Another love story(Twilight)part:2

Another love story(Twilight)part:2

second part hope you like.comment please

Chapter 1


"Yeah."I replied. His features were so perfect.And again he was looking at me in confusin.
"Um is something wrong,"I asked.
"No what brings you to Forks?"he asked changing the subject.
"My mom wanted to move here."I repieled.
"Do you like it here?"he asked.
"It's alright but it's just always raining."I said.
"Im guessing you dont like the rain?"he asked in a grin.He took my breath away.I looked at the ground because i could feel myself blushing.
"No not really,"I replied.
"Oh i see."he replied.We kept talking about unimportant stuff.When the bell rang I expected him to be out the door first again but he waited for me.
"So about your mom.."
"What about my mom?"i replied.
"Why did she want to move here?"He asked.
"Well because we actually have family here.Well not exactly here but pretty close by here,"I replied.
"Where do they live?"
"In La Push."At the end of school I was about to walk home when i heard Emmett calling my name.
"Hey _!"he called out.
"Oh hey Emmett,"I said as i turned.Edward and that girl Rosalie were with him.
"You're walking home?"Edward asked.
"Yeah, I only live like two blocks away,"I replied.
"Oh you should let me drive you."he offered.
"You really don't have to,"I said.
"No I insist," he said.
"_ you should let him drive you,"Emmett agreed.I just looked at him."What?This place can be dangerous."I had a feeling I wasn't going to win this so i just gave in.
During the drive to my house Edward would look at me every 5 seconds.
"Please keep your eyes on the road,"I said.
"Sorry,I'm just having a hard time figuring you out,"he said.
"There's really not that much to figure out"I said.About four or five minutes later we got to my house.My house wasn't big but niether was it small.The forest was right beside it.
"Thanks for the ride Edward,"I said.
"The pleasure is mine,"he replied.My mom wasn't home yet.She works at the hospital as a nurse.I fixed myself something to eat then headed to my room.I went to my coputer and checked my e-mail.My bestfried Jess had sent me an e-mail saying how was school and that she missed me and what not.
Everything is good I guess.School was good also.Met alot of new people today.But how's everything going over there?Are you and Damon still going on strong?Well tell the peeps that I miss them so much.
-miss you! _____

My mom came home an hour later.
"Hey honey,"She said.
"Oh hey mom,How was work?'I asked.
"Good.How was school?"she asked
"It was okay.Met new people."
"Anyone attractive?"
"Yeah,"I smiled.
"Oh really who was it"she asked
"There were quite a few bur I think this guy named Edward Cullen stood out more to me."I smiled.
"Oh his father is a doctor at the hospital,Not bad looking,"she chuckled.After 20 minutes of watching House I decided to go back to my room.
"Oh and by the way in about 10 minutes we're going to go see your uncle,"Mom called out.
When we got to my uncles house they were outside waiting for us.Three other boys were with them.
"_____!,"Joseph practically yelled.Me and Joseph were pretty close.He would come to my house over the summer and I would go to his house also.
"Hey Joseph!How have you been?"I asked.
"I've been good.It's so good to see you."he gave me a big hug.
"Same here."I said.
"How have you been kiddo?"my uncle Dave asked giving me a hug.
"Good and you?"i replied.
"Good as always."Joseph and my uncle also greeted my mom.Then Joseph came back to me.One out of the three boys clear his throught.
"Oh sorry guys.This here is my favorite cousin __."Joseph said."This is Embry ,Quil ,and Jacob.Yet again all eyes were on me which made me blush.
"Howdy do ," Embry shook my hand.
"Hi _
,nice to meet you."Quil said.
"Hello _,"Jacob also shock my hand.
"After the greeting we went inside the house.It was awkward because the guys would just stare at me which caused Joseph to glare at them.Once the awkwardness went away I started to talk to them.They were actually less creepy than I thought.
"So how was school?"Joseph asked.
"It went well actually."I replied"Smeone actually gave me a ride home."
"Why you only live two blocks away."He smiled.
"Yeah I know but he insisted."
"Who was it?"He asked
"Edward Cullen."I said.Once i said that his smile faded.
"And you accepted?"
"Well yeah I mean he kept insisting."I said confused.
"Listen _,I don't want you hanging around that guy or the people he hangs with alright."He said.
"But why?"I was even more confused.The boys just kept quiet.
"I just don't!"He yelled.This hurt me because he had never yelled at me before.
"Well I can hang out with whoever I want."I said and walked away.
"Mom can we go now?"I asked .
"why honey?"she asked
"I'm not feeling well."I said.
"Oh okay than.Thank you for having us Dave."my mom said.
"No problem.please come when ever you want."he said.
"Thank you uncle,"I gave him a hug than went to the car without saying bye to Joseph.I saw jacob and Joseph staring out the window though."why would he do that infront of his friends?"i asked myself.So much for being his faviorte cousin.


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