My Life for Someone Else: A Jacob Black Love story

This is the entire story so I'll just start adding chapters for now. I'll just label the first few chapters at which parts they are. That'll be so much easier! Thanks for understanding =) Sorry in advance for any parts I take a long time to make. Thanks for all the support and don't forget to comment, rate and favorite!

Chapter 27

What About Us? Series Finale

The air was thick and muggy, yet cool. An occasional wind caressed your face but, in a striking contrast, you stumbled over the thick brush on the forest floor. Jacob held your hand gently as he led you through the nearly pitch black woods. The only thing that lighted your path was the bright moonlight.

You silently asked yourself what could be better than this? What could possibly be better than having someone this amazing love me unconditionally? When you were with Jacob everything was easy and simple, no matter how difficult and complicated everything else became. You always felt safe and accepted. You knew that no matter what happened, Jacob would still be there. You imagined life without him once you would get home. You cringed at the thought and shivered in terror that a nightmare like that was about to become reality, but the two of you were together right now, in this moment and tomorrow is the future. You would think about it when it got here.

The woods opened up to the meadow where you and Jacob had your first date. You smiled with nostalgia as you noticed a blanket on the ground. You looked up at him and smiled. He returned it, but his eyes glistened with what you hoped weren't tears.

Jacob led you over to the large blanket. You went to sit down next to him but he pulled you into his lap. You let out a deep breath, letting all your cares melt away in Jacob's arms.

"Jacob?" you whispered.


"What do you think's gonna happen to... us ? Once I'm gone, I mean?"

He gently took your chin and tilted it so that you were looking him in the eye. Even in the dark, he was stammeringly beautiful.

"Listen." he began. You could tell by his voice that he was serious. "Nothing is going to happen to us. As long as we're breathing we'll still be together, we'll still be us.

You tried to fight the tears that were filling the brims of your eyes, but it was of no use. "What am I going to do without you?" you squeaked, a lump forming in your throat. A teardrop escaped. Jacob must have felt it because he slid his hand to the side of your face and gently wiped the tear's trail from your cheek.

"You're stronger than that. You don't need me." The words echoed and felt as though they were wringing your guts out, resulting in an out pouring of tears.

"Yes, yes I do need you!" you said, a little louder.

"No, you don't! You don't!" Jacob yelled. It was silent for a moment.

"Why would you say that?" you wondered if he was using the same trick to push you away as the one you tried to use on him.

"It's true. You didn't need me before, you barely remembered who I was when you first came here."

"But I need you now, and I don't know how I'm supposed to live without you."

"You go on the same way you did before. You just have to go home for a little while, and you can always come ba-"

"No! This is home Jacob! Home is where you are!" It got silent again.

He pulled you back in and you buried your face in chest, trying to let his shirt absorb your tears. He kissed the top of your head as he gently stroked your hair.

"I'm sorry." he whispered, his warm breath getting tangled into your hair.

"Why is she tearing us apart?" you asked Jacob, but mostly asked yourself.

"You know that's not true."

"Yes it is!"

"You know that she's trying to protect you, maybe it's for the best, you'll be safer there. What if something else comes up that could put you in danger? I would never forgive myself if something happened to you."

"No, I'm safe here."

"You remember when I told you not to jump off that cliff because I was scared for your safety? Same thing."

"It is NOT the same thing."


You stayed silent knowing that he had a point. But you felt that your mom didn't know what she was talking about, that she was being over protective.

"I just can't believe how unreasonable she's being! She's like a stubborn mule that won't budge! She didn't ask my opinion or for the whole story! She just jumped to conclusions, like she always does, and I think that she could've at least TRIED to understand, but instead she decides to ship me back home, as if she ALWAYS knows what's best for me! Sometimes I just can't stand to even be around her!"

"As least you have your mom..." Jacob's voice trailed off.

You sat in a pile of guilt as you put yourself in Jacob's shoes. You imagined that he would do anything to see his mom again, even if it meant that they would be arguing the entire time.

"I'm sorry Jacob, I didn't mean-"

"No, it's fine."

"No, it's not fine. I know you miss her. I miss her too."

You felt Jacob tense up and you put your arms around his waist in a hug. He hugged back, a little too tightly, but you didn't mind, he needed this.
You hadn't realized how strong Jacob really was until that moment. It felt as though he could squeeze your guts out if he really wanted to. It was strange to see someone with that much strength at their fingertips be that vulnerable, but you were grateful that he loved and trusted you enough to let his guard down.

[Jacob's POV]

As she wrapped her small arms around me in comfort, my mind began to drift elsewhere. I'd never noticed before how much smaller she was than me. I mean of course, I was about 10 inches taller than her, but it was then that I could feel how much weaker she was than me. I could break her in half if I wanted to, but I didn't see her as weaker, I saw her more as something fragile. A priceless gem that needed my protection. Usually she seemed more like a tomboy and she always easily became one of the guys, but not this time. She was so soft and feminine, like a rose. I suddenly felt an overwhelming need to protect her; from everything.

[Your POV]

Jacob looked down at you with a longing in his eyes. He grabbed your chin and tilted it towards his face as he slowly leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. His hands became tangled in your hair and you found his heavy body on top of yours. He was heavier than you thought he was, but you didn't mind. His sweet breath tickled your lips and you let him melt all around you.

"This is it." you thought to yourself. "Our first time, together, becoming... we." You smiled to yourself at the thought. His warmth surrounded you in a blanket of comfort that only Jacob could bring, but before you got any further, Jacob stopped.

"What's wrong?" You asked him, wondering what it was this time that would make him not want to keep going.

"You know I love you, right?" He asked sincerely.

"Of course, Jacob."

"And you know I always will, don't you?"

You nodded, wondering where he was going with this.

"Then we don't have to rush into this."

You swallowed, hoping to hold back tears.

"How about we go wolfback riding, for old time's sake?" He smirked.

You nodded as he grabbed your hand and lifted you up onto your feet with ease.
Once again he swiftly transformed into a beautifully auburn wolf. You smiled at him with excitement and admiration as you walked over and jumped onto his back. You sunk your fingers into his silky fur as he took of with unbelievable speed. He seemed even faster than the last time. You cherished each moment that he was here, knowing that in just a few hours, this will only be a memory. You closed your eyes and inhaled as if you were breathing in the moment and stopped as though holding your breath would freeze time, or at least make it slow down. Though you knew that it was of no use, you tried anyway.

Jacob stopped, finally, on the beach. He lied down, still in wolf form, and you curled up next to his soft, warm body. You could hear him breathing as it became slower and more steady. You realized that he had fallen asleep. You decided that you would just shut your eyes for a second as you drifted off with Jacob's heartbeat creating the perfect lullaby.

You woke with a start and your head was rested on Jake's lap.

"Good morning, sunshine." Jacob said with a chuckle.

You stretched and looked around to find that you had fallen asleep on the beach all night.

"What time is it?" you asked, still not fully awake.

"About 10 something, almost eleven." You jolted up.

"Crap, Mom's supposed to pick me up at noon and I'm not even packed!" you said in a panic.

"Chill, your house isn't that far and I'll help you pack if you want." he offered.

"Thanks Jake." you sighed in relief.

You both walked hand in hand to your house. When you walked up, you noticed that your mom was waiting in the front yard and seemed to be yelling at your dad, who was standing next to her.

"Look, see!? I told you she was probably with Jacob, she's fine." you heard your dad say, pointing toward you and Jacob.

"_, where were you? Why didn't you call me? You know you're supposed to call me when you're coming home late." your mom scolded. She'd never been this up tight before.

"I was just hanging with Jake, I thought it'd be fine-"

"Well, it wasn't. And you know better than to be alone with some boy all night."

"I wasn't out with some boy , I was with Jacob !"

Your mom's jaw dropped with astonishment as she tried to soak in the fact that you actually had the nerve to talk back to her.

"Is this what she always does? Stay out late with teenage boys doing who knows what all night and then comes home and talks back?" she asked your dad, a bit of a condescending tone in her voice. Your dad didn't reply, he just rubbed the back of his neck. "Go get packed, our plane leaves in 3 hours and we need time to get there."

You reluctantly dragged your feet into the house, Jacob following close behind. You walked into your room and gave it one final glance. You took a deep breath as you grabbed your suitcases from under the bed and began to pack them. Jacob slowly walked up behind you and began packing things in the other suitcase.

"I wish you weren't leaving, so soon I mean." Jacob said, matter-of-factly.

"Same. I just got here." you replied.

"Promise you won't fall for some other guy when you leave?" he asked, only half joking.

"I promise, Jacob." you said with a half-hearted chuckle.

He replied with a sad half smile as he grabbed both your heavy suitcases with ease and lugged them down the stairs. Your mother was waiting outside with her arms crossed, leaning against the car. Your dad walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you.

"I'm gonna miss you baby girl." he said, sincerity and sadness lingering in his voice.

"I'll miss you too." you said, choking back the tears that were threatening to come down like storm clouds that were now above your head.

You looked over to Jacob. He had his hands in his pocket and another sad smile painted on his face. A wave of pain washed over you as the realization of not being able to see Jacob in the morning hit you like a bus. You ran into Jacob's arms and slammed into his solid body as though you were hitting a brick wall. Tears came suddenly, as did a hard crash of thunder.

"I love you, Jacob." you cried, your tears soaking his shirt.

"I love you,too." he said, grabbing you tighter.

"I don't wanna leave."

"You have to, just for a while. I'll always be here when you come back, I promise. I promised you that I would always be there for you, you just have to trust me to keep it. I will always be here for you."

"_! Let's go! It's about to rain!" Your mom called from the open driver side door.

"Guess this is it." you said, feeling defeated. Jacob put his hands back into his pockets.

"No, it's just a pause. We'll see each other again, we have to, I didn't fix up that car for nothing." he laughed.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about my "new" car." you used air quotes.

"It'll be sooner than you think, oh, before I forget." Jacob said, pulling out a beautiful but familiar looking opal bracelet from his pocket.

"Is that your mom's?" you asked in shock and disbelief. You had always seen her wear the shimmering bracelet, but you never thought that you would actually be able to wear it, let alone have it. "Jacob I can't-"

"No, I want you to have it, she'd want you to have it." he said as he lifted your wrist to slip on the gorgeous bracelet.

"Jacob, it's beautiful." you said, admiring the rainbow of colors that flickered in the milky white gemstone.

"You're beautiful." he whispered, almost to himself. He leaned in and touched his lips to yours as rain began to descend heavily from the sky, but he didn't seem to mind or realize. His warm soft lips stayed on yours without the slightest inkling that he was going break the kiss. It was the perfect moment: kissing the perfect guy in a perfect storm.

Your mom violently and impatiently blew the horn, forcing you down from cloud nine with a thud. You both broke the kiss and smiled, but you knew that both you and Jacob realized the gravity of what was about to inevitably happen. He pulled you in for one last warm hug and you walked away, leaving Jacob paralyzed in the spot that you left him.

You walked over to the car and got in the back seat, not wanting to sit with your mother up front. The heavy raindrops blurred the back window until all you could see was the large silhouette that was Jacob. He waved and you waved back, unsure if he could see you. The engine started with a quiet roar and sped off, slowly but surely shrinking Jacob's previously large outline. You closed your eyes to take a deep breath. When you opened them, he was gone.

You turned back around in your seat, fighting the pain that left your body numb and you soul in agony. You looked out the side window wondering what Jacob was thinking, and feeling, but before you could finish your thought, a long lonely cry from a wolf echoed behind you. Your mind thought that it could be any wild wolf calling for its pack, but your heart knew that it was Jacob calling for you.

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