My Life for Someone Else: A Jacob Black Love story

This is the entire story so I'll just start adding chapters for now. I'll just label the first few chapters at which parts they are. That'll be so much easier! Thanks for understanding =) Sorry in advance for any parts I take a long time to make. Thanks for all the support and don't forget to comment, rate and favorite!

Chapter 3

You're One of Those Good Things

Jacob's Point of View
I wake up with a damp cloth on my head lying on the couch. I didn't remember going to sleep on the couch? As a matter of fact, I didn't remember anything about the night before. I sat up and my dad was sitting next to the couch. "What happened last night." "Jacob lie back down." "What? I just wanna know what happened. Whatever, I'm getting dressed and going over to __'s." "Just...just be careful Jacob." I didn't know what he was talking about. I've been walking around LaPush alone since I was 5 and he never once worried that I'd be safe. LaPush was a pretty boring and safe place. I got dressed and started walking to _'s place. I happened to see Jared and Sam walking the opposite direction. This time they were with Paul. I waved, but they just narrowed their eyes at me, it was strange because it wasn't hostile, it was like they were asking me a question. They were acting so weird. I just kept on waking...
[Your Point of View]
This time you woke up early so that if Jacob came you would be ready. Sure enough the doorbell rang and it was him. You open the door and his eyes lit up. "Hey babe." He said. "Hi." "What too soon." "No." you said as you smiled and bit your lip. The both of you began to walk towards the beach. "I saw Jared and Sam today." Jacob said, matter-of-factly. "Really? What'd they say? Where were they yesterday?" "I don't know, they didn't say anything. They just stared at me. Paul was with them." "Why? Are you guys fighting or something?" "No, I don't think so? I don't care. If they wanna hang in their own group, let 'em." It was a dreary day, but at least it wasn't raining. You and Jacob walked along the beach hand and hand. You both came across a large tree trunk that washed up on the beach, you could tell it had been there for a while. You both sat down and looked at the ocean. "Wow, LaPush is so beautiful, I can't believe I didn't want to come-" "You didn't want to come here?" "I don't know really? I guess I just remembered the dreary weather and the boring stuff about LaPush, I ended up forgetting about all the good things." You smiled at him and he smiled back. You adored his smile. "Was I one of those good things?" he asked, but you knew he knew the answer. "Yeah, you still are." He looked down and blushed. The light caught his hair. It was so long and shiny. You usually didn't go for guys with long hair, but his hair was so beautiful, you couldn't imagine it any other way. You HAD to ask... "Jacob can I braid your hair?" "What?" "Your hair, can I braid it?" "Err..." "Come on, you can take it out when I get though." "Why?" "I don't know, I just really want to play in your hair." "Ok then." You began to play in his silky hair, you started to braid it but it was too soft to hold braids so you just ran your fingers through it. He rested his head on your lap. It was nice to be there with Jacob, just the two of you. It was about 6, but you were out with Jacob all day so you decided to go home. When you got there our dad was outside your house with a car you didn't recognize. "Hey dad, who's car is this?" you asked. "It's yours now, if you want it." He said. You ran over and hugged him. It wasn't brand new, but it wasn't a clunker either. It was pretty nice. "THANKS DAD! Really? It's mine?" "It's all yours. Wanna take it for a spin?" "Uh YEAH!" "Well, I'll see you later _." Jacob said. You drove off down the road that was beginning to get dark. You just decided to turn around and go home. Suddenly a deer jumped out in front of you and something white jumped on top of it, it almost looked like a person, you swerved to avoid it, hit a tree and blacked out.
You woke up to bright lights shining in your eyes and your head kinda hurt. You touched it and you felt gauze and blood. "She'll be fine, just a few bumps and bruises. She might have a headache, but it should only last a few hours, Tylenol should help, she can go home tonight. Just keep an eye on her." you heard someone say. "Thank you doctor Cullen." you heard your dad reply. You were in a hospital? You sat up and it made you dizzy. "Oh look she's up now." The doctor smiled at you. He was really pale but very attractive, and looked way too young to be a doctor. Your dad came over and hugged you. "I'm so glad you're okay." "What happened?" you asked. "You hit a tree." your dad said. "Oh." "Yes, you were lucky." The doctor said. You and your dad walked into the lobby and everyone was there. Billy, Paul, Sam, Jared, Quil, Embry, and Jacob. They looked surprised to see you. "___
, what are you doing here what happened to your head?" Jacob said. "I wrecked my car. Nobody told you?" "No." "Well I'm fine, you guys didn't have to come all the way here for me. Just a few bumps and bruises. Wait, what do you mean 'why am I here'? Aren't I why you guys came?" Jacob looked at everyone. "No, it's Emily." "Emily, why? What happened?" You began to panic. "Something attacked her." "What was it?" Jacob shrugged and looked over to Sam for an answer. He just looked down and tensed up. So he looked at Paul. He shrugged. "Well, all I know is that it got her face." Jacob said. "Is she going to be okay?" You were really worried now. "Yeah, we were told she'll be fine." "That's good." "Everyone can go home, I'll stay for Emily." Sam said. "You sure?" Billy asked. He nodded. It was about 2am and everyone was tired, but too concerned about Emily to sleep.
You got up the next morning with your head on Jacobs lap, he was still asleep. You looked around the room and everyone was still sleeping. Sam barged through the front door and everyone jolted up. "Emily's okay, she's home now." Sam announced. "When can we see her?" you asked Sam. "She doesn't want any visitors right now." Sam said. Everyone went to their own homes but you and Jacob just went for a walk. "I think that Sam, Paul and Jared know something we don't." You said to Jacob, suspicious. "About that Emily thing? So do I.They've been keeping a lot of secrets lately. Do you think it has to do with her?" "I don't know? Either way they're keeping some kind of secret, why else would they hang together." "And Sam's been looking at me weird." "What do you mean?" "Every time I see him, he looks at me like he's saying 'you're next'. Like he's waiting for me to 'join' them." "Join them? Jacob you're going crazy. I'm sure you guys will be hanging back out in no time. Just ignore it." "You're probably right." "I know I'm right." You smiled and kissed him.

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