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Chapter 4

Something Special

by: dobby
It felt like a million years, which wasn't bad, but my brothers finally parted from me and said they had to go back to class. Solomon went to the nurse for some new clothes, because when you turn, apparently your clothes get totally ruined.
My brothers said that Colin had a house on campus, where Colin and Quincy lived. They said I needed to live one year in my dorm, rules, until I could go live with my brothers, but the headmistress said I could stay with my brothers for a week.
Since I was still a bit fuzzy on the whole "this being a school for Nynx" thing, I asked Solomon to explain it to me again. He said that it's like a high school, only you stay six years, it's your home and they have totally different subjects, except for French (what are the odds!).
"Do you want me to take you to Colin's house?" Solomon asked.
I nodded. He helped me walk out of the doctor's office, which was just like any normal clinic, and onto the street, which is when I noticed I was barefoot and in a nightgown, but I wasn't cold.
I studied the place around me, gaping. It was amazing. It was like a little village outside a castle, which was the school on the other side of the town. There was a huge wall around the place, Solomon said there was a really strong force-field around it, too, made with black magic so no one could get out. The huge wall went around until it hit a mountain, which the castle was up against. The mountain was as high as heaven, as great wondrous as nature.
"Wow," I said, Solomon chuckled. I looked at him, he was looking at me, too. I looked away, telling myself I would hate me if I blushed. It didn't make sense, but it worked.
My heart squeezed when Solomon grabbed my hand ever-so-softly. "C'mon, the townhouses are on the other side of the village."
He led me down, there were plenty of gorgeous adults walking around, some kids my age, some older. But they were all gorgeous.
It didn't take long to get to the townhouses. There were sections, Colin apparently lived in section 09, house 07 out of 12. We entered the little section of townhouses. I noticed the rain had stopped when snow began to fall. Was it not just June?
Solomon, still holding my hand, led me to a blue townhouse, identical to all the other ones attached to it, only this one didn't have a great garden and it had "Cyprus", our last name, spray-painted onto the door and the garage door. That made me smile.
Solomon sadly let go of my hand and unburied a key from the dirt garden. "Wow," I said, as he unlocked the door. "How'd you know that was there?"
Solomon smiled at me as he opened the door, holding it open for me. As I stepped in, he said, "Let's just say your brothers and I get along well."
I grinned. There were four flours to the townhouse: a basement, which was a party room from the looks of it, the small foyer, a living area and a kitchen, and a bedroom/bathroom area for the top.
We walked into the kitchen, I automatically sat on the counters. "Are you cold?" he asked. "I could make some hot chocolate."
"I'm not cold." I said, "But I'll have one, anyway."
"'Kay," he said, as I entered the living area. There was a flat-screen, a loveseat and another couch. A stereo, a desk, and a dining room table. It wasn't a big space, and the carpets were a disgusting colour, but it worked.
I flopped on the couch, already making myself at home. I didn't know why I was taking this so easily, but I was.
Solomon came with two hot chocolates. I sat up on the loveseat so he could sit, as well. He handed me a hot chocolate. "That was fast." I said, enjoying the warmth the mug had to give. Maybe I was cold.
"I'm a pro." he joked, then got serious. "Are you sure you're okay?"
I nodded, taking a sip of my hot chocolate. "I'm sure I'll be okay."
"If you ever need anything, your brothers have got my number somewhere. I live in a dorm with my brother and one of my best friends, Benjamin."
"You have a brother?" I asked, taking another sip.
Solomon swallowed his gulp of hot chocolate. "Well, I call him my brother. He's really my Irish cousin, Noah. But we're just really close, you know?"
Without thinking, I said, "Cute." My eyes widened, but Solomon just grinned. I looked out a window and said, "Wow, the snow really piles up here." It was like a blizzard. "By the way, where is here? And isn't it June? Why is it snowing?"
"It's not June anymore." he said. "It's October the first, you've been asleep for almost four months. And we're in Nunavut."
I almost choked. "/Four months/?" I asked. "/Nunavut/?"
"Well, yeah." he said. "The Elves don't want us to close to humans. People live in Nunavut, of course, but we're in one of the undiscovered parts."
"And what if we're discovered?"
"We won't be, black magic." he explained, then sighed, putting his Mickey Mouse mug on the side table beside the couch. "Wanna go outside?"
"Weren't we just?"
"Yeah, but it doesn't snow as much as it pours down thunder, lightning and rain on the West Coast of Canada."
"True." I admitted, then put my mug down. "Let's go, then."
Solomon directed me to my clothes, which were in Quincy's bedroom. Apparently death packed up my stuff for me.
I got dressed into everything warm, and we went outside from the "party room". We made a snowman and threw around snowballs for a while, then we made some snow angels. Harmless, little kid fun that you never get once you live in Aldergrove. Aldergrove was all about being cool, and cool meant drugs, losing your virginity and violence. I was never one of those people, but I still managed to be cool by having boyfriends and an interesting past.
I collapsed on the ground, laying down, back to the floor, so the snowflakes would just lay on me. Solomon lay down next to me, we just lay, staring into the white sky in silence for a while.
"If Colin and Quincy had class," I said. "why wouldn't you?"
Solomon hesitated. "You're more important than education I already have."
I held my smile in and asked, "How did you know it was today, then? You had to know, you were just sitting there, waiting.'
"I had a feeling you'd wakeup today."
"What gave you that?" I asked, turning my head to him.
He paused. "Today's my birthday." He turned his body to me.
I made my mouth a smiling "O". "Happy birthday!" I exclaimed. "Are you fourteen?"
He nodded. "Why didn't you tell me from the start?" I asked. "It'd make today even more special."
Solomon twisted his mouth in thought. "My birthday isn't important to me."
I frowned. "Of course it is, it means you've aged, you have more to do in life. It's magical."
"Nah," he said. "It's just a day that says I'm born. Plus, I'm immortal now. I'm ageless, what does a birthday do now."
I scowled. "I should still get you something."
"You did. You woke up on my birthday. It almost makes me care, makes me say, 'Hey, the goddess gave me a present to keep.', you know?"
I held in my "aw!". I just softly smiled, and said, "I wish I'd known you before. You're so sweet."
He smiled, and I noticed, I couldn't see his eyes that well. They were covered by his bangs, which wasn't a horrible thing, since it gave him that sexy, mysterious look. But I wanted to see them.
"I can't see your eyes." I said, frowning.
"They're nothing to see, trust me."
"Nothing? Nothing like your birthday?" He jokingly nodded. I huffed and rolled my eyes, but still smiled. I touched my fingertips to his hair. It was so soft, and his body heat was radiating to my fingers. I loved his hair. It was shaggy and sexyy, so black you could almost see shines of blue. I brushed his bangs from his eyes, and when I saw them I quietly gasped.
They were something to see. They stunned me, hypnotized me. They were white. Not like the ghost's, not like he didn't have a pupil or iris or anything. But his irises were white, making visible of every detail in them. They were beautiful.
Solomon smiled and flicked his bangs back. "They're not special."
I sat up, looking down at him. "They're amazing, Solomon. I never noticed."
"You know who's eyes are something? Yours are."
When suddenly, a snowball hit the back of Solomon's head.

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