My Heart Is Yours Forever But My Soul.....I Will Keep (A Jasper Love Story)Chapter1

My Heart Is Yours Forever But My Soul.....I Will Keep (A Jasper Love Story)Chapter1

Hey! I tried to do something new. Hope you all like it and this ties in with my Blood Is Thicker Than Water Love Story. Comment. Rate. Enjoy! If you want a Carslile or Emmet love story just tell me I'll make it.

Chapter 1

When We First Met

"Come on, Delila!" yells Alice from her brand new Porche. Her, Jasper, Emmet, and Rosalie were comming with us. Edward was off missing. Bella had went to the Vulturi to kill herself. Last week was when they broke up. Jasper says that he's trying to chase another human but can't restrain hisself from her blood. Thats why he left. I had met the Cullen family years ago. They were off hunting and Jasper caught my scent. When he reached me his eyes were black. Then he grabbed my neck and threw me into a tree. I blacked out moments later. When I woke up Edward told me that Jasper was about to kill me until he relized how beautiful I was too him. When the rest of the family came to get him I was currled against his chest and he was carressing my cheek. Edward did say Alice wasn't there but ever since Jasper found me Alice has been circling me and Jasper around. We can't even talk to eachother without her butting in. Ever since then Edward has been telling me what Jasper thought about me. Over the years me and Edward got closer. Bella started hating me too. This is why they broke up. 'Cause Edward cares more about his best friend then some girl who acts like a b!#%*. As I ran to the car I fell and scraped my knee. Jasper was by my side in seconds. He starred at the blood on my knee. Then he starred into my eyes. I actually thought he was going to kill me but, he didn't. Jasper picked me up not looking away from my eyes. I took a swift glance at the others. Rosalie was smirking, Emmet was mouthing "smooth", and Alice was glaring at me and Jasper. When I lookeed back at Jasper he had already followed my gaze. When he looked back at me he chuckled. I smiled. I had always loved his chuckle. When Jasper put me in the car Alice looked at him and said "That was unexpected." She said glaring at him. "I'm surprised you could control yourself, Bro." said Emmet. "Nice work." said Rosalie. I looked back at Jasper. He looked at me and said "I gues I did do a good job." Alice rolled her eyes at all of us and sped off.

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