The Note

a note put into someones locker, then well read to find out.

Chapter 1

A new school year

"OMG! come and give me a hug." I screamed at my best friend.
I ran up to Dimitri and hugged him tightly, omg it was so good seeing him again. i hadnt seen him since the end of last week, which is really long for us. as we hugged my sister and her frinds walked pas and wolf houled at us and made all sxual sounds, so we broke and i fixed my skirt up and my shirt, while he just left his cloths the way the were. he doesnt really care how he looks, cuz it suits him fine.

he was wearing a red shirt with a black and grey skull printed on it. his short were grey cuz it was the dress code to wear short of a grey colour, didnt matter if it like short-shorts, just as long as u could wear them.

i was wear similar cloths. a shirt that was black but with red and blus butterflys, then my skirt was low cut and white, only just covered my thighs, i hate wearing skirts but i had to. my sister told me to and if i didnt she would post the picture of me in the shower with my teddie when i was six. it was cute but really stupid to do. but i was only six.

"Hey sis, come over here for a sec, i want to ask u something." Kia said.
I walked over and asked, "wat do u want?"

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