I loathe you saga:thier mistake.(19)  Failure(20)

I loathe you saga:thier mistake.(19) Failure(20)

Hey guys,heres number 19, and 20. please comment. comments make my day. :).

Chapter 1

Their Mistake(19)

I listened as anger filled inside of me.
My own family, lied.
They didnt care whether, I was hurt, or not.
I felt tears from as I walked out from behind the wall.
All four of them, Kevin, Nick, Jordyn,and Nicole's eyes widened.
My dad noticed their expressions, and spun around.
When he saw me, his eyes widened too.
"Victory-" he started.
I felt the tears fall.
"Dad, you lied! you lied for two years! you told me mom was dead, that we'd never see her again, and now she's alive?! I cant believe you!" I screamed.
He looked upset, but said nothing.
I turned towards my aunt.
"and Jordyn, my second mom, you convinced me that I was so special, that you told me all your secrets! well look, you forgot one!" I told her.
Nick put his arm around her, I could see tears in her eyes.
"The last thing she wanted was to let you down, Victory." Nick explained.
"Well, my once fav uncle, she should have thought of that!"
Nicole backed away, she didnt need anything said to her.
But my eyes landed on Kevin.
"Victory, dont be mad!" he pleaded.
I felt more tears well up in my eyes.
"How can I not? you all convinced me I had no mom! your all liars! I hate you!" I screamed.
Silence fell, and no one spoke.
Jordyn looked like she might cry, Nick looked ashamed, Nicole said nothing, and Kevin just looked ahead sadly.
But my dad took it the hardest.
"Victory, we wanted to tell you, It's just-" he stopped.
I got mad.
"Just what? Just that you dont trust me? Funny, cause I feel the same way about you guys!" I yelled.
When no one spoke, I sighed.
"When your all ready to be truthful, let me know. Other wise, leave me alone."
I commanded leaving them alone to think about their mistake.

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