A Girl's Bestfriend

A Girl's Bestfriend

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Chapter 11

Ghost Stories

2 Hours Later~

"How about some ghost stories?" Derek questioned. Derek was probably the thinnest wrestler I had ever seen. Don't get me wrong, he was pretty buff. Just not wrestler buff.

"That actually sounds like fun," Stephanie added. She opened a Coke and sipped at it. "Who wants to go first?" She questioned.

John raised his hand. "I have a wicked story about this house, you guys. Let me go first." He begged. A cold gust of wind blew out the fire. "Seriously?! I am not starting that again." The fire had been going out repeatedly throughout the night. We were almost out of matches. Thank God Stephanie carries around a lighter, or we might all freeze to death.

"I'll do it. Relax." Stephanie humphed and lit the fire. Slowly it began to build and get warmer and warmer. I still stayed safely under Vladimir's arm which was around my shoulders. We had been sitting like this since we first got here.

"Okay. You know how this is the Byrin house?" John asked. After we all nodded, he continued with his story. "Well, did you know that Mr. Byrin went insane? He had twin girls and a son. The twins were only 12 and the boy was only 8. His wife was never home, so she never realized her husband was going out of his mind. One night Mr. Byrin went into his daughters' bedroom. The first daughter he killed by beating her skull in with her violin. The second daughter managed to run out of the room. He continued to the son's room. From what I hear, he stabbed him repeatedly in the chest with the handle of a hand mirror."

I shivered and Vladimir held me closer. John kept talking. "He realized the next morning that he was missing the other twin. He searched endlessly for the little girl. Finally, the mom came home from a meeting in Chicago. She first noticed her husband acting strange. Then he managed to convince her to help him find their missing daughter. They never found her.

"So that night they went to bed, the mom had believed Mr. Byrin when he had told her that their other two kids were at friends' houses. They had just fallen asleep, and then they heard a loud bang. Mrs. Byrin had turned on the light as quickly as she could, and then she realized her husband had been bludgeoned to death by their only surviving daughter. The mom was frantic and ended up hanging herself."

Stephanie yawned, "That was the most stupid ghost story I have ever heard, dude." Everyone agreed.

"The point is that it really happened. That witch lady on 15th Street says the little girl wairs for any stupid fool to enter the house so that she can slaughter them, too." John added.

"Yeah, whatever, dude. I bet if we all slept in there over night, all of us would come out perfectly safe and unharmed in the morning." Vladimir said. He threw a fistful of popcorn at John.

"Really? Fine, let's pack up the trucks and drive up there then. We'll stay there this weekend. It looks like it's going to rain anyway." John mumbled as he stood up. Everyone started standing up and packing anything they had taken out of their bags.

"Should anyone be driving? They've been drinking..." I whispered to Vladimir.

He shrugged. "These people hold their alcoohol well. They aren't even close to being drunk yet, believe it or not." I sighed as we got into his truck and started driving to the dilapidated house.

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