I loathe you Saga:For this next trick, i'll disapear.(21)

I loathe you Saga:For this next trick, i'll disapear.(21)

OH MY GOSH!!! Just two more chapters till this season is over, yay!!!!!
Then you will get to read the next(and possibly the last) season!!
Thanks for reading this, its been awesome!

Chapter 1

For this next trick, i'll disapear.(21)

Victory's POV.
Hours before the talent show, I was getting everything ready.
Guitar, check.
Song, check.
A good luck hug before I left home, not check.
I was still mad at my dad.
Wouldnt you be too?
If he lied two years about your mom being dead?
My thoughts were interrupted when Nate walked in.
He was sixteen years old, and looked so much like my dad.
With his smile, nose, and hair length, he was cute, like my dad.
But there were characteristics of my mom in there too.
He has dirty blonde hair like hers, and his eyes were the piercing, but pretty blue eyes she had as well.
"What do you want?" I asked rudely.
He too, knew mom's secret.
"To tell you what I know about mom." he explained.
I rolled my eyes.
"I dont want to talk about that betrayer." I retorted.
"She didnt betray us, ok? she let to protect our life." he wailed.
I stared at him confused.
"Our life?"
"Yess, Victory, if she didnt leave, someone was going to kill us, kill her. She's been in witness protection program for two years, she's witnessed enough her whole life to end up some place like that." he told me.
I was still confused.
"But why pretend your dead?" I asked.
"We couldnt be trusted, we were just kids, besides, she didnt want to have to say goodbye, and see us upset, confused. She was going to come back, but we were to young to understand what was going on."
"You were fourteen." I pointed out.
"Victory, she saved our lives, ok? she risked being separated for a long time, just so we could live.
That's what I call a hero."
I stayed silent.
In a way, Nate was right.
He hugged me.
"Good luck tonight, you'll need it."
When I got to the school, my dad came up.
"Good luck." he said as soon as I walked in the building.
I rolled my eyes.
"Whatever." I replied walking past him.
He looked hurt, but didnt say anything.
When I was about to the auditorium, I ran into Brent.
"What do you want?" I asked rudely.
He sighed.
"I'm sorry Victory."
I was once again confused.
He grabbed me by the arm, and shoved me into the unfinished girls bathroom.
Slamming the door, he locked me in.
I ran up to the door, and banged on it.
"Let me out!" I screamed.
Nothing happened, no one did.
My heart raced.
This bathroom was VERY small, and I was VERY claustrophobic, if I'm in here to long, I have a very likely chance of suffocating..


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