin’s leashes. “Thanks.” I muttered, then got a better hold on Erin.
“So…uh what do I do with her?” I asked, starring down at Erin. “Your strong…pick her up.” Kate ordered, I grabbed Erin’s back, then bent to grabbed her legs, and then I lifted her so I was holding her bridal style. “Go set her down on the grass.” Kate instructed, I did.
Kate came over and bent over her sister. Vanessa shrieked, making everyone look at her. “What?” Kate growled, glaring.
“It’s 6:23!” she yelled.
“So?” Kate snapped, yikes someone was not happy.
“I need to be ready by 8:00! Probably before that.” Vanessa explained, I had no idea what she was talking about.
Kate sighed, closing her eyes and pinching the bridge of her nose.
“Kyle, please explain to her.” Kate mumbled, the kid, Kyle, snapped his head up at Vanessa.
“The date isn’t happening.” He said, then turned his attention back to my dogs, I could already tell they liked him a lot.
“WHAT?” Vanessa yelled, Kate smirked
“Erin gave Connor the wrong hotel.” Kate said
“Why?” Vanessa demanded, then glared down at the unconscious Erin.
“Why the hell would she want to go out with an idiot that thought throwing footballs at people’s heads was attractive?” Kate asked,
“Why didn’t she tell me?” Vanessa asked
“Payback.” Kyle spoke up. Vanessa groaned.
Kate turned her attention back to her sister. “Erin!” she said, shaking her gently. Erin didn’t move or open her eyes.
“Hey, I’ve seen you before.” Kyle said to me, I smiled
“Really? Where?” I asked him. He stood up and walked over to me, the dogs followed. He looked up at me, as if he were trying to remember.
“I got it! Your Emmett in Twilight.” He grinned, I laughed.
“Yep.” I said, “Wow…so you’re a famous person?” Kyle asked, I laughed again. “I guess so.” I chuckled, he grinned.
And then it hit me…who was this kid exactly?
“I like your dogs. What are they’re names?” he asked me, his blue/green eyes wide with curiosity.
“This is Kola, and this is Kevin.” I told him
“I feel left out…well there’s Erin, but still.” Vanessa muttered
“Why do you feel left out Nessa?” Kyle asked her
“Well…everyone her but your mother and I’s name starts with a K.” she explained, my eyes widened at what she just said.
“Wait…Erin’s your mom?” I asked, shocked, Kyle nodded his head, his blonde hair shaking from the motion.

Erin’s POV

Something wet was rubbing against my face, sliming me. It felt like a dog’s tongue. Drew. “Drew…stop.” I groaned, I heard Kyle laugh “Mom, that’s not Drew! He’s still in Arizona. Kevin’s licking you."
“Yeah, Kevin knock it off.” That familiar voice ordered, and then my face wasn’t being slobbered, I opened my eyes. Kate and…Kellan were looking down at me. “Oh god…what happened?” I asked sitting up.
“You passed out. I think you went into shock.” Kate explained, I glared at her smirk.
And then there was him, Kellan. He was looking at me, concern all over his face. I wasn’t sure if I could handle this.
Handle seeing him again, and then saying goodbye. It’d be too painful…again. “Hey Erin…” he said, I felt dizzy again.
I was really glad I was sitting. “Hi.” I said weakly. I can’t believe I passed out…how embarrassing is that?
A car stopped next to us. The driver’s window rolled down to reveal Chad. Vanessa ran up to the car.
“Hey Vanessa.” He said, giving her a cocky grin. I starred over at Kate, her eyes were wide and filled with horror.
Oh no, oh no this can’t be happening.
“You told her?” I mouthed, she nodded stiffly.
I groaned. “It’s a good thing we ran into you, turns out Erin gave Connor the wrong hotel address.” She said, and I wanted to slap her.
She turned her head, shooting me an evil grin.
Then she gave him the right address. They talked for a little bit, Chad kept shooting my weird glances.
Finally he drove off. I stood up as Vanessa approached.
“I’m going to kill you.” I snarled, then lunged at her. She shrieked, as I reached out to grab her, but I was stopped. Someone grabbed me, holding me back. It had to be Kellan because the hands that had a hold on my wrists didn’t not look like Kate’s.
“Don’t hurt me!” Vanessa pleaded as I struggled against Kellan’s iron grip. “Let me go!” I whined, he sighed.
"Even today, you two adults, I need to hold Erin back from murdering you.” He said letting me go Vanessa crossed her arms.
“What do you mean?” Kyle asked him curiously, no please nooooo!
“Well, when your mom and Vanessa were younger they always used to fight like this when one of them messes up, even though they’re supposed to be best friends. And I guess they still do.” Kellan sighed, explaining.
“How do you know?” Kyle demanded
“Well…I was friends with them.” He said, smirking at some thought.
Probably at the fact that he was more than friends with me. Kyle turned to look at me with accusing eyes.
“You were friends with him? How come you never told me? HE’S FAMOUS!” Kyle said, Kellan laughed.
I honestly didn’t know what to say to Kyle. Instead of waiting for me to reply, Kyle turned to face Kellan again. Kyle starred at his face, thinking.
He reached his hand into his pocket slowly as if he realized something important was in there.
He pulled his hand back out, and I saw the edge of folded paper creep out from his pocket, sticking up a little. Kyle looked back at Kellan.
What was that kid thinking? Vanessa gasped, then grabbed Kyle, covering his mouth as he if he were about to spill a big secret.
I glared at her. “All righty then, I think we should head back…Kyle’s looking a little tired, and Erin and I need to get ready.” She said dragging Kyle over to the car. “Vanessa! Let him go!” I growled at her, she glared at me.
“The box.” She hissed.
The box? The box…what was she talking about? The box, the box…the box. My box…full of pictures and drawings.
I don’t know I figured out what she was trying to tell me but I did, Kyle must have gotten to the box.
“Vanessa’s right…” I trailed off, walking over to the car.
“Wait!” I felt Kellan’s hand grab my arm, and he spun me around to face him. I can’t do this! It’s going to hurt too much…
“How long are you guys going to be here?” he asked
“Just for the week.” Kate said, then she dug through her bag and wrote something down on a sticky note. She handed the sticky note to Kellan, smirking.
I didn’t see what was on the note, but I actually didn’t care. “Bye.” I said quickly, then got in the car.
“BYE!” Kyle said, rolling his window down.
Kellan waved at him, then walked away with his dogs. I winced as he walked away..............TBC

More drama to come in the next part! What will happen on the date Erin didn't want to happen???

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