Got Me Goin' Crazy (A Love Story between YOU and Nick Jonas)

This is my very first story:) I've always loved reading stories where instead of a main character "I" was involved in the story, so I'm making one since there aren't many out there. (or maybe i've just read them all. haha:D) I'll try my best to make it good. Comments are appreciated and wanted! I hope this turns out well! Also! If you know any good stories Where the main character is "you" tell me!:) Well,Here it goes....

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"I'm Nick Jonas, from the Jonas Brothers." "__" you say as you extend your hand to shake his. "I can't believe I didn't know who he was and i've been missing out on this cute guys music!" You thought. A loud crowd of girls are heard screaming outside. "So..." he says as he blushes and looks down. "So..." you say back doing the same. " What time is it?" "Six thirty am" "My brothers will be here in two hours to get ready for the signing and mini concert." "That's cool." You say not really knowing how to reply to the akward situation. You both look up and he looks into your eyes and smiles. And it's not just one of those "regular" smiles. It was one of the "we're meant to be" smiles. Cheasy. I know. You blush and smile back. You guys talk for the next two hours and get to know each other better.
-Later at 8 am
A BUNCH of screaming is heard outside. "Do they ever stop screaming in that high pitch?" you ask. Nick laughs."You get used to it after awhile. I'm also pretty sure that my brothers are here."How do you know that?" "i can see the future. I saw this moment, 30 minutes ago." He says smiling. "yeah. right.nick." you say while playfully punching him on the shoulder . "Hahaha. Fine. Listen Carefully to the screams." You listen and hear screams saying "JOE! I LOVE YOU!" "YOU'RE SO HOT KEVIN!"
Nick's phone beeps meaning he has a text
-Hey Nick. Me and Joe are outside,inside the limo. But we have a LITTLE problem. We can't get inside the music store. There's a giant crowd blocking the front. How are we gonna get in?-Kevin
Nick looks up worried and asks," Hey __. The front doors are blocked. I need to get my brothers in here somehow. Any ideas?" You think for awhile and remember that Kyle actually had an underground tunnel installed in the store that connects to a nearby pie shop. He wasted all of his college money on it when he was going through his "zombie apocolypse" phase. Yeah, Kyle's not the smartest guy in the world... You tell Nick about it and he tells Joe and Kevin about it.
-20 minutes later
Joe and Kevin appear from the doorway downstairs. "If I weren't so happy that I escaped the big crowd and got a free piece of pie, I would totally be mad at you right now Nick for making me go through all those cobwebs." Joe says smiling with a faint red ring of cherry pie around his mouth. "Yeah. We would've been able to get here quicker if Joe DIDNT get that free piece of pie PLUS the other three pieces that cost us $10." Kevin says glaring at Joe. "Sorry. A man's gotta eat!" Joe says patting his stomach. "Anyways... guys, this is __. She works here and helped get you guys in here. Plus she saved from getting ripped to shreds." Nick says smiling while you shake hands with Joe and Kev. "It's nice to meet you guys!"You say shaking their hands and wiping the sticky remains of jelly off your hand from shaking Joe's on the side of your old sweatpants, that you brought when Kyle told you you were staying the night. You can't blame yourself! You didn't know there were going to meet three really cute, not to mention HOT, rockstars today. "We need to set up a little more inside the store. Would you guys help me out?" You ask. "Sure!" They all say.
They help you set up their instruments and small stage and it's finally time for the guys to have the small concert and sign some cds. You change into some jeans with a Jobro tshirt that Nick gave you to wear. The whole time you guys were setting up stuff he always somehow made it so his hand brushed against yours. Obviously you couldn't help but blush:)
Kyle is opening up the doors and a HUGE crowd of girls bust through. "AHHH! ZOMBIESSS!" Kyle screams waving around. You laugh, grab Kyle's arm and lead him over to the checkout so he'll stop freaking out and come back to reality. You somehow manage to get the crowd in an orderly, high pitched screaming, line. The guys take pictures, sign some autographs and talk to their fans. Then they start their small concert. They play several songs and even three encores. The whole time Nick looks over at you, smiling and winking once in awhile. Obviously you blush and smile back:)
-After all the fans leave
"Hey __. Thanks a lot for helping make this a success." Kyle says hugging you and then leaves to go home. Yeah. He does that a lot. YOU should be the boss since you're here more often than he is.
"It was really nice meeting you _." Kevin and Joe both say as they hug you one by one and wave goodbye as they get into their limo. You and Nick are standing next to each other akwardly and smiling. "It was really nice meeting you___." Nick says smiling. "You too Nick. You guys performed really well today. I should've listened to your music earlier." "Thanks." There's an awkward silence. "Uhm..._ do you wanna hang out some time soon?" He asks. "Yeah sure!" you reply smiling,"How soon?" "Very soon." Nick says grabbing your phone from your hand and adding his number. "Call me soon okay?" He says while hugging you. You couldn't believe it. This moment. What Nick was saying. How amazing and cool he really is. He walks off and waves as he gets into the limo. You wave back, smiling as you wonder how long you should wait before calling this amazing guy.
-------That's the end of Chapter 2! Tell me if you like it! What do you think I should add? Take out? Etc?

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