When You Look Me In The Eyes (A Nick Jonas Love Story)

SO now im doing this AND my Justin Bieber Love Story.
Name:Samantha (Sammy or Sam) Marie Casper
Parents+siblings:little sister 10, Carly, Mom and Dad, older brother 23 Jay
Best Friends:Drew MountGomery and Alyson johnson
State:Anihem, California(near disney land)
Mom and dad's job:disney imagineer
hair color:brunette
skin tone:pale
height:5 '6
thin hair, straight, skinny
oh and jay doesn't live at home anymore, he moved to orlando

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"Sweet."Nick said with a smile. I jestured over to the four moon chairs I had set up, he sat down and I sat across from him. Awkwardness set in. "So." I said, bitting my lip and looking down. "So. Umm, well, Carly's such a sweet kid." Nick said, trying to make conversation. "Yeah, she really is." I said. "Do you really think my hair is hot?" Nick said, bitting his lip to hide a smile that would have gone ear to ear. "Uh, well, yeah. Sorry about, Carly. She's kinda got a big mouth." "Nah, it's cool. I'm glad the feelings between us are mutal." Nick replied. "Mutal? What do you mean by that?" I asked, leaning in closer. "I mean, I feel the same way about you that you do about me." He said, leaning in, too. our faces were inches away from each other. I heard footsteps come down the hallway and I straigtened up, leaning back in my seat. Rain pattered on the windows, hard. "Knock, knock." Joe said, not bothering to knock. "Got enough of Carly?" I laughed at him as he sat down next to me. "Nah, the kid's a cutie. Just wanted to let you two know that it's offically down pooring. Dad ran home to get clothes to stay the night over here. It's really flooding and the basement has water damage." Joe said casually. "Oh, ok." NIck said. Joe's eyes flittered over to my keyboard. "You play?" He asked. I nodded. "Play something." He replied. "No way! I'm not even that good." I said. "Well then, just sing I guess." Joe frowned. "Ha! Me? Sing? In front of you two? Fat chance!" I laughed. Joe looked like he was about to say something, but my big golden retriever, Kasey, bounded into the room. She's just turned one last week. She bounded over to Joe and knocked his chair, and him, over. "UGH!" He said. Nick laughed hysterically. I covered my mouth to contain my laughter, but ended up hooting with Nick in the end. When I finally controlled myself I stood up, grabbed a dog treat, and looked over at Kasey licking Joe all over the play. "Kasey, come." I said firmly. Kasey's ears perked up and she bounded over. She took the treat. I bent down to her level. "Good job, Kasey." I scratched behind her ears. "Joe! C'mon! Princess Pepperdoddle is waiting for Prince Pepperfloddle at the tea party!" Carly called from down the hall. Joe stood up, looking a little frazzeld. "Coming, Carly!" He laughed and bounded out of the room. Nick and I took just one look at each other, and we couldn't help it. It was so dang funny! We were now practically rolling on the floor laughing. We stopped and then both sighed. I looked at him, he looked at me. We were both rolled on our sides. His faced leaned in. Mine leaned in to. "Kids!" Mom called from the bottom of the stairs. I swear, we both jumped ten feet in the air. Well, what do you have done if you'd been inches away from one of the most hottest boys on the planet, about to kiss him, it's all quiet, and suddenly your mom ruins the silence, thus ruining the kiss? Yeah, put yourself in MY shoes. We both stood up hastily. "Yes, Mom?" I called innocently. "Why don't you guys come down here for snacks?" "All right, Mom!" I said. "Race ya?" I dropped my voice lower, speaking to Nick. "You're on." he said with a competitive smile. I bolted out of the room, Kasey barking at us, running after us. Nick came after me. I sprinted down the stairs and ran into the living room. Nick came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my stomach, lifting me up. I giggled. "Nick! Put me down!" I cried and he did. It was kinda like Jason being home. He always used to do things like this with me. Kasey was barking and Kevin came in and knelt down to scratch her head. "Hey, Nick, Kasey kinda reminds me of Elvis." He said. Nick rolled his eyes. "No kidding." "Hey, wanna see her do a trick?" I asked with a devious smile. They nodded. "Kasey, play time?" Her ears perked up and she ran into the parlor. "What's so special about-" Kevin was intruputed when Kasey brought in her three favorite toys. The rubber bone, her stuffed lamb, and her tennis ball. She dropped them in front of me. "Kasey, tennis ball." She picked up the tennis ball and showed me. "Drop it, lamby." She dropped the ball, picked up the lamb. "Drop it, bone." She did it again. "Just so you can she its not a trick, Nick, you try." "Drop it, lamb." Nick said, and Kasey did as told. "And kev?" I said. "Drop it, ball." He said, astonished. Kasey did it again. "Play time over. Clean up!" I told Kasey, clapping my hands together once. She put her toys away. When she came back, I gave her a treat. (this is something I actually taught my golden retriever, Kasey, to do. its so cool) "Great job, kasey!" I told her.

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