Draco is In Love

Draco is In Love

Chapter what would it be....part 7? been a while sry.
4 some reason it wouldn't let me on 4 a while. i also had a busy...however long it's been!! sry. lolz

Chapter 1

Part 7

by: amymalfoy
"I love my room!" you say.
"Works for me. Dobby should have put your stuff away already. See you in the morning!" I smile and shut the door behind me.
I walked to my room. When I passed my parent's bedroom i heard them talking. See, now I'm not one to eavesdrop...ok never mind bout that. Anyways I checked to make sure that my dad didn't put any special "protections of conversations" crap. I then listened to the keyhole.
"...she, the girl, __, the heir of the Dark Lord himself, is dating our son! How honored we should be Narcissa! How honored!" said Dad.
" But...he could get hurt...we don't know her power...we don't know who her mother is, she could be more powerfull then we thought..."
All this froze me into the spot. I shook my head to get the thoughts out long enough to get to bed. I don't think i fell asleep until one in the morning.


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