Emmet Cullen Love Story

Ok, I've transferred all of the other chapters to here. Enjoy!

Chapter 1


Rachel's POV

I was hunting. The trees flew past me and the wind kept blowing my hair into my eyes. I picked up the scent of a deer, but ignored it. The taste of the bear I just had was still in my mouth. Sam ran past me. Damn! Why was she so much faster than me? Kyle burst from the trees, grinning. Sam and I skidded to a halt in front of him. "Hey Rach," said Kyle, and leaned forward and kissed Sam on the cheek. "Alex says there's gonna be a huge storm tonight and Josh wants to play baseball. You coming?" I nodded, and turned my head, a split second before Harry and Lynn ran towards us. All our eyes were now a light butterscotch, so we headed back to our house. I ran up to my bedroom and changed into black skinny jeans and a turquoise top. I gave my hair a quick brush and checked the time. 4:00, so school would be finished about now. My phone rang. I checked Caller ID, and it was Jess, my (human) friend from school. When I answered it, she was almost screaming down the phone. "Oh my god!!! I can't believe you missed school today! Why did you have to catch flu??? There were a bunch of new guys, the Cullens, and there's one called Edward and he is GORGEOUS! I smiled as Jess filled me in on the day I had missed. Suddenly, my phone cut off as I lost signal. Confused, I looked out of the window and saw the lightning flash across the horizon. There was a low rumble of thunder and Harry appeared in my bedroom. "The storm's about to start, so we're gonna go set up." I pulled on my converses and ran out to the garden where everyone was waiting. We all ran off to the clearing where we always played baseball. "I'll be umpire," cried Lynn. She probably wouldn't pay attention to the game, because I saw her bringing some bright pink nail polish. I rolled my eyes. Lynn was such a girl at times! The thunder rumbled, and Alex took the ball, ready to bowl. Kyle went up to bat for our team. There was a loud smack as the bat made contact with the ball and Kyle sped off around the bases. When our team had finished batting, we swapped. Harry was our bowler and Sam was first up to bat. He whacked it east and I sprinted for it at threw it as hard as I could. I heard my team cheering as Sam was out. Just as I was about to run back to the game, everyone was surrounding me, trying to hold me back, but it was no use. I had already caught the scent of them. I ran north, and reached a clearing in less than a minute. There was another coven of vampires there, obviously playing baseball too, but it wasn't them I wanted to kill. My target was a trio walking across the clearing, holding a ball. A human was shivering next to a handsome boy with messy bronze hair. I raised my eyebrows but said nothing. Then a face caught my eye. It couldn't be...But then, my brain caught up to the scene in front of me. The trio were standing in front of us now. One I didn't recognise, but the two others were painfully familiar: Victoria and James. I decided to ignore the third vampire but snarled and turned towards Victoria and James. "I'm feeling nice today, so I'm going to give you a five second head start before I come after you." I then spoke to the third. "If you're smart, you won't be with these two when I find them." Victoria and James looked at each other and ran. I started counting. 5-4-3-2-1. Their scent was still fresh in the air when I started tracking them.

Emmet's POV

Well that was weird. Three vampires had heard us playing, and came to investigate. Then, a coven of nine vampires came, and one came and threatened to kill them. Already Forks seemed fun. Something was weird though. When the brunette looked at me, it seemed like she knew me from somewhere. Carlisle stepped forward and said, "Hello. My name is Carlisle and this is my family: Esme and Rosalie, Edward and Bella, Jasper, Alice and Emmet. Who are you? I haven't seen a coven bigger than ours." A man stepped forward from their coven. "I am Paul Downing and this is my family: Marie, Lynn, Harry, Josh, Alex, Sam and Kyle. The girl who ran off is Rachel. Maybe you haven't seen us before because up until a decade ago, we were all nomads." Carlisle nodded. Edward frowned as he read something in one of their thoughts. Probably something about Bella. He was very protective of her, even though they had only met today. "May I ask why Rachel is after Victoria and James?" asked Carlisle. "About two hundred years ago, before we all met up, Victoria and James killed her mate, Liam. Meeting them today probably sparked off her temper. She can really hold a grudge!" said Sam. "Before we joined up, she dated a human for about two months, but he was killed somehow. I think she's given up the whole idea of love now." She said the last words with a hint of sadness. I had a sudden flash of a girl laughing and running up to hug me. Edward stared at me.

James' POV

I had to run. I knew that my death was following me, and would kill me at the first opportunity. I hoped that Victoria was ok, because we had split up, to try to confuse the tracker. I looked behind me, and saw Rachel flying towards me...

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