Nick Jonas Love Story

Nick Jonas Love Story

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: She's Back

The brothers and their mom are on the living room talking about something….

Jonas Mom: Remember you’re a grown up now, Show __ that you’ve changed.
Kevin: Yes mom.
Nick: okay thinks I can’t believe __ back. I haven’t seen her since we were 13; I hope she still remembers me.
Joe: Yeah, ___ the fatty….
you: You’re still just as mean Joseph.
turns around
Jonas Mom: Oh my gosh! ___! You’re beautiful! And my….your sexy.
You: laughs I guess France made it that way. Hello boys!
Joe: mouth hanging open
you: What??!! You guys have staring problems??
Kevin: Wow! You’re beautiful __.
Joe: Not beautiful, she’s gorgeous.
You: I guess you take back what you said before huh?
Joe: Yes. I take it back. You: hugs Joe and Kevin stops at Nick. Wow is this my Nicholas?
Nick: uhhh…yeah…..laughs
you: Give me a hug! * hugs Nick*
Nick: whispers let’s talk later privately….okay?
You: Sure.
Frankie: Comment alez vous?
You: je Suis le merci parfait.
Frankie: Grand!! Allons à ma pièce! Vous allez du sommeil dans ma pièce jusqu'à Camilla prêt pour vous le .Let's VA mademoiselle.
You: Oui, Messieurs
Kevin: Since when did Frankie learn to speak French?
Dad: That kid is growing up too fast. cries leaves
-Moments later-
Nick enters Frankie’s room
you’re arranging your clothes
Nick: Hey.
You: hey Nick, come in
Nick: how’s your life for the past 4 years?
You: Fine, how about your life?
Nick: Mine?
You: Yeah, am I talking to anyone else here?
Nick: Well…..pretty much okay.
You: Good.
Nick: Ummm…_?
You: Yeah?
Nick: I was just curious how long you will stay here?
You: I’m gonna finish high school here then college and I’m gonna find work here so basically….Forever.
Nick:smiles since you’re staying here forever how about a walk in the park and ice cream?
You: Sure! Just let me change.
Nick: I’ll wait at the living room
you: Okay.
-At the living room-
You: Let’s go
Nick: Okie dokey
-On the park-
you and Nick were eating ice creams
you: I really miss this park.
Nick: Really?
You: Yeah. I remember the times we went for a bike ride around here and Joe hit a tree.
Nick: laughs yeah, I remember that.
You: Look! The swing is still here! grabs Nick’s hand
Nick: blushes let’s go
you: Wow! I miss this swing.
Nick: Yeah, I miss it too; I haven’t been here since you left.
You: Really?
Nick: Yeah.
-Flashback 3 years back you and Nick were both 13- -You and Nick were at the swing-
You: Nick we’re going to France.
Nick: What??!! When??!! How??!! Why didn’t you tell me??!!
You: starts to cry we’re leaving tomorrow. I think we’re gonna stay there forever. I don’t want to tell you this Nick cause I don’t want you to be sad when I’m gonna be gone. I thought it’s gonna be easier for you when we’re gone that’s the time you’re gonna know it. But I can’t do it without a proper good bye to my best friend since we’re both in diapers. I’ll miss you Nick.
Nick: crying I’ll miss you too __. I’ll miss you so much.
-End of flashback-
-Awkward moment-
You: looks at time wow! It’s getting late let’s go home.
Nick: sure.
-Bed time-
Kevin: I’m gonna go to sleep now.
Joe: me too.
You and Nick: Good night.
You: Well I’ll go to sleep now. Good night! kisses Nick on the cheeks
Nick: blushes dazed Good night.
-In Nick’s room- Nick can’t sleep he’s thinking of you
-Flashback you and Nick were at the airport-
You: Nick please say something.
Nick: What do you want me to say __?
Announcer: Flight 391 to France is now boarding I repeat Flight 391 to France is boarding Thank you. Your mom: I guess that’s us. Bye Denise. Bye Paul. Hugs Kevin Joe then Nick be good okay.
You: Bye. * Hugs Joe Kevin then Nick*
you: gets your bags crying walks towards the gates
-Nick’s POV at Nick’s family car-
Denise: Look out the window boys. Say bye to __.
Nick, Joe and Kevin: looks out the window and sees a plane taking off
Kevin: I’ll miss __
Nick: whispers to himself Bye __. I’ll miss you. I love you. cries
-You’re POV-
You: Mom, can I put my earphones now?
Your mom: yes, darling.
You: * thinks to yourself* Bye Nick. I’ll miss you because I love you more than a friend should.
-End of flashback-
-In Frankie’s room-
you can’t sleep you're thinking of Nick
-You and Nick were just 5 years old-
Nick: You want to play Hide and go seek?
You: Sure.
Nick: okay I’ll count. covers his eyes One. Two. Three. ready or not here I come.
You: hides behind a bush
Nick: Gotcha! falls over you and accidentally kisses you.
you: dazed Nicky you’re heavy!!
Nick: laughs gets up and helps you up
-End of flashback-
you went downstairs to find Nick in the kitchen eating ice cream
you: Can’t sleep too? taking a spoon
Nick: Yeah.
You: May I know why?
Nick: I just can’t sleep that’s all. How about you? Why can’t you sleep?
You: Frankie snores very loud doesn’t he?
Nick: laughs
you: So you had any girlfriends I should know of?
Nick: Gah no!
You: Really huh?
Nick: Really. How about you any boyfriends I should know of?
You: None.
Nick: You look guilty feels hurt inside you sure??
You: Yea. Super sure.
Nick: Kay. stuffs ice cream in his mouth feels relieved
you: anyways I feel a little bit sleepy already. Good Night Nick! Sweet dreams. whispers: I still love you
Nick: Good Night too. whispers: I love you so much. Never changed.

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