When You Look Me In The Eyes (A Nick Jonas Love Story)

SO now im doing this AND my Justin Bieber Love Story.
Name:Samantha (Sammy or Sam) Marie Casper
Parents+siblings:little sister 10, Carly, Mom and Dad, older brother 23 Jay
Best Friends:Drew MountGomery and Alyson johnson
State:Anihem, California(near disney land)
Mom and dad's job:disney imagineer
hair color:brunette
skin tone:pale
height:5 '6
thin hair, straight, skinny
oh and jay doesn't live at home anymore, he moved to orlando

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

"Wow, that's pretty cool." Kevin smiled. "Thanks, it took her exactly two moths to get it perfectly." I smiled back. We walked into the living room. Mom had out a cheese and craker spread, like she always does when we have guests. I looked at the wall clock, it said 8:15. "Hey, Samantha, your Mom was telling us you play piano and you sing." Danielle said to me. "Yeah, I do." I blushed. "Well, would you mind preforming for us?" Kevin asked, looking up from rubbing Kasey. "Uh, sure." I said, Joe smiling smugly from the floor, where Carly was in his lap. I improvised, especially since there's no coffee table on the rug, that's were my friend, Alyson, and Carly and I do tumbling. Ally and Drew are home school to. Our mom's teach us all together. Ally takes tumbling, so she teaches me. I did a back hand spring across the carpet. They appluded me. I did my signature round off cartwheel, flipping after the cartwheel, and landing in a back bend. I kicked my legs over my head and stood up. Then i did one more back hand spring. Loads of appluse came from all over the room, mostly from Nick. "When I meant preform, I meant play piano or sing." Kevin said, rolling his eyes. "Nah, she did excellent."Nick beamed. "I'll sing tomorrow." I rolled my eyes over at Joe. I sat down on the ground next to Nick. "Do you take gymastics, Sam?" Paul asked, who was still soaked from his trudge to his house. "No, my friend does and she teaches me." I said. "But she does do horseback riding, basketball, choir, drama, and she helps coach the town's jr. girls basketball team." Dad beamed down at me, and I blushed again. "Wow, you've got quite the schedule." Danielle said. "Yeah, I guess I do." I smiled. "I'm actually trying to do a little more volunteer work. I have a job at the ranch I ride at, on voltuneer time, helping newer students with their riding, but they want to pay me for it. I keep saying no." I said solidly. Nick looked impressed, they all did. "Wow, that's so....what's the word I'm looking for? Ah! Got it! Down to earth." He smiled at me. Out of everyone, he looked the most impressed. "That's really excellent that you donate your time to other kids." Denise smiled at me, that pround smile she had. "Thank you." I smiled back. "Any way, what's new with you boys? I heard somebody had a girl friend named Ashley." Mom pursed her lips at Joe. Joe blushed deeply. "No comment." He said, his voice crackling. "Nick, how about you?" Dad asked. "Uh, not much, it's been pretty much the same." "No girlfriend for you?" Carly asked and I snickered. "Nah, Carls. But I do have my eyes on some special, pretty little lady." Silence filled the air. All eyes fell to me. I sipped the hot chocolate my mom had given me. My eyes darted around the room. "What? Why did everyone look at me when he said 'special, pretty little lady?'" I asked nervously. "Uh..." They all said, but not Carly. She was starting to doze off. "Hey, Kevin, Joe, Nick, Sammy? Why don't you four run up stairs and tuck Carls in?" Denise said. "Ok." We all sighed. Joe stood up, craddling Carly in his arms and began up the stairs. Everyone else said goodnight to Carly. Kevin, Nick, and I followed him up the stairs. I chose her pjs, the boys left the room while she changes, then they came back. She climbed into bed. We eached kissed her on the check and said good night. "Hey, Sammy? Can you sing me the lulluby? You forgot tonight." She asked just as I turned to leave, hoping to dodge the subject.I sang her a lulluby I'd wrote for her when I was 8 yrs old, when she was born, and I'd sang it to her pretty much every night. "Uhh....Only if Joe, Kev, and Nick harmonize." I said, looking at them they nodded. "Carly darling, close your eyes. Carly darling, don't be afraid. I'll be with you all through the night. By your side. Right here. Waiting for you to sleep. Carly darling. Carly darling, say good night. Carly darling, have sweet dreams. Carly darling, oh Carly darling." I sang, the boys sing Carly darling in the background. She blinked her ees thankfully at me, and then she fell asleep. We all tip toed out of the room, I shut the lights, leaving the door open. I yawned and all the boys looked at me. "What?" I whispered. "You were amazing." Joe said, speechless. "Thanks." I blushed.

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