When You Look Me In The Eyes (A Nick Jonas Love Story)

SO now im doing this AND my Justin Bieber Love Story.
Name:Samantha (Sammy or Sam) Marie Casper
Parents+siblings:little sister 10, Carly, Mom and Dad, older brother 23 Jay
Best Friends:Drew MountGomery and Alyson johnson
State:Anihem, California(near disney land)
Mom and dad's job:disney imagineer
hair color:brunette
skin tone:pale
height:5 '6
thin hair, straight, skinny
oh and jay doesn't live at home anymore, he moved to orlando

Chapter 1

Chapter One

"Race you to the car, Carly!" I laughed, running towards the car. I looked back to see little Carly sprinting to catch up with me, her dark hair billowing out from behind her. I laughed even louder as I tapped the car down lightly and hopped in. Five seconds later, Carly tapped the door. "Nice, Carls." I said, ruffling her hair. "No fair, Sammy! You had a head start!" Carly whined, buckling her seat beat. I smiled down at her. "Ok, when we get to the park, I'll race you to the oak tree, where were having the picnic." I promised. "Fine, but you're definatly going to loose." She smiled back, and we both laughed. "What's so funny, kiddo?" Dad asked as he hopped into the passenger seat, mom in the drivers seat. "Nothing," I smiled. I looked down at my outfit as we drove, my favorite long sweater with silver, purple, and white stripes, my purple converse, and black skinny jeans. "So, Mom, is it just Denise and Paul Jonas?" Carly asked, refering to my Mom's best friends from high school. I'd never met their boys before. Except for Frankie, who was Carly's age. "No, Joe, Kevin, and Nick are coming." Mom said. "You know what's wierd? Well, Denise and Paul are my and Carly's God Parents, you and Dad are Nick and Joe's, you and Denise are practically sisters, and we've only met Frankie. Why?" "Well, Sam, you used to be a Jonas Brothers fan-" Dad began, "Still kinda am." Ipiped in. He ignored me and continued, "You kno how hectic their schedule is." "I supposed so, but they don't live that fair away, Only a few houses down from ours." I sighed, I was so nervous. After all, these were the boys who had insipired me to take piano lessons from Jay and write my own songs. All though, I must look rather composed on the outside. My parents hadn't made any soothing comments like they usually did when I looked nervous. I patted myself mentally for that. We parked the car and got out all the stuff from the trunk. I saw three boys and two adults by the oak tree and suddenly, I didn't want to race Carly. I hopped she forgot about it. "Race ya, Sammy!" She said loudly, catching the people's attention. They and us were the only ones in the park. I wanted to look sweet, calm, cool, and collected in front of everyone. But I also wanted to look like the sporty girl I was, playing basketball all year round and all, so I took off right after Carls, racing her. Joe and Kevin had fromed a finish line, and Carly tagged their hands first. Denise and Paul smiled from the blanket, Nick smiled with them. I raced in two seconds after Carly. "See, Carls, now we're even!" I said, high fiving her. "Told ya I'd win!" She boasted. We all laughed, including my Mom and Dad who had just arrived with food. "You always were the competitive one, Sammy." Paul said and hugged me and Carly. Followed by Denise. They embraced my parents, who had just finished hugging all the boys. "Ok, boys, this is Sammy, she's 18, and this is Carly, she's 10." Denise told the boys. "Carls, Sammy, this is Kevin, he's 23, Joe, he's 20, and Nick, he's 18." She said, pointing to the boys whoose names I knew by heart. "Hey." I smiled at them. "Hey, Sammy." Nick smiled back at me. "Hi." Kevin said. "Hey, Carly!" Joe said, leaning down to give her a high five, and we all laughed. "Jeez, you were the only one to say hey. I'm sticking with you." Carly said, smiling at him. We all laughed harder. "All right, Carly's my new best friend." Joe said. So we sat down, caught up, the boys, Carly, and I got to know each other, and we ate. After eatting, the kids all sat down by the small lake that the park lead into. Kevin included with us. "Nick, did you know Sammy thinks you're cute?" Carly asked Nick. She sat inbetween Joe and Nick and I sat across from them next to Kevin. I blushed. "Carly." I hushed her, looking down bashfully. "Really?" Nick asked Carly. She nodded. "Yeah, she thinks you've got the sweetest brown eyes, the cutest dimples, and the, what did you say his hair was last week, Sammy? Hot?" The boys hooted with laughter and I bit my lip, turning as red as a tomatoe. "Well, Carly, did you know that I think Sammy's cute, too?" Nick whispered, loudly, in her ear. "No way!" Carly said excitedly. Kevin and Joe oed, like little kids in school. (sorry if i spelt oed wrong, i think you kno what i meant.) My heart was thumping a mile a minute now. Nick smiled and blushed over at me. I smiled back. It was sort of like we knew each other from a long time ago. "Way," He said. And for some reason, I didn't think he was just saying that, the way he looked at me. i think he really meant it. "All right, all right, ten year old in the room!" Joe said, covering Carly's eyes. She laughed, "Hey!" "Hey, guys! Were going back to the house for coffee!" Dad called. "Race ya!" I said to all of them, jumping up and sprinting up the hill. I made it to the car first, followed by Joe and Carly, then nick and Kevin. I smiled. "Mom? Can I go in the car with Joe?" Carly asked once our parents got to us. "It's not up to me." Mom said, placing things in the trunk. "It's fine with us, but won't Sammy be lonely?" Paul asked. "I'll go with you guys." Nick said. "All right then. Hope on, Carls." Joe said, opening the door for Carly. Nick got in the car, followed by me. My Mom and Dad got in with us, Denise Paul and Kev with Carls and Joe. We pulled out of the lot and headed home. Nick was silent, so was I. My parents talked to each other. But Nick did keep on smiling at me, and I smiled back. We pulled into the driveway. Nick and my parents got out. Nick grabbed my door open for me, smiling again. Carly pulled Joe by the hand, running into the house, which my parents had unlocked. "Oh, Joe, I can't wait to show my room! We can play dolls and dress up and everything!" Carly exclaimed. Nick and I laughed. "So, do I get to see your room?" Nick asked after he hung up his coat, took off his shoes, and we were standing in the hallway. "Yeah, but there's nothing in there so we can play fairy princess or anything. Sorry." I joked. Kevin, Mom, Dad, Paul, Denise, and Dannielle, who had just came in from work, were sitting with coffee in the parlor. "I think I'll live." He chuckled. So we went up the stairs, pass the two guest rooms, bathroom, Jay's old room, Mom and Dad's room, and Carly's room, where Joe was being tortured. "Ta da!" I said, opening the door to the purple room, where in the ceiling were fiberoustic(sp?) lights to make it look like a stary night when the lights were off, my apple desk top, my purple sheets, my tv, my desk. Everything. The few posters I had of the jo bros, justin bieber, rob pattinson. My neat room that was never messy. My iPod touch, my stereo, my keyboard, my bookshelf, my notebooks. Did I mention I was home schooled by my mom?

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