Got Me Goin' Crazy (A Love Story between YOU and Nick Jonas)

This is my very first story:) I've always loved reading stories where instead of a main character "I" was involved in the story, so I'm making one since there aren't many out there. (or maybe i've just read them all. haha:D) I'll try my best to make it good. Comments are appreciated and wanted! I hope this turns out well! Also! If you know any good stories Where the main character is "you" tell me!:) Well,Here it goes....

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Intro:)

You lie in bed thinking of the next lyric to get closer to finishing your song. Usually writing came easy to you. Putting pencil to paper was like Paris Hilton buying a new purse, it was just so frequent and a regular thing for you. You've written many songs and written melodies for all of them on guitar, but for some reason, tonight just wasn't as easy as the others. "Maybe I just need some sleep." you thought as you closed your journal and placed it on the table next to your bed. You shut off the lamp, closed your eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.
Okay, so here's some general info about you:) (at least in this story)
You look the same as you do now. You're 18. You're a senior at Spartan High. You're not the same upbeat girl you used to be before your mother died. She was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver and since then you've been really quiet and to yourself. Song writing and music is what makes you feel closer to her and it helps you relieve your everyday problems and stress. Your dad's an ER doctor so he's not home a lot.
Back to the story-
Beep! Beep! Beep! You hit the alarm on your alarm clock dreading the day and not wanting to get up, but you know you have to. You get ready and head downstairs grabbing a bagel as you head out the door to get in your car and drive to school. You turn on your radio and (Pick a Song) blasts on the speakers. You get to school and basically the whole day's the same as any other day. Lectures, notes, homework, tests, etc. The bell finally rings and you head out to your car to go to work. A music store a
couple blocks down.
"Hey __!" your boss, Kyle says as he waves at you from behind the counter. He's always been like an older brother to you and you can trust him with basically anything. He's 25. "I need you to get some cds out of the boxes in the back and put them on the shelves. We also need to clean up a little bit and set up a display because the Jonas Brothers are coming to do a CD signing this saturday (it's thursday) "Sure thing Kyle! But I've got one question." You say. "What is it?" "Who are the Jonas Brothers?" Kyle's mouth drops wide open. " Okay __ this is a little girly for me to say but... HOW THE HECK DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE?! They're only the BIGGEST and BEST disney band ever. "Geez. Kyle. Two words. Chill Out. And I'm more of a Beatles/Springstein kinda girl. I don't listen to Disney Music except for the soundtracks of movies." "Well, whether you know them or not, I'm still gonna need you to set up the table, signs, and cds." Kyle says as he points to where he wants everything put. " Will do!" you say as you head towards the back to get everything.
After two hours of blowing up balloons, setting up displays/tables/signs, and getting the music store all set up, you head home. The next day at schools the same except almost EVERY girl is talking about the Jonas Brothers. Even some guys are talking about them. There's some bad stuff being said but there's also some good. "Jeez. I didn't know these guys were really as popular as Kyle said." You think to yourself. You head to work and when you turn the corner you see a HUGE line of people camping outside. After manuvering your way inside the front doors, Kyle comes up to you. "__! You have to stay after here tonight. I'm worried all these jonas fans are going to rob us or some
thing!" "Seriously Kyle? They're all mostly younger girls with their moms. They can't do much. And if they did the cops would help out." "You don't know the powers of these little girls __. They can do some major damage when they want to. So I brought an inflatable bed, a baseball bat, and a flashlight for you just in case." "Why can't you stay?" "I have a date with Vallerie tonight (Kyle's new girlfriend)." "Ugh. Fine." "Thanks _! I knew I could count on you!" " Yeah. Yeah. Sure thing. You're just lucky your like a best friend to me and also a guy who could easily fire me." You say as you wave goodbye to him.
-That night
(10 pm)
All the fans outside have been singing their songs for about 4 hours straight. From the inside of the store it sounds like zombies moaning for brains. You try to sleep but it's no use. So you get out your journal and write some lyrics.
(1 am)
You get tired and fall asleep, finally.
(5 am)
"Ahhh!" You scream and wake up startled as you jump out of the inflatable bed. You heard a knocking and screaming at the back door of the shop, which isn't too far from where you're sleeping. You grab the bat Kyle left you and head towards the door. You know it's a stupid idea but you take one of the two locks off the door and slightly open it. If a man with a gun was there, you could easily shut it and call the cops at the station around the corner. "Quick! Let me in!" a really cute guy with curly hair yells as he's being literally "attacked" by a mob of girls. You knew if you didn't open it, chances are, he'd most likely get ripped to pieces. So you unlocked the last chain lock on the door and grabbed the guy by the colllar, pulled him in, and quickly pushed the door with all the strength you had and locked it again. "I owe you big time." The cute guy says while he tries to piece together his torn clothing on his body, but failing. "You're welcome?.."you stutter,confused. "Do you have any extra clothes by any chance? Maybe some company tshirts or something? I really don't think I can go back out there when my brothers get here or else they'll tear my clothes off completely." "Oh uhm.. yeah. Here." you say, grabbing a polo shirt with the stores logo on it along with some khaki pants,still confused to why the girls where even attacking him in the first place. "Thanks." He says as he takes them from you when you hand them to him. He heads to the bathroom and comes back changed. "So who are you anyway?" you ask. "You don't know?" The guy asks puzzled." No...Should I?" "Well, I guess that's one more good thing about you, other than you saved my life, that you don't know and don't care about me being a famous rockstar." He smiles and hands his hand out to you, waiting for you to shake it"I'm Nick Jonas, from the Jonas Brothers."
-----Well! There it is! My very first chapter on Quibblo! Btw sorry if there's any grammar mistakes. I'm typing this on my itouch and i click the wrong letter sometimes. But give me some comments and tell me what you think!:)

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