When You Look Me In The Eyes (A Nick Jonas Love Story)

SO now im doing this AND my Justin Bieber Love Story.
Name:Samantha (Sammy or Sam) Marie Casper
Parents+siblings:little sister 10, Carly, Mom and Dad, older brother 23 Jay
Best Friends:Drew MountGomery and Alyson johnson
State:Anihem, California(near disney land)
Mom and dad's job:disney imagineer
hair color:brunette
skin tone:pale
height:5 '6
thin hair, straight, skinny
oh and jay doesn't live at home anymore, he moved to orlando

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

"Thanks." I sighed. Joe stood up, stretched his arms over his head, the headed for the door. He closed it behind him, and then opened it two seconds later. Joe's head poked through the door. "Nice acting, by the way." He gave me a grin. I stuck my tongue out at him. "Hey, if you believed it, you're the sucker." I smiled. "Shut your mouth." He countered. I shut the door and waited for him to walk away, then laughed. Once again another knock came. "Who is it?" I said sing songishly. "Nick." "Enter at your own risk." I smiled, then plopped on my bed again. I heard the door open, then close. "Joe knows." I said when he plopped down next to me. "That's what that look was for." Nick said with understanding. "Yeah... So, how about that walk we talked about?" "You go out first, then I'll come out five minutes later. Meet me in our backyard." Nick instructed. So I put shoes on and walked out the door, shoving my hands into my hoodie pocket. Nick met me in the Jonas backyard five minutes later, the weather still fantastic. We walked to the local park, which wasn't as crowded as usual. We walked around, and after two minutes, Nick grabbed my hand. Our fingers interlocked. Our intwined arms swung back and forth as we walked. "You do trust Joe, right, Nick?" I said. "Yeah, I do. But let's not talk about Joe right now." He replied. "Why are we being so sercretive? How come we aren't telling anybody?" I continued. We sat down under an oaktree. "Let's not talk about anyone else, either. Just you and me." "All right, what should we talk-" Nick kissed me for the second time. My eyes widened, then slowly fluttered shut. My brain spazzed around once again. And when I opened my eyes, I looked at the world with a whole different perspective. Everything seemed so... Nice? "That was probably the best way anyone has ever told me to shut up." I laughed. Nick laughed with me. I then sighed and looked over at him. "Why do I suddenly feel like everything is perfect?" "That's what happens when your in love." Nick said, to my utmost suprise. I let go of his hand. "In love? In love? I've only known you for, like, three weeks! How can I possibly be in love?" I stood up, brushed my butt off, then paced back and forth in front of him. I muttered to myself about being in love. "Relax, Sam. It's okay to be afraid." Why did he have to be so cocky? Why do I have to be so moody? "I'm not afraid, Nick! I'm just... Ugh!" My eyes flooded with tears as I walked away, my hands balled up at my sides. My hair hung like a curtain over my shoudlers. Rain started to pour and I pulled my hood on. I began to run, sliding a few times, on my way to Ally's house. I called Drew and told him to meet us there. I knew what had to be done. Drew was pulling up to the curb just as Ally came out of the house. He hopped out of the car and ran up the pathway to where we stood. I explained in a flood of tears what happened, my hair was now soaked. All three of us where. So, Drew and Ally pulled me into a soggy group hug. The three of us stood huddled there. And life as we knew it froze. I felt horrible for keeping it from my two best friends, especially since what happened with Danny. Oh, Daniel...
I had no idea where she was going, let alone what to do. Selena and Miley never did this. Or, I don't think they ever did. I walked slowly in the ran back to the Casper's house, my hands dug deep into my pockets, my head slouched down. I scanned my mind to see what I'd done wrong. I kissed her. She seemed fine with that. She asked me a question, I answered. She told me she wasn't afraid. Ah! Maybe that was it! I said she was afraid! No, that probably isn't it. Gosh! What's wrong with me? What's wrong with her? Is it me, or is it her? I'll drive myself insane if I don't know. But I'll drive myself insane if I don't see Sam. I made a detor at the walkway to their house and went back to mine, running upstairs into my room. I stripped off my soaked clothes and put on dry ones, then sat down at my desk...
Drew, Ally, and I were huddled in Ally's basement, drinking hot chocolate. "I still can't believe you kissed freaking Nick Jonas." Ally said after a tenative sip. I had borrowed some clothes while mine dried. "It's not even that it's Nick Jonas. I just thought that after Danny... After me..." Drew trailed off. "I'd never have a dating life. You are full of yourself, Drew." Ally and Drew laughed at a comment that should have been taken seriously. Whatever. "Don't worry about Daniel, Sam. He's a jerk. You did the right thing." Ally told me. "I know I did. But what was there was so amazing. And this bring backs so many good memories." I replied. "Dude! If I had the choice of kissing Danny or Nick, I'd pick Nick! I mean, come on! It's freaking NICK JONAS!" She shook my shoudlers gently, trying to get me to laugh. She suceeded. "You're right. Totally right. Can I call him to have him come over?" The two exclaimed yes and no at the same time. "Okay, okay, I won't call him. You guys should just come over tomorrow." I laughed. "But after me..." Drew said, still pondering us. "We dated for three weeks and you gave me a frequent customer stamp card for Build-A-Bear Workshop, and it was half punched!" I exclaimed. Allison laughed and I thumped Drew slightly.

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