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Chapter 2

Awake and Undead

by: dobby
The almost-silent breaths of someone and the pounding of rain reached my ears. The rain wasn't the only thing pounding. My head was, too.
I slowly opened my eyes and turned over to my other side, the bed creaking as I moved. The first thing I saw - Solomon, sitting on a chair.
A visitor's chair for a hospital or whatnot. And I was on a hospital bed.
"Where am I?" I asked, wincing at the pain of my head.
Solomon jumped in his spot and looked my way. "Oh my God," he said, hopping out of his seat and kneeling beside my bed. "Charlie, you're awake!"
"Yeah, I know." I groaned. "What happened to me? Why am I in a hospital?"
Solomon hesitated. "Do you remember the last thing that happened to you?"
I was annoyed by now. My head was aching, my stomach was starting to rumble, and now he wouldn't give me a straight answer. But I thought, anyway. It took me some time, when I finally looked down at the bed I was on, frowning. "Yes." I barely said. I looked back up at Solomon, he was studying me.
"Do you want to here a story?"
I was taken-back a little. "A story?" He nodded. "Does it have anything to do with where I am?" He nodded again. "Okay, then, tell."
He sighed and smiled. "Once upon a time, at a time where maybe thousands could count back, was a girl. Her name was Eva. She had long, dark red hair that waved beautifully down to her bottom. She had glowing eyes that were the colour of yellow. She had perfect tan skin, and everything about her was just amazing. She was perfect.
"Not only was Eva perfect, but she was... different from humans. See, she only appeared human. Really, she was a species undiscovered, to this day and on, by men."
"Like a vampire?" I blurted.
He smiled, he had razer-sharp kanine teeth, which made his smile really gorgeous. "I suppose, only vampires are exposed to the world."
"What was Eva, then?" I hastily asked. "What could she do?"
"I'm gettin' there." he laughed. "Eva was an immortal species called a Nynx. A Nynx is a cross between an immortal and an animal, each individual has their own specific animal. A Nynx can turn into their animal any time they want, or even half-animal, half-immortal. Also, they have powers, such as having one of the six elements, and they also come with their own individual power."
"What do you mean the six elements?" I asked.
"The elements," he said, "are water, fire, air, earth, and night. Eva was a fire. Her animal was a phoenix, and she could summon and talk to the dead." He saw my horrified look, and added quietly, "Like a ghost whisperer."
I parted my mouth, deep in thought. Solomon continued, "Eva wasn't alone in the Nynx world. There are six schools around the world for them, one in every continent but Antarctica. Eva attended the one in North America, where we live.
"Eva was also in love with a guy named Charles. Or, that's his name translated in English. He was actually an Elf, his real name was Suiadan. Charles and Eva never met publicly, they always met in the forests or something. Charles didn't know this, but Eva wanted to be in private because Charles didn't know about her being of Nynx yet.
"One day, when they were all serious, they... you know. After that, Eva finally told him. She was a Nynx. Eva knew they were in love, so she thought he wouldn't mind. She thought wrong. See, Charles's dad was completely against Nynx, for some reason, which made Charles, as well, against Nynx. Charles was furious. So, he... killed her."
I gasped. "That's disgusting."
Solomon sadly nodded. "Yes, it is." he agreed. "After Charles killed Eva, he told his father he never wanted to see a Nynx again. So, Charles forced all of the Elves in his city, eventually leading up to almost all the Elves in the world, to be against Nynx and to kill them. Little did they know that Eva did not really die, she was now a goddess. So Eva came down one day, to Charles's surprise, and had a little talk. Eva wanted a compromise, but Charles declared war. During the war, Charles called it to a stop and accepted the compromise, only making a few changes.
"To this day on, Nynx are never to be seen by humans and can never be out of their territory until they are fully grown, and even then they are watched by the Elves. They cannot reproduce. They can never be free."
There was a moment of silence. "Wow," I sighed, then said, "Not to be rude, but what does this have to do with my being in the hospital?"
"Right," he said. "I forgot one little detail."
"What's that?"
"Eva had a daughter, the father Charles."
I cocked my head to the side. We stared at each other for a while, and I couldn't help but get the message that he was saying I was the daughter. "That's impossible." I said, grinning at him like he was a fool. "My father and mother only died when I was one. You said she died a million years ago, I have brothers, you know."
"Yeah," he said. "I know you have brothers, it's still a mystery how Eva had them before you when she only did it with Charles once, and you guys are years apart. But your parents, or fosters, new about Nynx, so does your grandmother. They took care of you guys while you were still growing."
I sat up. "That doesn't make any sense." I said, even though I knew exactly what he was saying. I swung my legs over the bed, no matter how much it hurt, and leaped down onto the ground. Only, right when I touched floor, I collapsed with a, "Eech!"
Solomon kneeled down beside me, raising one eyebrow. I glared at him, "Yeah, of course I'm okay, thanks for asking."
He sighed and sat cross-legged. "I'm sorry."
"Solomon, that was a nice story and all, but I want my best friends and my grandma right now. To get the real story and what is happening to me."
"You can't."
I looked appalled, I knew. "And why is that?"
"They're all the way back in Aldergrove. Plus, everyone but your grandmother thinks you're dead."
I raised my eyebrows. "Honest?" I rolled my eyes. "Why am I so stiff and weak?"
"Because, you kind of are dead." he said. "Undead. You have to die to be undead. You died in the bathroom."
I winced. "I'm not dead and I'm not undead." I remembered the rain was still pounding.
"What will make you believe me?"
"Uh, I dunno, proof, maybe?" I asked in a voice that called him dumb.
He thought for a moment and then grinned. "Fine." he said. He stood up. "I'm a Nynx, too, just like you. I have the power to read minds, you have the power inherited by your mother, the goddess. Think of something, I'll know."
I rolled my eyes, but thought anyway. Ice-cream.
My eyes went wide. "Wh -"
I sighed. I sang 'The Mysterious Ticking Noise' in my head. He repeated my thought. "Whatever, that proves nothing." I said. "They're are psychic people out there, I guess."
He grinned again, I tried to show my resistance of smiling with him. It was hard, his smile's contagious. "Alright then." he said, then jumped down beside me. He rubbed his hands together and held one out. Amazingly, there was a little ball of black, foggy stuff hovering above his palm. "My element is night. Yours is fire, also like your mom, but unlike your mother, you can really control every element, which means you can do what I'm doing right now." Then he threw the little ball of fog at the blue curtain hanging by the window, making it catch on fire, only it wasn't fire. It was like fire-looking smoke.
I thought of an excuse for that. "That could be just a trick!" I snapped.
"Okay." He stood up and backed away from me. "Then let's try and find an excuse for this." At that, he closed his eyes as his body started to shake a bit. And right before my eyes, Solomon had sprouted black wolf ears, his eyes only white and a black tail.
I backed myself up to the bed, my eyes wide and my body stiff, my mouth hanging open. He raised an eyebrow, stepping a bit closer. "I -" I stuttered. "Tha - wh - k -"
He laughed. "Like Eva, you can turn into a half-phoenix, then eventually a full phoenix. Rare, because you are the second phoenix, first your mother. Thousands of years apart, and finally the phoenix returns."
I managed a small, quivering smile. "W - wow, th - that..." my voice failed me. "Amazing!"
He smirked. "Do you believe me now?"
I nodded, big time.
"Awesome." he said in my mind. "But I've only explained half the stuff. You have four living brothers, right? Amos, Logan, Lucas and Colton. Two of your older brothers, the ones that came before Lucas and Colton, the twins, and after Amos and Logan. Colin and Quincy, Colin is a year older. They're dead, correct?"
My heart sank. I nodded slowly.
"Nope." he said. "They're undead. Immortal. Here, and they should be out of class any minute now."
My eyes went wide. Did he just say that my two dead brothers were alive? Here? Undead? Like... me?

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