Return of the Best Friends..... The Jonas Brothers!!!! I hate the world for a moment!

Return of the Best Friends..... The Jonas Brothers!!!! I hate the world for a moment!

Hey, long time no talk right haha, so here is the next part of the story and sorry to those of you that this story isn't goin anywhere and i'm trying so.... did anyone notice that The Jonas Brothers arn't that popular anymore and Justin Beiber kinda took it away from them so is that weired or is that just me but so read on and enjoi!

Chapter 1

Leave me alone!

Go listen to Drop The World by LIl Wayne ft. Eminem

Do you ever have that feeling that your about to win somthing and when it's about to happen into your hands and then it gets snached right out of you hands before you get it, yea it happendes here how it went down
Everyone was waiting to see who won, "alright sorry for the long wait, but the winner is............." The anouncer trailed off hesitating to say who won
"Nick Jonas!" Everyone was cheering and quiet a few were shocked and i could tell by looking at him that he was pretty shocked, me on the other hand was pretty pissed and ready to ball my eys right then and there. When they were handing him the trophie, i just ran off the stage off to my cabin. Nick ran after me after he grabed the tropie
"emily wait"
"why should i?" i said as he grabed my shoulder and puled away
"because i didn't mean to win"
"of course you didn't, you knew how much this ment to me" i yell at him, now full fleg tears ran down my face
"yea i did but i don't mean for it to turn out this way, i wasn't even goin to go in it in the first place" i say with the hurt in his eyes
"why did you then, tell me"
"it seemed like i had to prove something to you that i could do somthing else than music" "nick you didn't have to prove anything, one you find something you know you could become really good at then you should stick with it"
"and what is that supossed to mean? and your soupossed to find other things that your good at other that one thing" he yelled confused but making a good point
"yea but that one thing that your good at just killed me, and it means that you just a friend that supourted you with your music career so, just leave me the he!! alone nick, i really don't want to see you face" i yell at him but when i was about to turn around he said
"fine now you don't have your boy toy to confert you now don't you" he said mocking me,
I was shocked and Pissed he would say that so i went up to him and punched him in the face, his nose started bleed and said to him
"For information Nick, if he could he would love to stay here with me but he couldn't cuz he's of at the Dew Tour Championships in las vagas, which startes in like 3 days, Plus he's doing something that he loves and not cruching mine like you" i ran off crying to the cabin grabing my stuff on the way.
A few were tring to call my name i just ignored them
"Emily, Right?" a guys voice said as i walked on the proch of the cabin with the dude walking closer "yea, what about it? and who are you?" i said not tring to sound like i was crying "sorry, have you been crying?" he said, guess that failed he noticed
"not the point, who are you?" I put my things down to open the door
"I'm Berry Bright, I was at alot of sport compitions, wakboarding the most and you seemed to be at every one i was at and that was quite the few and won every single one so...."
Berry trailed off walking to door to hold it open "thanks and get to the point i don't have all day, i have to pack to go to vagas in like 2 days" i said pouting my gear at the end of my bed and Berry folowing behind
"OK, ok, i'll try to make it quick, but as was saying i could get a few people to check you out to get you a sponcership to become a pro. and if you wanted be your managerif you wanted"
I was waiting for this day to come for 7 very long years! "OMG!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?! YOU COULD DO THAT!!!" i tried not to scream to kill his eardrums
"yea for sure are you up to it?" Berry smiled "He!! Yea, and since you offered you may be my manager, it beats looking for one or more like my dad" we talked for a bit longer about it and exchanged numbers.

Hope you enjoyed my story here and since your here plz comment and you should do it cuz ur life depends on it

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