I laoteh you Saga:Victorious(22) andperfect(23)(season finale!!!)

I laoteh you Saga:Victorious(22) andperfect(23)(season finale!!!)

Heres the last two chapters of this season, and soon, we will soon be nearing the series finale. :'''(.
But for now, lets focus on the good thing, i loathe you is still here. :p.
thanks for everything!

Chapter 1


Joe's POV.
I was sitting in the audience, when the teacher walked up.
Victory was first, so when she called her name, and Victory didnt show, I got worried.
"Victory, are you out there?" The teacher asked.
Kevin, and I stared at each other confused.
What was going on?
"Well, according to some students, Victory isnt back stage. So were scheduling her to be the last person act, if she doesnt show up, she's disqualified."
"Let's go." I said grabbing Kevin by the arm.
"Where do you think she is?" Kevin asked.
I shrugged,and sighed.
"alright, you go that way, I'll go this way. We have one hour to find her."
Fifty minutes went by, we still didnt find.
I layed against a door, and that's when I heard banging.
Victory's POV.
I couldnt take it anymore, my lungs were about to explode.
So I guess Aly will get this locket, and I'll get a grave...
The door flew open, and I jumped back.
It was open, who kicked it in?
I looked up to see my dad.
"Oh my gosh, I thought I was dead!" I cried throwing my arms around him.
"I would never let that happen." he promised.
I smiled, and so did he.
I looked at my watch.
"Oh my gosh, I have eight minutes left!!" I yelled.
"If we run, it will only take five minutes." My dad explained.
I nodded, and we took off running.
Nate's POV.
I tuned my guitar, getting ready to go onstage, when Jasmine and Rebecca ran up.
"Hey guys, what's up?" I asked noticing their concerned faces.
"It's Victory, she's on very soon, and still isnt here. We need you to stall." Jasmine explained.
"But my song is only four minutes long." I told her.
"Then play it longer, we need to help Victory!" she cried.
I sighed.
"Alight, I'll do it for Victory."
They hugged me, and raced off.
This song I was about to play was long, hopefully long enough for Victory.
I had hardly even started, and was already smiling.
Half way through the song, I saw Victory making her way to the stage.
I started playing a different song.
Victory's POV.
Nate started playing the music I wrote onstage, I knew it was time.
"Ladies, and gentlemen, I give you my sister, Victory!" he yelled.
I grabbed a mic, when I caught a glimpse of Aly.
She looked ticked, I knew she expected me not to show.
I took one look at the audience, and I started to feel guilty.
I judged them, My dad, Kevin, Nick, and Jordyn.
I had to fix this.
"I cant sing." I said into the microphone.
The audience started trading whispers, while Aly perked up.
"I cant sing, if I dont say something first."
They all seemed to stare at me confused.
What was she talking about?
"My family, Joe, Kevin, Nick, Jordyn, and Nicole did something that I thought was stupid, now I realized they did it to protect me. If it wasnt for them, I wouldnt be standing on this stage right now." I told the audience.
It was silent, so I continued.
"They deserve applause, so they know hoe proud of them I am."
My dad smiled at me, as the audience started clapping.
I returned it.
Nate played his guitar again, and I sang a song I wrote specifically for my family.
This was my apology, I felt bad for chewing them out, so here it was.
When I finished, I threw my arms around Nate, as he hugged me.
Even if I lose tonight, I'll still be, like my middle name means, Victorious.

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