you find love when everything seems lost (part 13)

i'm just gonna make a new story for every new part
so not gonna write more chapters in one part

Chapter 1


by: iRoos
~Edward's POV~
when she heared Carlisle saying that her mom has cancer, Sam passed out
i manneged to catch her before she fell on the floor
her mind was quiet now, it wasn't thinking anything
but when i touched her, her heart started pounding loadly
i chuckled, even when she was passed out that happened, i didn't knew that
i carried her upstairs, ignoring the looks of my family, and laid her in my bed
it was still that huge bed that Bella slept in...
i was shocked
most of the time when i had a Bella thought it was like i was being burned alive
but now, while i was thinking about how Bella slept in the same bed as where Sam was on, i could only think about how beautiful Sam was and how badly wanted to kiss her. i knew i could controle myself...
she came back to consciousness, i noticed that because she started to have dreams
about her mom dieing and her holding her mom's hand
about her dieing instead of her mom (i winced at the thought of that)
and the last part was me leaving her
she woke up almost screaming but when she saw me she relaxed, but blushed after that. i guess she knew i could read her mind
i looked in her eyes
i really wanted to kiss her

~Sam's POV~
all i remembered was me passing out when i heared the news of my mom and that i had some aweful dreams
i woke up and wanted to scream, but i saw Edward and all the scary thoughts were gone
then i realised that he probably read my mind and i blushed
he smiled and looked at me
my heart pounded in my chest
he was on the other side of the huge bed i was on, and i wanted him to be next to me, so i could hold him and... i stopped thinking
i knew he heared that thought, because he looked at me like he couldn't believe what i've just thought
i didn't care
he would find out soon that i liked him, because he's around me a lot and i always respond at his appearance
then i heared Carlisle talk to Edward
i didn't saw him comming, but i never saw Edward comming either
maybe it was in the family
'Edward, i have to leave to get some medicine for Sam's mom. i think it's best if she came to this house instead of the hospital' he looked at me 'that way Sam will have more time with her' he walked away, leaving me in shock
she was gonna die
no chance of surviving...
i started crying
i couldn't help it
i wasn going to end up alone
Edward's arms were around me and i covered my face in his shirt
his presence made the pain less
i was still sobbing but i started to forgot that while Edward was holding me
he was so close
if i'd kiss him in his neck he maybe would respond
but i was to much of a for that
he chuckled on my hair and i looked up
that was a bad idea
he looked in my eyes and his eyes were like melting gold
i reminded myself that i should keep breathing
He stroked my hair and my heart began to feel like it would pound out of my chest
'close your eyes' he wispered in my ear
i did what he said
i heared him comming closer and his breathing was heavier
he lightly pressed his lips on mine
it was the best feeling i've ever had
i pressed my body against his and let my hand run through his messy hair
his lips left mine and went down to my neck
i giggled because it tickled
i could feel his cold breath in my neck and his smile on my skin
his hands pressed me against him and all he kept me close and i wish i could be even closer to him
i had to concentrate on my breathing when i heared a gasp
i looked up, but Edward was still kissing my neck
Jasper was standing in the doorway, with a shocked face
i was confused
it was kinda akward that he caught us kissing, but he looked like he saw a killing
'Jasper, go away, i have it under controle' Edward growled
the shock disappeared and i felt extremly calm
'Edward. what's happening?' i asked
the excitement from just a minute ago was gone, like i never felt it
'Jasper, go away' Edward said again
'no, i'm not going to let you kill her by some dumb accident' he said, still standing in the doorway
'well, i'm not gonna kill her, you can ask Alice if you don't believe me'
'i can't, she's hunting' he said, looking at me for the first time he entered the room
i blushed
'well, you already ruined the moment, so you can aswell leave' Edward said, he sounded pissed
and when i thought about that i was getting pissed to
what did Jasper think he was doing?! just walking in here, interupting the best moment i've ever had in my whole life?!
i glared at him
Jasper just smiled back
'okay, i'm comming with you' Edward said annoyed
i looked at him, confused
'Jasper needs help with something he can't do on his own' i could here the smile in his voice when he said that
Jasper rolled his eyes and walked away
'sorry Sam, i have to go' Edward said, getting up from the bed
'okay, come back soon' i said, i sounded too sad
'i will' he promised
he kissed my forehead and left
leaving me alone on the bed
with nothing to do
so i started thinking
of course my thoughts went to my mom...
i started crying again, but this time there was no one to hold me...
i was alone again...



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