The Biggest Baddest Gang in Georgia


Love Story- Taylor Swift

Chapter 1

part 22


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CRAP. I THOUGHT HE WAS GUNNA GET ARRESTED. RRRRR. lol U WANNA TUSSLE? HUH PUNK, HUH? lol :3 Nick is texting me, which is making this situation hilarious. HE CAN COOK WATER AND BREAD! lol. sorry. NEXTERZ! and umm... Ya i thought he was gunna get arrested and i was about to jump and scream/text to Nick, but i guess that won't happen....

my reply: I remember wen u nd nick broke up...


I grabbed my clothes and put them straight on. I ran out of Jess’s apartment and to my house. Aaron’s car was gone.
“SH!-T!” I yelled. I ran towards Aaron’s house. I stopped randomly and got a stomach ache. I clutched my stomach and fell to the ground. I felt the throw up come up my throat and land on the grass of the lawn I was sitting on. I guess Jess dragging me around made me woozy.
“I ran even faster towards Aaron’s house and when I got there I felt sick again.
I knocked on the door quickly and finally it swung open.
“AARON! WHERE’S YOUR BATHROOM!” I practically yelled. He pointed down the hall. I ran and leaned against the toilet. I began spitting my guts out. Aaron finally came to my aid and held back my hair.
I finally got out the last bit of my guts when Aaron asked, “Are you sick, or did you eat something bad, or what?”
“I don’t know…I just threw up on my way here, and obviously while I was here. I seriously don’t know what’s wrong.” I said while turning on the TV.
“I know this is kind of a weird question…but…”
“What?” I asked. Aaron blushed and looked away from me.
“I don’t know…Never mind.” He said.
“What?!” I said a little loudly.
“Well maybe…” Aaron said quietly.
“Maybe you’re pregnant…”
I gasped.
“DRIVE ME TO THE DRUG STORE!” I yelled getting straight up.
“No! You stay here. I’ll get it myself. I don’t want you getting sick again.” He said. I walked up to him and hugged him tight.
“I really wish I could kiss you, but my breath probably smells like peanut butter and mold…”
“Aww don’t worry. You can kiss me anyway.” He said smiling at me. I moved his thick dark brown hair out of his eyes and kissed him gently.
“Pray it’s not positive” I said as he walked out the door.

half and hour later~
Aaron walked through the door again and threw the CVS bag at me. I looked at the pregnancy test.
“Well at least if it’s positive, Jess will get in trouble…not you.” I muttered. Aaron pointed toward the bathroom. Just get it over with. The suspense is killing me.
I walked slowly to the bathroom.

5 minutes later~
It had been 5 minutes and the pregnancy test results were there.
“AARON!” I yelled. He ran straight to the bathroom and walked in.
“What are the results?” He asked.

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