My Life for Someone Else: A Jacob Black Love story

This is the entire story so I'll just start adding chapters for now. I'll just label the first few chapters at which parts they are. That'll be so much easier! Thanks for understanding =) Sorry in advance for any parts I take a long time to make. Thanks for all the support and don't forget to comment, rate and favorite!

Chapter 2

Scary Stories

You wake up to the bright LaPush sun shining bright into the window and into your eyes. You looked at the time and it was 10am. Waaaay too early by your standards, but you knew that no curtain could block out that sunlight so you went downstairs to make some cereal. Your dad already left at 6 that morning so you had the house to yourself. You guessed you could hang with the guys for the day. You didn't know any of their numbers, but your dad had Billy's number on a post-it note on the fridge. As soon as you were about to dial there was a knock at the door. It scared you so bad that you dropped the phone. "Coming!" you yelled. You opened the door and there was Jacob. You all of a sudden realized that you were still in your bunny pj's and your hair was a mess. You screamed and slammed the door in his face. You opened the door enough for you to peek your head around it. "Just one sec while I get dressed." Jacob just stood there in shock, probably terrorized by you screaming in his face. You rushed and grabbed a pair of denim shorts and an orange tanktop. You didn't care that it was a little chilly to wear, you looked cute. You grabbed a hoodie just in case. To your surprise Jacob was still there. "What was that all abo-" "Let's just go." you said pulling him behind you. "I was just wondering if you wanted to do something today, well with Quil, Embry, and Paul?" Jacob asked. "OK! Where's Sam and Jared?" "I don't know? I called and texted them a million times but they didn't answer. I haven't seen them since yesterday." You and Jacob walked to the beach. It was a beautiful day. The storm from the night before cleared the sky and turned it a mystifying blue. The sun felt warm on your skin, you cherished it because you knew it wouldn't be like this again in LaPush for a long time. "Soo, do you have a boyfriend back home? You don't have to answer.." Jacob said. "No, I don't have a boyfriend." you looked down blushing while kicking a rock. "Oh." Jacob said, kinda shocked. "Well we're here." Jacob said "Where's Paul, Embry and Quil?" You asked him looking around. Jacob pointed up to the cliff. You could see three guys at the top. Two of the guys were trying to push the third guy off the cliff. He looked like Quil. He fell off screaming and fell head first into the water. "JACOB ARE YOU GOING TO DO SOMETHING?!?!" You screamed, tears in your eyes. Jacob chuckled. "No, he's fine, they're just cliff diving." "Whuh?" "We do it for fun around here." "You think risking your lives by jumping off a cliff is fun?!?!" You screamed at him. "Yeah, in case you haven't noticed there isn't much else to do for fun around here." You shruged. You knew he was right. Quil swam over to the beach where you and Jacob were. "Hey Jake, __." "Hey Quil, you just gave __ a hear attack." Jacob said taunting you. They both laughed. You didn't think it was so funny. You pouted. "Oh come on, ___, I'm fine see?" Quil said lifting you up. You were still frowning. Then Paul and Quil swam over. "__, you guys still coming to the bonfire tonight?" Paul asked. You looked over at Jacob confused. "I didn't hear about a bonfire." Embry punched Jacob on the arm. "Dude I can't believe you didn't tell her!" "Sorry, it slipped my mind." Jacob said rubbing his arm. "__, do you want to come to the bonfire tonight?" Jacob asked you. You couldn't say no to Jacob even if you wanted to. "Of course, I would love to go." Soon enough it was time for the bonfire. Everyone was there. "____?" A girl's voice called behind you. You recognized her as Emily. She was as beautiful as ever, flawless features, and you almost instantly envied her beauty. But she was humble. "__, I can't believe it's you! How long has it been?!" "A little too long." you answered. "Well you know you HAVE to sit next to me!" You sat between Emily and Jacob on a log around the large fire. You kinda wondered how they got it this big, almost all of LaPush was there. Everyone was laughing and making smores, some were singing and having a great time. Billy arrived and cleared his throat. Instantly it became silent. "Some of you know why we are all gathered here today," he began, "our tribe is now going under changes beyond our control, and our newest generation will have more responsibility than any of us will be able to imagine. We are all aware of the history of our tribe. Our ancestors are descended from wolves. We share a deep connection that only a few of us will be able to experience fully. This deep magical bond of man and beast is the only thing that will protect the Quileute lands." Billy continued with stories of how the tribe shares souls with wolves, and something about the dreaded "cold ones". You were getting so cold that you drifted in and out of the stories. You had left your hoodie at the beach somehow...big mistake. You slowly scooted over to Jacob, hoping he wouldn't notice, to get warm. He noticed. He took off his jacket and wrapped it around you. "Better?" Jacob asked smiling. His white teeth shining straight trough the dark, and his skin looked copper, instead of it's usual russet in the golden light of the fire. It mesmerized you. He was gorgeous. When the bonfire was over Jacob walked you home. "What did your dad mean about 'the changes beyond our control' and 'our generation' and 'the cold ones'?" You asked. "I don't know? I've heard him tell the stories a thousand times, but he's never told them like that. Kinda creeped me out." "Yeah me too." When you got up to your house the porch light was still on, you guessed that your dad was waiting up for you. "Thanks for showing me a great time today Jake." "Sure, sure. Maybe we can do something else tomorrow?" "I'd like that." Jacob slowly leaned in and his breath sent the same chill through your body as the night before. His soft lips touched yours and you felt like you were going to faint. He stepped back while you stood there frozen. "Oh, I'm sorry, did you not want me to or...?" Jacob said rubbing his neck. "No, no...that...that was...fine." You said swallowing. You could feel all the blood rushing to your face. Jacob looked at his feet and smiled. You handed him his jacket. "Keep it." Jacob said. He walked off your porch. "Bye Jacob." He waved. You ran inside and your dad was waiting for you. "I head about the bonfire, how was it?" "Fun, I had a really good time." You rushed upstairs and fell asleep in Jacob's hoodie thinking about your perfect, uninterrupted kiss.
[Jacob's Point of View]
I walked home doing nothing but thinking about ____. I wondered if I did the right thing by kissing her, of if I should have told her how I felt first and just waited to see where it went. But she didn't punch me in the face so that's a good sign, right? She's so perfect and I like her a lot, but it didn't stop the strange feeling in my gut that something would bring us closer together just to rip us apart. I shook it off and kept on walking. All of a sudden something white caught the corner of my eye. It russeled the leaves, and it kinda creeped me out a bit. Suddenly some rancid smell hit my nose and made my eyes water and my head hurt. Maybe it was a skunk? No, I had smelled a skunk before, and IT didn't even smell THIS bad. All of a sudden I felt a sharp shooting pain all through my body that brought me to my knees. Then I felt fire that seemed to run through my veins and it had flames that licked every inch of my skin. I couldn't see anything. I screamed out in vein, but I knew that no one could hear me...what's happening?

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