A Girl's Bestfriend

A Girl's Bestfriend

Here it is!!!
The picture is Teddy!

Chapter 2

They'll kill Celeste!

I woke up and heard people yelling my name. I felt sick to my stomach and I just wanted to sleep...maybe even die. I stood up and heard running. I looked in that direction then blocked the light of the flashlight with my hand. I rocked on my feet and felt Teddy brush against my legs.
"I found her!" I heard Vladimir say and he got a few feet away and my legs collapsed under me. Vladimir put an arm around my waist and Teddy growled and barked at him. "Shut up, dog!" Vladimir said but I was to tired to yell at him. Vladimir picked me up and Teddy walked on his heels.
"I can take her." I heard Ben say with a slight slur.
"No, I got her." Vladimir said quietly.
That's weird, he usually would just drop me...wait, he would have just left me there. What happened? I heard Ben fall into step with Vladimir. Half-way to the house I saw bright, colorful lights from police cars and an ambulance. I turned my face away and squeezed my eyes shut. "I'll take her," Ben said and tried to take me.
"Don't you've done enough tonight." Vladimir said.
"What are you talking about?" Ben said, trying to defend himself.
"Oh, don't act innocent, I know exactly what you do to her when Faith goes to sleep." Vladimir snapped.
Him and Ben glared at each other and Faith ran over. "Oh, my poor baby! Come on, let's get you inside." Vladimir set me on my feet and Faith wrapped a blanket around me and led me inside. I looked back before I stepped inside and saw Vladimir still having a glare contest with Ben.
Almost everynight after Faith goes to bed, Ben locks Teddy outside and rap-es me. How did Vladimir know?

The Next Day~
Lunch At School~

Considering the other day had only been a half day, I hadn't had to go through the dreaded lunch process. Last night had been horrible and I had bruises and scratches everywhere; I had a black eye too. I was wearing short shorts and a brown pink tank top along with my cowgirl boots. I bought a Propel and looked around for a spot to sit at.
The same girl from yesterday in the bus, who I had found out was Stephanie-head chearleader-, walked and stood in front of me. "Oh look, country trash. What happened to you? You should have stayed lost, it would have made everyone's lives a whole lot easier." She said and I just let my head fall and my eyes fell on my boots.
"What are you two girls talking about?" I lifted my head and saw Vladimir stand next to Stephanie, she tried to kiss him on the lips but he turned and instead it landed on his chin.
"Oh, nothing..." She said and looked at me. "You don't look like Faith or Ben."
"I...I was adopted..."
"Oh, you know...they're going to replace you with their own birth child." She said and my heart stopped. Parents always gave away adopted kids when they have their own finally.
"But...Faith isn't..."
"She is, she told my mom. I guess you won't be going here any longer."

Vladimir's POV~

I watched as the truth slowly dawned on her. Her eyes filled with pain and I noticed the black around her right eye. She took a shaky breath, threw the water bottle at Stephanie which hit her in the knee, and ran. Of course, since Stephanie was "hurt" that got a couple boys to run after Celeste. Stephanie stood up straight and smiled. "That'll teach her." She said.
"They'll kill her!" I said and she shrugged.
"That's her fault. Her problem." I shook my head. "What's wrong babe?" She asked and I pushed past her and ran in the direction everyone else had.

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