Save Me

i kinda just randomly wrote. sorry if the story is messy. hope you guys like it.
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Chapter 3


by: dobby
"Yes, they're undead like you. Like us." Solomon spoke in my mind. Did I say that out loud? Then I remembered, he could read minds.
"Can you... not?" I asked.
The dog tilted his head, which I couldn't help but smile then. "Can you not read my mind!" I giggled, then naturally pet the dog's head.
Solomon closed his big wolf eyes at my touch, then spoke in my mind again. "Sure. Whatever you'd like. I hereby forbid I, Solomon Alexander Wolfman, of ever reading the mind of Charlie Lillian Cyprus ever again."
I smiled. "How do you know my full name?"
"Everyone knows it. You're the daughter of the goddess."
I stopped petting him, my smile fading. As soon as I stopped, Solomon's eyes shot open. I was deep in thought. "Hey," he said. "It's okay."
I nodded. "I know." I continued to stroke him, which was kind of weird. "And I'm sorry I never knew you before, Solomon. You just never came to mind. You sort of faded with the crowd, you know? I didn't even know your last name. Well, not by heart."
"You were the most popular girl ever in the history of what." he said, making me laugh. "Of course you never noticed me."
And that's when the door quietly opened, and a redheaded boy stepped in, followed by another redhead. And when they saw Solomon and I, they're faces beamed. "Charlie!" exclaimed the older one, suddenly embracing me. "I love you, I missed you so much." he said, his voice muffled since he was practically in my shoulder. The other redhead was holding me, as well.
I held them back. It took me a moment, but when I remembered who they were, I held them as tight as I could. "Colin." I cried. "Quincy."
Colin was my third oldest brother. He had dark red hair, like me, and apparently my mother, Eva. He looked more handsome then ever, what in the three years since I had seen him last. He was really buff, and his skin was my colour, dark-ish from the sun. But the most significant difference from when he was a wimpy thirteen-year-old nerd, was that Colin had purple eyes. Probably contacts, even though Colin never needed glasses...
Quincy didn't look that different. He had a little more muscle then when he was thirteen, two years ago, but other than that, nothing. He still had that washed-out red hair that spiked up, and he still resembled Ron Weasley, only different. Wait a second - Quincy's eyes. They were pink. Not like pink eyes, the actual irises of his eyes were pink.
I didn't bother to ask. I just hugged and loved.

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