NEW MOON/ REALITY ALTERNATE-girls only-part51 and up

NEW MOON/ REALITY ALTERNATE-girls only-part51 and up

Hellloooo everyone im back online but idk for how long so im posting as much as I can...Thank you guys for reading nd commentin its really appreciated!! Obviously im turning my quiz into a story so look out and Enjoy! I LOVE U GUYS;)


Chapter 1

Whats eating Jacob?...

When she finally got to you you picked her up and squeezed her then smothered her in kisses she giggled and when you stopped she placed her small warm hands on your cheeks and stared at your eyes amazed. Paul walked over with his hand up "Alwight Tia!" he cooed and she tapped it with hers the guys laughed "Im afraid to leave now..shes gonna be ready for college when I come back" Paul joked tussling her hair "Dude dont make me drag you outta here" Jared joked gesturing towards to the door "Ok Ok..." he complained and dragged his feet all the way to the door "Bye guys! Say bye bye Tia" you called as the walked out Paul was the last one she put one arm in the air and waved towards herself "Ba-bye" she cooed and both Paul's and Jacob's eyes widened he still had the camera rolling "Yeah that did it im not going anywhere" he said loud enough for Jared to hear "Its fine Paul stay" Jacob added and you were super confused. You would think he would want some alone time after how long youve been apart, but whatever. Later after Tia was asleep again you guys got in bed "Ive missed this bed so much" you said pulling the blankets back Jacob didnt say anything "I missed what was done in this bed too" you pushed but Jake faced the other way "Not tonight im really tired" he responded so you faced the other way "Right..." you said under your breath and forced yourself to sleep. At one point you were turning over and Jake was wide awake smiling to himself, if thats not weird idk what is, but you just decided to figure out what his problem was tommorrow. When you awoke he wasnt in bed so you expected him to be downstairs cooking breakfast or something. So you took a quick shower and got dressed, in the dinning room the table was covered with plates and bowls of food. Paul was already there feeding Tia, and so was the rest of the pack but after kissing her on the forehead you sat down yourself and you noticed there was movement in the kitchen "Wow so whos the master chef responsible for this?" you asked with more enthusiasm than needed Paul chuckled. Jacob came out of the kitchen with an apron on but then taking that off "Me.. but I gotta go they need me at the Cullens but the guys will keep you company" he answered you were about to take a bite if a pancake but froze. It ruined your appetite, he continued walking towards the door "Of course you do" you added sarcastically everyone noticed except Jacob "Whats that for the Cullens dont eat?" you noticed a covered plate in his hand "Nessie does..just thought she might want some" he continued to the door "Ill see you guys later" he called leaving. Once the door shut it was slilent besides the guys eating and you could feel their eyes burning on you "You guys alright...there seems to be a little tension?" Embry asked as if he was afraid of the answer "So im not the only one thats seeing this?..what am I Leah to him..UGH" you frustratedly grunted "Jake does seem kinda.. distant" Quil responded "If he didnt want me here he should have just said so" you snapped to yourself. But trying not to explode you took a deep breath and stood up from the table you looked at Tia and she was just there playing with her eggs, so you took her out of the highchair and went upstairs to give her a bath "Well save you a plate" Seth called as you went upstairs "Thanks" you called back. Later Tia was playing with some toys in her room but she kept looking out the window, you noticed it was a pretty day outside. So you decided to take her out, on your way out you saw the guys sitting around "Well be back were gonna get some fresh air...oh hey nobody cook im making tacos tonight!" you called and you heard hi fives "Awesome" Jared responded and you laughed and continued on your way. You ended up taking Tia to this pond with a little meadow next to it. There were little ducks and everything, sitting in the small meadow you watched her play and laugh at the butterflies floating around her, then one landed on her hands it chilled there for a moment and then took off. But as you followed it towards the sky it passed infront of was just Emmett. Tia reached for him when she noticed who it was, he picked her up and spun around "Hey kiddo!" he greeted putting her down then laying next to you "Ive been lookin all over for you" he joked and you smiled "Nice to know somebody cares" you responded sitting up and he rolled his eyes "He cares.." he complained jokingly "If he cared then why has he been.. avoiding me and always at your house? Last time I checked that wasnt his favorite place in the world" you responded and he rolled over to his elbow "Hes not avoiding you, if you must know..and you didnt hear from me..but Jacob thinks your pregnant. Hes just been over there talking to Carlisle" Emmett explained and you were super relieved so you attacked Emmett with a hug "Well that explains alot.." you said to yourself "What did you think he was doing" Emmett asked obviously expecting an off explanantion "I thought he reimprinted...on Renesmee.." you answered sheepishly and he boomed with laughter "Shut up, its a good thing you said something because i was going to...go insane" you added staring into space thinking about tearing Nessie into shreds "Too late..but hey what are best friends for..and if you want when he comes over I can plant a bug in his head and let it spread like a virus" he smiled deviously and you laughed and thought about it "Nah...after all hes just worried im preggo right so no harm done" you responded. After a few hours of the great out doors with Emmett you decided to pack it in so that you could get started on dinner. When you got home noone was there, so you assumed that Sam had given them something to do. You sat Tia down in her walker and put it on spongebob, she loves that show and its the only thing shell sit still for. While you heated the skillet and took out some of the ingredients, Tia starts crying so you run to see why, and as soon as you turned the corner all you saw was this black gorilla. Which freaked you out so you acted on your instincts, which was to kick it as hard you could then grab Tia and run. But in the midst of all this, after the monkey went flying across the room you noticed, there was only a gorillas head..and the rest of the body was human. A shirtess boy to be exact, so you went to unmask him and he was still on the floor probably trying to get his breath back. He still tried to crawl away while you snatched it off, it was Jared ", dont hurt me its just me" he pleaded as you stood over him and the rest of the pack walked in of course minus Jacob "What the hell is wrong with you?! I could have killed you if I wanted to!" you yelled "Im aware..I think you broke my rib" he gasped rolling around on the floor. Tia was clapping her hands and laughing "Looks like we missed a good show" Embry joked helping him up Paul went straight past you guys and straight to Tia "Dont worry Jared Tacos will make you feel all better" Quil comforted "Someone wanna tell me what the hell just happened" you added picking up the mask "Believe it or not he was just trying to cheer you up because...we talked to Jake" Seth explained excited to blab the last part "Really..what did he say?-wait what did you say??" you questioned and they looked at each other sneakily "Youll see...." Paul added bouncing Tia "Can you just tell me please I need to know how to react" you pleaded "Yeah dont want her to get hostile" Jared added easing himself on the couch you rolled your eyes then looked at Seth because it was obvious he wanted to cave "Ok well we didnt actually talk but we all phased and Jared showed Jake what happened after he left, and Jake was like whats with her (in Jacobs voice) so Embry was like she probably just needs some attention bro (in Embrys voice) but Jake still didnt get it so Paul was like, Jake man when was the last time you kissed (in Pauls voice) and then Jake got all defensive like, I dont see how thats any of your business (in Jacobs voice) but Quil called his bluff, in other words he doesnt remember (in Quils voice) so i was like, Jake its really been that long..I bet she feels like the greatest imprint in the world" Seth explained super fast and then flinched from fists coming at him "Hey hey hey leave Seth alone!" you added breaking it up and guarded him "Thanks Seth" you gave him a half hug "Actually thank all of you guys..but I found out why Jakes been acting so weird, he thinks im pregnant" you said going back into the kitchen but you couldnt help but notice Paul stiffen at your response "Well are you?" Embry called from the other room "No...not that I know of" you called back laughing "Hey Paul I cant reach this pot can you get it for me" you called so the others wouldnt suspect anything, you sat on the counter waiting him to follow you "What was that?!" you whispered pulling him out of the doorway "What?" he whispered confused "You know knew Jacob thought I was preggo" you figured by the expression on his face then he babbled "Ok...he does and only because he totally embarrassed me..he made me go with him to get the preggo tests" he confessed and you laughed "Preggo test? Where did he put them?" you asked but he shrugged "Now that part have no idea, check under his side of the bed or something" he responded and you nodded. After you finished cooking you were making plates, when you heard the front door shut and the first thing you thought was 'action' if Jake thinks your preggo lets make him think your preggo....TBC...

Shortly you guys ate and then cut the cake, for some reason Taylor thought it would be funny to put some on the tip of your nose so when you cut his piece you put it in his entire face causing alot of gasp but Taylor just stood there. But then swiped one finger down his cheek and then tasted it and nodded "Thats a great cake. But you know what its honeymoon time" he responded pulling you into him and then putting his face against yours ""Aww youre Taylor messin up her make up" Ashley complained grabbing napkins but you and Taylor continued to laugh while others took pictures "It's not like she needs it...shes perfect" he smiled staring at you as if he was looking at you but thinking of something else. He slowly closed the space between you and gave you a lingering kiss, you could feel the akward tension from everyone around watching. So when you pulled away you clapped mostly to snap yourself out of it, grabbed Taylor's hand and then ran on stage and grabbed the microphone "Thank you so much for coming out everyone we love you!" you annouced while Taylor waved then you quickly gave Justin a hug and then Usher one. As you and Taylor made your way towards the exit everyone broke out the rice, you could just feel it landing everywhere. Though you could sort of tell who was throwing what, like the pieces of rice that were hitting you the hardest were coming from the guys, except for Kristen she caught Taylor right upside of the head making you and Taylor pick up the pace. The limo was out front waiting while everyone cheered and clapped you out of the building. After the both of you slid inside the moment the door shut Taylor's lips found yours urgently, barely letting you come up for air he layed on top of you "I love you so much" he breathed staring in your eyes making you smile "I love you more" you laughed and his lips crushed back onto yours. You were trying to unbutton Taylor's suit jacket when the driver slammed on the breaks causing you and Taylor to fall completely off the back seat and onto the floor, you laughed it off but Taylor was highly upset. The driver opened the door "Here we are LAX, right?" he called holding the door open but then peeked inside to see you and Taylor scrambling and stumbling to your feet "What the hell man?! Dont you know shes pregnant?!?" Taylor yelled annoyed stepping out and taking your hand "Oh my gosh sir I am so sorry!!" he pleaded while Taylor made sure you were ok then went and got your bags from the trunk. The paparazzi were having a frenzy "Taylor!...__!! How was the wedding! ..You guys have a great vacation!!" they shouted as you guys proceeded inside the airport "It was incredible thank you!" you called back and waved Taylor sighed and put up the peace sign and a fake smile "Why do you respond to them?" he asked under his breath "Because I dont wanna look like a jerk and if I was a fan I would love to see my favorite celeb smile and wave rather than look all stuck up" you answered and he shrugged "I know but..the media can twist your words and still make it look that way" he added and you laughed "Not if its genuine" you responded optimistically defeating him. The flight was long but it was worth it, after retrieving your luggage and few more pictures taking by Australian paparazzi you walked outside. The sky was a beautiful baby blue without a cloud in it and you could just tell the change in the atmosphere by just breathing in. Taylor made sure that what happened on the way to airport didnt happen again on the way to the hotel. Though this time all you guys did this time was lean against each other, the car came to a slow stop then the driver opened the door and there was a whole lot of people waiting outside mainly employees though "Welcome to The Reef Retreat!" one woman said with an accent handing Taylor a decorated glass from off a silver tray and then you one "Thank you" you both smiled as they lead the way too your room. It was all the wya on the fifth floor, once she opened the door she handed Taylor both of the keys, she was more eager for us to the room than we were "Ok well here are your keys, and if you need ANYTHING please dont be afraid to let us know..." she said kinda flirtatiously staring at Taylor but he was looking down at the room keys "WE your name?" you responded quickly in an irritated tone Taylor's head quickly shot up to look at you "Megan" she flashed a huge fake smile "Ok well thank you Megan well call you if we need anything" Taylor added getting ready to close the door "Oh wait Taylor im a HUGE fan do you think I can get a picture?..." she asked rocking side to side Taylor sighed and halfsmiled "Sure" he answered while she pulled out her cellphone from her jacket pocket and then pressed her cheek against Taylor's and puckered, Taylor flashed a few teeth. After the flash went off Taylor quickly stepped back and shut the door locked it then sighed "So what to do first?..." he asked smiling...TBC..

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