Got Me Goin' Crazy (A Love Story between YOU and Nick Jonas)

This is my very first story:) I've always loved reading stories where instead of a main character "I" was involved in the story, so I'm making one since there aren't many out there. (or maybe i've just read them all. haha:D) I'll try my best to make it good. Comments are appreciated and wanted! I hope this turns out well! Also! If you know any good stories Where the main character is "you" tell me!:) Well,Here it goes....

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: First Date!:)

You wave back, smiling and wondering how long you should wait before calling this amazing guy.
-The Following Monday
It's officially FALL BREAK!!! (well in the story it is:D)
You grab your phone and decide to call Nick.
You go through your contacts and call him. He sent you some texts yesterday which all mostly were just smiley faces or saying hey but you didn't have a lot of time to reply because you had to go to church and your dad told you to clean the house, along with his help since he is on break from working in the er. You and your mom used to always clean when you were younger, singing and having fun while dusting and vacuuming. You hear the phone ring twice and he picks up. "Hey _! What's up?" Nick asks excitedly. "Not much. You?" You ask smiling. "I'm was feeling kinda sad but better now that you called." You could literally see him smiling really big in your mind now. "I'm really sorry about yesterday, by the way. I was really busy with church and cleaning." "It's alright. But getting back to where we left off last time...When do you want to hang out?" He asks shyly. "Uhm. I'm good anytime actually. You're the rockstar with the packed schedule so i'll let you chose." "Suprisingly I have nothing to do this Friday. Does that sound good to you?" "Yeah, that sounds fine with me!" You reply back excited. He laughs and says," Okay then. I'll see you then. But i'll keep texting you." "Haha, okay. Talk to you later Nick." "You too _." He hangs up and you have the biggest smile on your face.
-Throughout the week
You go shopping, clean, cook, study, etc. The stuff you would do on fall break:)
Today's the day! Your first date with Nick!!! Btw he's taking you out to dinner and a movie:)
He's been talking to you all week via text because he's had interviews and concerts so he hasn't been able to call you. You get ready and by the time you're done it's 5:30 pm. Nick's coming to pick you up at 5:50. He flew all the way from L.A, from an interview with Ellen Degeneres, to your town to go on a date with you:). He also had gotten a rental car since he couldn't get his own flown over. It's a mustang though:) You watch tv for a little bit while waiting for him.
The doorbell rings.
You go to answer it and see Nick. Handsome, cute and hotter than ever. He smiles, which according to e!news is actually really rare. So seeing that you make him smile makes you feel even happier. He puts his arm out to you so you can link arms. He leads you to his mustang and opens the door for you. He gets in a drives off to (pick a restaurant).
"This place is my favorite!" You say. "Seriously? That's great! I thought you would say it's gross or not "fancy" enough, like all the other girls. But once again __
, you suprised me." He says smiling. "I'm guessing that's a good thing" you say smiling back. "A very good thing." He says holding your hand. You guys eat dinner and head out to the movies to watch (pick a scary movie). You're not scared at first but then it gets REALLY scary and you can't help but hide your eyes. Nick puts his arm around you, pulling you closer. It instantly makes you feel so much safer.
After the movie, Nick seems really nervous but your not sure why. You don't want to bother him much so the ride home is pretty quiet. He drives into the driveway of your house and parks. He gets out and opens the door for you. You link arms with him as he leads you to your front door. You guys face each other and Nick finally talks. "_. I've been meaning to ask you this ever since you saved me from the crowd of girls who tried to tear me to pieces." "What is it?" You ask. He looks at you nervously like he's going over a million thoughts and words in his mind. "Nick. Just tell me. What's wrong?"you ask. He blurts out the words nervously "Iwaswonderingifyouwouldbemygirlfriend." "What?" you ask confused. He looks down and back up into your eyes. "_. I really like you. You're the most prettiest, coolest, funniest, down to earth girl i've ever met. And I was wondering if you would like to be my girlfriend." You look down and reply,"No." "What? Why? But i thought you really liked me." He says shocked and panicked. You laugh and smile. "Nick, I was just joking. Of course i'd love to be your girlfriend. And I'm sorry for scaring the crap outta ya." He smiles, looks at you passionately, and kisses you. You melt instantly. When you two break the kiss you say," You broke one of my rules." "What's that?" He asks. "I don't kiss on the first date." "Well I don't follow the rules." He replies. You can't help but kiss him again. After awhile you know you need to let him go home so you two say your goodbyes. "I'll see you soon _. I promise." Nick says to you while heading over to his car. You smile, wave bye and shut your door. Best. First. Date. Everrrr.
--------Well that's it! Chapter 3! It seemed a bit short to me and a bit repetitivr but i hope you liked it! also i really want comments on what you want in the story! also tell me what you like about it, what you don't like, etc. Tell your friends about my story to please!:) and HUGEEE thanks and shoutout to MissRosiex. She helped me get you guys to read this and without her you guys wouldn't know about this story. So thanks soooo much again:) Go check out her stories!:) they're really good!

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