Twilight vs. Justin Bieber

This is the craziness of these two things.

Chapter 1

Twilight vs. Justin Bieber.

This isn't really a battle between which is better.

Twilight didn't become famous til the first movie in 2008 came out as a
huge phenomenon to the entire world. Yes, I love the books. Yes, I enjoy the movies. And No, I do not like Justin Bieber. But this isn't about my opinions. This is about the craziness these two have caused some crazy stuff some crazy fans to do.

There are people who are crazy about Twilight and people who are absolute Twilight haters. I used to be one of those crazy fans until I learned to control myself. But this has gone a little too far with the love and hate. Some Twilight lovers put people into the hospital for those people saying that Twilight sucked. So they hate Twilight, the last i checked, its a free country and we have the freedom of speech. We should take good use of the freedom of speech and not take advantage of it. But there are also the Twilight haters who say Twilight lovers go to extreme. Twilight haters go to extreme and put as much time into Twilight as Twilight lovers do. :

A crew of Twilight haters decided to put a very mean prank on many fans. Before The Twilight Saga: Eclipse came to the theaters, Opera was doing a pre-screening of very few fans. So, the extreme Twilight haters put up a website and made a contest of winning a free ticket for the whole family to come watch the pre-screening of the movie, Eclipse. The fans that supposedly won, came to the theater the day of the "Eclipse pre-screening." As all the fans entered the theater, the twilight hating crew quickly locked the theater doors and gave the fans a two hour speech about how lame Twilight was and how lame the fans were. If anything, I think the Twilight haters went to a little more extreme than the Twilight lovers would.

And whose to say that Twilight lovers are crazy. Don't go overboard with obsession and don't hate to the point that people start hating you.

Then there is Justin Bieber. I, myself, do not like Justin Bieber one bit. Especially with the girls at my church. But it's not him i don't like, Im sure he is a really nice kid. After all he is only 4 months younger than me. But I seriously thought the first time i heard him sing that is was someone like Demi Lovato or Emily Osment singing. I had no idea that it was a guy. Really, not trying to be offense to Bieber. I just don't like his voice.

Haters, yeah, i dont like him much either, but come on. He's just a kid and you don't know him. Wishing someone you don't know to die is not what we are taught to learn growing up. Haters made a poll on which country Justin Bieber should make his guest appearance on. The country of North Korea took the toll. If you don't know already, North Korea is still a communist country. Once you enter the country, there is no leaving ever. But of course South Korea is as free as the United States. Only they don't have an economic crisis going on. Anyways, back to North Korea. Justin Bieber did state that he was not going to be performing in North Korea. But that many votes for people wanting Justin Bieber gone is cruel.

This girl at my church always sings, wears t-shirts, and talks about Justin Bieber. I get so frustrated. I mean, life doesn't revolve around him. The fact that she actually thinks she is going to marry him? She hasnt even met the guy.

Moral of Twilight and Justin Bieber:
Everyone has their opinions. I will continue to love Twilight. But don't hurt people or call them stupid for something they like. Liking and hating stuff is what makes us who we are today. And don't go to extremes for it.
I will continue to dislike, not hate, but dislike Justin Bieber. But fans, dont constintly talk about him to the point of me wishing you weren't born with a mouth. And don't hate on him. Always saying, he sound like a girl, he should get a life, what a lame-o. He's probably going to be around for a while so get used to it.

And this is my story.


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