As a baby Aqua is taken forcefully from her family. For 17 years she's been held prisoner at a barn by 6 hot guys. One night she manages to get away, at a bar names Liv's she meets William, a boy she could see herself falling in love with...if she dosent discover his true identity first...not to mention the fact that as a baby in her moms uterus she was genetically alterend and is now one of the unknown......

Chapter 1

The beginning ...

Never in a million years did I imagine this would happen. I knew so many that had gone through with it. It was mine they chose. My baby they took away. I held her in my arms for approximately a minute and forty-nine seconds. That’s when they came in. A dozen of them all armed with guns and other weapons that looked anything but humanitary. I froze with shock as they threw my eldest son to the floor. As they shot and killed my husbands parents. Then with horror as they killed my husband. Maybe, if I had been thinking I could have saved them. I could have pressed the button on the side of my hospital bed that would have sent the nurse rushing in. Of course I could only have hoped that she would look in first and have the smarts to turn around and call 911. There was no greater pain that what I felt, when a man took my little Aquarehael from my arms. Not even when the same man pointed his gun at me and shot. Thank God, my daughter bit him at the exact moment and he missed my heart hitting me in the side. They ran out of the room. I heard shots being fired throughout the halls, people screaming. The last thing I saw was my daughter, barely an hour old, look over her captors shoulder at me . Her aquamarine eyes bore into mine and her mouth formed the impossible words, for a child so young. Words that no parent should have to hear from their children in a time like this. Help Me. Then I blacked out.

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