oh my WEREWOLF?! part 2 :)

part 2 :)

Chapter 1

la push

i was sitting on the couch, in total darkness and silence. they way i loved it. all my tears were dried up, no more coming. i was still trying to process that matt just broke up with me, no real explaniation. i heard footsteps coming towards my door. it was 3am, everything shoul be quiet. my phone light up on the coffee table. 'hey. im at ur door. please open up, ali.' seth. i stood up and waited for him to knock. when he did, i opened the door. seth hugged me immediatly. i was glad, because i needed it. i let him in. "ali, whats wrong? why have you been ignoring us all day?" he asked, holding my cheek with his hand. i hrugged and looked down at the floor. seth pulled me close all of a sudden. hen i remembered the box of matts stuff was sitting by the door. i closed my yes, avoiding looking at it. "im sorry, ali," seth said, kissing my hair. i sighed, ostl out of relief i had someone i could trust. i sat down on the couch, pulling eth down with me. he wrapped his arm around my wasit, protectivly. "did he xplain why?" he asked, trying to be sensitive. "he said i had to go back with ou guys, and he knew i wouldnt. he said this way i had nothing tying me down o here," i said with no emotion. "and ur ok with that?" seth asked, onfused. "not at all, but idk. maybe i knew it was coming, so i braced myself or it. it really didnt hurt when he said it like it should of." he nodded, miling. "so ur moving back?": he asked, hopeful. i rolled my eyes. "will sam let e stay down here by myself?" i asked, laughing. seth joined in. "why are you p so late?" he asked. i shrugged. "idk. i couldnt sleep. matts been through verything with me for the last 2, almost 3 years, so its hard to get over the fact hat hes gone." seth nodded. 'and y r u up, mister?" i said, mocking a mother. e smiled. "well, mother, my best friend who disappeared 3 years ago, was gnoring me, so i thought i should go get some answers." i smiled and hugged im again. "dont leave me alone," i whipsered into his chest, knowing he wold ear it. "i will never leave you alone, ali. i promise," he said into my hair. i miled, knowing i was finally safe.i woke up to pounding on my door. i looked at my phone. it was 10am. seth nd i talked until 6am. i opened the door, still half asleep. "alison, have u seen eth? he wasnt at the hotel this morning and he isnt answering is phone," sam aid, frantically. i pointed to seth asleep on the couch and walked into the itchen, making coffee. i sat on the counter, waiting for it to be done. my coffee ot was fast. i heard the buzzer beep, so i poured myself a cup. when i took he first sip, i woke uo a little more. sam and jake came in and sat down at the sland. "why are you so tired?" jake asked, trying not to laugh. i rolled my eyes. "sam, when am i moving back to la push?" i said, ignoring jake all together. "yesterday, you said you wouldnt leave. what changed ur mind?" i shrugged, looking out into the livingroom where seth was just waking up. "theres nothing here for me anymore. and i miss it up in wasington. so when do we leave?" i asked, taking a sip of my coffee. jake and sam looked at each other, confused. "matt broke up with me yesterday, ok? lets move on," i said, pouring a cup of coffee for seth who was just walking into the kitchen. he looked like i did. "uh, we can leave whenever your ready to," sam said, carefully. i nodded.

the 3 of them left around noon to go do something. i started packing all the stuff i was taking to la push. everything that had to do with matt i left in boxes in the corner of my room. since the apartment came furnished, i didnt have to sell anything. by the time the guys came back, i was packed. we decided we were leaving tomorrow morning.

i woke up and was kind of excited to be going home. before the guys came to get me, i called matt. he, of course, didnt answer so it went to voicemail. "uh, hi matt, its ali. um, i just wanted to tell you im leaving today for la push. at my old apartment, theres some stuff that belongs to you, so yeah. i guess this is goodbye." i hung up and deleted his number from my phone. i smiled. i saw sams rental car pull up, so i grabbed all of my bags and carried them downstairs. when i opened the door, i ran into seth. i smiled and kept walking. i threw my bags into the trunk and off we went. i was happy to be leaving, for good. the only thing i felt like i was leaving behind was my mom. i felt a tear slip, but i stopped it and grabbed the necklace that she had made for me. it had part of her ashes in it. i had sams in my bag. i saw the airport. it was only a matter of time before i was home.

i was waiting for the boys to get their luggage. i had all 3 of my bags. when they finally got theres, we walked out to the main part. sam ran over to this girl, who was very pretty, even with the 3 scars going down her face. i saw them kiss. i looked at seth, confused. "but... him... leah... what?" i asked. seth shrugged. "they broke up right after you left. thats sams fiance, emily young. shes my cousin." i looked at seth, so confused. "and leahs ok with that?!" jake laughed beside me. "no, but shes starting to get over it." i nodded and walked with my 2 best friends outside, where i belonged. sam came over and grabbed my hand. "sam," i whined, like a little girl. he smiled. "let go!" he pulled me over to the girl. "alison, this is emily, my fiance." i smiled as she hugged me. "nice to meet you," i said. she smiled. "you too. im so glad ur here!" i smiled and walked out behind them. "wow," i said to seth and jake. "how can u stand them together? theyact all in love all the time!" i said, throwing my bags into the trunk. everything was in, meaning, i was a step closer to getting home.

in the car, i was sitting between jake and seth. i was so tired from the days before, i fell asleep on seths shoulder. i woke up just before we pulled into to our house. it hasnt changed since i saw it last. i got out of the car, and just started at it. seth came over with my bags. i tried to take htem from him, but jake stopped me and carried me up into the house. "i can walk AND carry my bags, you know," i said when i was set down. i walked into the kitchen to see a bunch of big guys. i was startled, but i didnt let it phase me. i walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. when i stood up, i heard someone whistle at me. i rolled my eyes. "wow, paul. still havnt matured, yet?" i said, without looking. all i heard ws laugter. i turned around to see who all ws here. paul, embry, qul, and jared. i didnt reconize the others. i smiled at them. "who are you?" paul aske, clueless. i rolled my eyes. "ali, are you in here?" sam yelled from the door. "kitchen," i yelled back, smiling. the faces on the guys were priceless. they all were suprised. "what?" i asked, pertending to be clueless. embry tackled me in a hug i was laughing. "dang, girl. u changed," he said, smiling. "well, im glad to know my friends forgot me," i said to evryone. they laughed.


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