Got Me Goin' Crazy (A Love Story between YOU and Nick Jonas)

This is my very first story:) I've always loved reading stories where instead of a main character "I" was involved in the story, so I'm making one since there aren't many out there. (or maybe i've just read them all. haha:D) I'll try my best to make it good. Comments are appreciated and wanted! I hope this turns out well! Also! If you know any good stories Where the main character is "you" tell me!:) Well,Here it goes....

Chapter 10

Jump and Fall

Nick takes you home in the limo, helps you out and leads you to your front door. "I have to admit it. I actually had a better time than I thought I would. So, for that...thanks." You tell Nick as you hug him. "You're welcome. And what I said earlier still stands true. I'll love you forever." He says putting his soft hand to the side of your cheek and pulling you closer. But then you snapped back into reality. I'm still dating Taylor. I can't do this. What have I done? You thought to yourself. You smile at Nick, pull away from his hug and say, "Thanks Nick but I still need to think about some things. Give me some time?" "Of course." He says looking a little disappointed. "Goodnight." And with that he headed towards the limo. Before he got inside he waved bye, you waved back. The limo slowly drove off. You got out your keys and opened the door. You went inside your house and locked the door. Then you climbed upstairs to change and take off your makeup. After that you went to your room, lifted up the covers of your bed and got in. So the choices start now You think as you fall asleep
-The next morning.
You wake up feeling more exhausted than ever. You dread it but you get out of bed and head to your desk. You get out a piece of paper and a pen. You draw a chart with Taylor's name on one side and Nick's on the other."Time for decisions." You tell yourself outloud.
You begin to write.
-met him at starbucks(win) i love coffee :)
-saved my dime
-known him for a year and a half
-amazing smile(win)
-great actor (win)
-great guy (win)
-has never cheated(win)
-brought me a bouquet(win)
-tells me he loves me (win)
-still planning our
-doesn't know everything about me
------------- Nick
-met him at work
-saved his life(win)
-known him for about 3 (win)
-amazing hair(win)
-great singer(win)
-great guy...sometimes
-single rose
-tells me he loves me (win?)
-seems to have our future planned out(win)
-knows mostly everything (win)
Results: Tie. 7-7
"Why?! This should be an obvious choice but..." you stop and remember what Dani told you. "The best thing I can tell you is to listen to your heart. If your heart says Taylor go with him. If your heart says Nick, well, slap him a couple times and then go with him. Or if you just don't think it's worth it. Forget both of them." You instantly knew the choice. The right guy. You knew you would hurt the other one by leaving him but you had no choice. Your heart knew what it wanted.
-4 Days Later
Taylor texts you (Hey babe;) Alright if I come over?)* Perfect time to say some things.* You think. (Yeah sure:))
-30 minutes later
The doorbell rings. It's Taylor. You let him in and head over to the couch. He puts his arm around you. "I love this feeling I get when I'm around you __." You look up and smile at him and say, "I do too Tay. But how would you feel if we separated?" "Well, if we did. I'd feel miserable. But...if we had to be over to make you happy...then i'd do it." "Oh. Well Taylor there's something I have to say..."

This is it. I've made my decision. No going back now....

"It's hard to say it but I don't have the same feelings I had with you before, Taylor. I still love you, but as a friend. My heart's been with someone else all along and i haven't noticed it until' I actually really thought it out. Please don't be mad or hate me." You tell Taylor looking down. You hear him take a deep breath and he takes his finger to lift up your face and says"Hey. Like I said. If you're happy....I'm happy. It's going to suck but I still love you too ____ . Nothing's going to change that. But if you have stronger feelings for Nick then...I'm cool with that." "Wait. You knew?" You ask shocked but relieved at the same time. "Of course. I knew that was what was bothering you and I knew for some reason that the situation would come to this. So look, I'm happy for you and I don't mind being friends." He says smiling. "Your the best guy in the world Taylor." You say hugging him tight. "But I gotta go right now. Thanks for everything." You kiss him on the cheek and run out your door in your pajamas.

You don't care how wierd you probably look. You had to tell Nick how you really felt. You kept running. Street by street, past home by home, getting closer to his. You were breathing heavy but you're intent on getting there. As you keep running you see him walking down your direction.
He sees you and begins to run towards you too. You guys run up to each other, he picks you up, sweeping you off your feet and gives you the most passionate kiss ever. Sparks fly everywhere.
You hold your hands tight around his neck, pulling your lips closer to his. He gently lets your feet touch the ground again and you two pull apart. "It's been you all along Nick. You're the one my heart's been longing for. I know there's been mistakes in the past but if you promise me you'll never do that again, all those things you told me a couple days ago, I want it to be ME doing them with you too." "I promise ___ . Forever and Always. Every moment in my life I want to spend with you." "Nicholas Jerry Jonas, I love you." "I love you so much __ . But, I have a question to ask you." He looks into your eyes, kisses your cheek and then kneels down on one knee and asks, "___ ____ ____ , will you marry me?"

Well that's it!:) The rest is up to you about what happens! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! It feels so cool but sad that my first "story" is over. But I feel accomplished:) I can't say thank you enough to all of you. My story is under top stories and most read and I have to say I FREAKIN LOVE YOU GUYS! Thank you x1000 and I owe my biggest thank you to MissRosiex:) She's the one who spread the word about my story when it first started. So thank you sooo much missrosiex!!!! Well, the title's based after Jump and Fall by Taylor Swift and I'd really appreciate it if you guys tell me what you think! Did you like it? Hate it? What story should I write next? Please comment below!!!Love you guys, xoxo loveunites

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