~'Sun Set Blood'~

~'Sun Set Blood'~

This is a lovestory between two different people; A male angel named Drake; and a Vampire female called Willow. Willow has light brown eyes and dark brown hair, and Drake looks exactly like Sasuke from Naruto Shippuden if you were wondering!
Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Mature, Josei, School Life, Adventure, & Adult. They somehow meet by fate's hands and become teenage lovers. Will Drake & Willow survive the evil prophecy that wishes to break them apart, & survive high school at the same time!

Chapter 1

~The Fall~

~A Fallen Angel~

The icy air ripped past his shoulder, cutting vertically up his long angelic wings, leaving long scarred flesh. His arms were flailing helplessly against the striking wind, unable to do anything. The gravity was pulling him down, sending him falling thousands and thousands of metres. And the atmosphere that was calm and gentle was now ripping and scarring his body, and his long white wings, tossing him about as he made his way in through the stratopshere, which was glowing faintly as it sent him into darkness, stars twinkling and shimmering above him.

They had forbidden him from ever returning again, banishing him for eternity to the slums of the planet below. He tried to prove himself innocent, only to receive harsh judgement and was exiled from eternal padardise, only leaving him to a cold, deserted and primitive world where only God's children rein. Emotions that were hidden away for such a long time surged through out his body, emerged and confused him. Why had they done such things to him because of a result that was secluded and undecided, he was innocent, they knew it fully but refused to give him a full explanation of his penalty and his crime that he did not commit, not in the present anyway. The elder angels believed from phophicy fortold from an elite angel saying that he could forsee the future and the conseqence of his future actions that were to follow if he was still an angel in heaven's gates.

There were rumours surrounding the situation that was imposed upon the angel himself, and most of them were thought to be true when they weren't. The trial began and so his future had been decided. He was to be exiled and put to rest on the planet below, forever imprisoned as a fallen angel; he could not escape his fate, even if he wanted to.
Faster and faster he fell, the wind picking up speed the lower he went, his feather's of his wings that were now torn and plucked leaving only a white trail of nothingness as they atomised and disappeared into oblivion of the atmosphere. The breath that crept up his throat from battered lungs was now slowly escaping through his sweet, gentle lips and into the surrounding air. His teary eyes shed fallen droplets of sad and angry emotional tears as they rose from his stained cheeks and into the air with the white feathers.

The shattered world's image below him grew bigger, consuming him with it's shadow as the sun arose from it's depths from the other side, bathing him in warm and bright light as the rays touched his frozen and scarred body. The pain had entangled itself in his heart , aching in heartache and despair for his only home that welcomed him in love, had now turned it's back on him, leaving him behind. Suddenly without warning, the earth's surface appeared, startling him as he desperatly clawed at the air; as if it would keep him from falling. And without warning, he hit the surface, hard. His bones shattered upon the impact, and the sound of something breaking within him pounded his ears as his screams echoed throughout the deep and eerie forest, the sudden white light rises above him and fades abruptly, withering into the air surrounding the forest floor, circling him for a brief moment, reminding him of the home that was once his.

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