Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 28

Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 28

Okay....been so busy with homework....had writers block....trying to come up with something for Th Love Triangle story.....i've been writting a lot more on paper and i will put in up on quibblo later today...or tomorrow...

Chapter 1

Chapter 28

by: ImBack_
----Justin's POV----
I woke up to find my arms empty. i wasn't surprised. Brooke told me she was going to be gone. I groaned before stretching my arms out and slowly sitting up. I didn't know what to do. I took a shower, and got dressed. I knew what Brooke and i were going to do for our date though. I smiled just thinking about it. Brooke and i on a date....finally. I walked into the living room of the big Hotel room. I switched on the TV, and began flipping through channels. I heard a ringing from Brooke's room. It was my phone. "Justin speaking." i answered. "Hey." Christian said. I smiled. "Hey....what's up?" I walked back into the living room and sat on the couch. "Nothing much.." I said grabbing the remote of the table. I kept switching through channels. "I know you and Brooke are going by your self but would you mind if Brandy and i came with you guys to Six flags Magic mountain?" i shrugged as if he could see me. "Sure." i didn't mind at all but, the dinner was for Brooke. I came to Access Hollywood and heard the man say; "Brooke Wicfield." i went back. "Justin Bieber was seen with up and coming star Brooke Wicfield. At Starbucks having drinks together and walking in a park. It was said that thy got in a small argument, and Justin said; 'SO CALM DOWN BROOKE! AS MY GIRLFRIEND YOU SHOULDN'T BE WORRYING ABOUT THIS OKAY' At least that's what was said to be said." I sighed and leaned back in my seat. "GIRLFRIEND. Is this the start of Brookstin? But Justin has been seen with many others girls.....but what can we say? We'll just keep our eyes on those 2. This is Kevin and you're watching Access Hollywood." I switched off the TV. "I'll talk to you later." i said. i switched off the phone, before Christian could even reply. This is going to mess Brooke and i up. I'm not saying i'm not happy for her....but i'm a bit worried. I watched TV most of the time, only to see Brooke's and I's face pop up more. My phone binged. I took it from the table beside me. A topic about me was trending. The topic was #Justinisdatingwho?
I rolled my eyes but didn't hesitate to click on it. some tweets were good others weren't.
There was one that said: #Justinisdatingwho? I don't even like her..Whatever they won't last long.
I frowned and scrolled down.
#Justinisdatingwho? Really? Broke Wicfield? Well i think they look good together! I'm happy for Justin! He just needs Somebody to love :) i couldn't help but smiled. i was looking through the others when i heard the door open. I didn't look away from the screen. I felt hands cover my eyes and breathing by my ear. "guess who?" The person whispered. "Beyonce?" i asked laughing. "Whatever." she hissed in my ear before taking her hands off of my eyes and taking a seat next to me. I smiled at her. She gave me a peck on the lips quickly, before looking at my phone still opened to twitter and asking, "What have you been doing?" i quickly placed my floor behind me and said nothing. She raised an eyebrow but didn't touch the subject again. I looked at the clock; 11:14. Brooke stood up and walked to her room, i guess she was changing. I sat there and saw that, The Strangers were on. (Author's note: That movie scared the life out of me. If you haven't watched it...i recommend it but at the same time....don't) I've seen the movie many times and it didn't seem to scared me....but Brooke didn't feel that way. she walked in and saw the man on the screen. She mumbled something, before stepping back screaming and covering her eyes. I stood up about to walk over to her when she said, "Don't come near me.... " i stopped, but stayed up. "That movie is crazy! turn it off!" i smiled. I just love the way she gets scared easily. I smirked and took at step toward her. The expression changed to awareness. "Justin turn it off please." ran toward her and picked her up putting her over my back. "You're going to watch with me." I said quietly. i couldn't see her face. all i could she was her butt and legs. she began hitting my back, protesting with every step i took. "I dislike you." i heard her whisper. "I love you." I said back. "Well i dislike you." She repeated. I dropped down on the couch than, put my arm around her. "Come on Brooke stop being such a sacred-y cat!" She was looking at the TV wide eyed with fear.
"I will never forgive you." She exclaimed, not looking away from the TV. "Please?' i whispered in her ear. she crossed her arms her turned her head slowly to look at me. She was frowning, but rolled her eyes and sighed lightly. "Okay." she said, before a smile melted on her face.
God i love her so much.


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