B**ch High

From the Author of His Blue Eyes and Her Crystal Tears, comes a new story about high school, and striking back instead getting struck down...

Chapter 1

Chapter One: Intro

by: Ariaa
High School. It's suppose to be a new start. Your a teenager. You're more free. You fall in love. But high school is nothing compared to the stereotypes we see everyday.
And for a girl, it's hell. There is no one meaner in the world than a high school girl. They rip you up, tear you apart and leave you behind. The rumors, the lies, the insults; there's nothing they won't do to maintain their status.
There's only one word for these girls: b**ches
Okay, so maye I'm one too. Who cares? I never said I wasn't. So maybe I'm just as bad as they are. I What I do know is, I'm no. Going to pass up an opertunity to strike back...


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