Please....Don't die(a tragic Gaara love story)(girls only)

Please....Don't die(a tragic Gaara love story)(girls only)

This is you
Epic speach

Chapter 1

Information on you

-Name: Sayomi Tsukiko
-Personality: You are a silent linger-in-the-shadows type person. You are inhumanly strong and fast. You are kind-hearted but don't show it infront of anyone. People call you a monster.
-Past: You were born in a small village that you don't know the name of. When you were born your mom got sick and yo took care of her yourself. Your older brother calls you a monster. Mom was killed later when you were six by dad and you turned into a killing machine! You got a gun and shot your dad to death and accedently destroyed the whole village with just your gun and fists. Then after the rampage ninja from the sand village came to aid the village suvivers. Then you were about to kill them when a boy with red hair and a kanji symbal for "love". He stopped you but then you broke into tears right at his feet crying out for your mom. Then Gaara conforted you and you told him your name. You called him your friend as the ninja group walked off.
Song: Concrete Angel by Martina McBride

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