Welcome to the glamorous ball room
The midnight dance of the ages
Only ending when a deadly fire rages

Chapter 1


The moon was golden, somewhat magical, clear sky’s that held numerous stars that were sparkling like a million jewels all aligned in different shapes and patterns.
It was as if the Gods were the painters and the sky was their canvas that held the wondrous angels that gave the sky its appeal as I looked up at the masterpiece that they have created in the night’s sky.
I entered the ball room and my eyes widened as the array of gold and silver exploded in front of my eyes. I walked across the ball room’s cream marble floor attempting to ignore the stares of drooling men, and the envious women all looking at my unconventional ball gown.
In the corner of my eye I saw him, a single black rose in his fingertips. Instantly I felt as If I have seen him before may be in my haziest of day dreams or in the depths of my darkest nightmares. I noticed how his face lit up when his eye caught my own, he seemed more at ease
I didn’t know him, yet it looked as if he was waiting for me, but why?
He was beautiful, and I was merely a sheep in wolfs cloths.
His hair was wavy and yellow in an odd cut, his skin pale as the snow that covered the ground. Perfect like an angel or a work of art, must be royalty, I thought and my heart fell knowing for sure that he couldn’t have been waiting on my arrival. The wolfs are the royalty of the village we reside in, and pheasants, we are all just insignificant sheep.
I realized that I was drawn to the man despite who he was.
I headed towards the back of the room, hoping that once I got there my heart would stop pounding. To my surprise, he followed me there walking up smirking as if he heard every thought that pulsed through my mind.
“You do not like to dance?” he asked politely, eyes sparkling like the stars and the deepest purest of blue.
He presented me with the rose. It was pure black, just as it appeared, with no sign of midnight blue or tint of any color to it.
I took it into my hand, he smiled satisfied. Looking down at the rose, I became completely entranced by the color, not realizing one of its razor sharp thorns pricked my finger.
The man flinched the moment it happened, he stared at the bright red blood as it oozed out of the tip of my finger.
“Are you alright?” I asked, noticing that he kept staring at the prick, more concerned than a father could be at the shortness of his daughter’s shorts or the lowness of her top.
“Yes, I am fine.” He said as his eyes locked into mine. I smiled and the smoothness of his voice caught me off guard. Heart racing I replied,
“Well, to answer your first question, there is no one in the room that I would like to dance with.” Chuckling he replied,
“Would you wish to dance with me?” I looked at him surprised, I was sure he would figure out who I really was in the moment I let the thorn prick my finger, my blood wasn’t blue. But, I nodded weakly, as some reason I just couldn’t get myself to say no.
He smile grew as he held out one of his hands. Placing his on mine I felt my heat skip, as he led me into the middle of the dance floor. His hand was cold, yet I felt comfortable. He drew me closer, placing a hand on my waist, keeping one hand in his hand as we started to dance.
“Why me?” I asked breathless. As reality was slowly creeping up on me trying to get me to think logically, knowing that all of this was too good to be true.
“You are different my love, special. I have been keeping an eye on you for quite some time and have protected you. Now it is time to come out of the shadows for you yet again for hopes that this time we can remain tougher.” I looked up; breaking out of the spell he had me under.
“No need to be afraid, I would never hurt you. I can promise you that much.” He said this to me in a hushed, teasing voice that put me, once again, under that same spell.
He spun me and I could feel his breath, he breathed like he was getting a new life, a new chance at living the life he has always wanted. Every move that he made was intoxicating, making me crave to be close to him, as I felt all the electric shocks in my body, continue to make my heart stop and my breath to quicken.
“Who are you?” I finally was able to ask. He only laughed
“I am sorry; I must have forgotten my manners… I am Jasper.” What a strange name, very unique indeed.
“So, my dear,” he started, yet never finished that last part. However, instead he pulled me closer to him. I looked up and into his ocean deep eyes and I was getting lost in them once again.
Jasper’s lips pressed against mine. They weren’t soft but firm; either way it made my heart attempt suicide within me, sending me the biggest charge of passion that would normally kill someone in an instant.
Jasper pulled away, as piercing screams filled the ball room.
“What’s going on?” I asked looking around as I felt a shred of heat, as well as the smell of smoke. He took in a deep breath as he looked at me with hurt eyes that were now a deep dead grey then looked away ashamed.
“Not again, no, no please no. This cannot be happening again, I came when you were the proper age. However, I guess it doesn’t matter; something still wants to stop this.” He mumbled to himself as he looked up at me. “I am dreadfully sorry for this I should have never come. I should have just remained in the shadows… Watching your life. Yet, even though they promised that you would come to no harm because I waited, and I am just so sick of having to wait.” He said seeing to be in pain. “I don’t want to have to leave you here.” He sighed looking down at the floor. I looked at him not knowing what to say to him. The words Watching Your Life continued ringing in my ears.
“You don’t- ha” But before I could finish he was gone. Most of the people in the ball room were gone. And the rest of us couldn’t get out.
Fire started to consume the venue like a big red wolf engulfing us all in its fiery death trap. There was no way to escape it. We were trapped, like little sheep being eaten alive by the wolf’s fire. Jasper was gone; having no way out I was burned alive. Tragedy struck the Masquerade ball. No survivors, no evidence on what caused the blaze. Just fire… And as the building continued to burn it started to snow. As the fire engulfed the Venue the snow fell black from the smoke as everyone died.

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