Monster High

I decided to do a Halloween story so here it is!!!
Theme Song-
Monster High Fright Song-?

Chapter 1

Monster High

"What do mean I have to go to a special school?!" I practically screeched as I threw my backpack onto the arm chair. My dad was sitting in the kitchen, at the table, reading the news paper.

My name is Aida Drogerous. I'm fifteen and only five feet short. I am thin-you can almost count my ribs-but surprisingly not like sickly thin; why? because I can't eat human food. I'm the daughter of angels. My dad was the death angel and my mom is a higher angel-she's somewhere up there with the God I don't believe in.

My dad had his wings taken away when I was born. I inherited hsi pitch black wings and hair with a dark blue tint. I have brown eyes with gold flecks-just like my mom.

"Aida, you just started high school and that's usually the time when...your body..."

"Oh God...Dad! I do Not want to have this talk with you!" I said and he put down the paper.

"I'm sending you to Monster High because I think you'll be a lot safer there than here. People are starting to notice how you're so..."

"Pale? Thin? Weird? Freaky? Yah, thanks dad." I mumbled and sat down.

"Aida, I was going to say different. Right about now your wings are going to start growing and they'll need to be out more often instead of tied down to your back underneath your shirt."

I sighed and nodded. My wings had started to grow a lot and it was getting harder to tie them down. "Aida, this is a great opportunity. You'll learn the in's and out's of being what you are..."

I looked up hurt. In my parents eyes: I wasn't supposed to be born. A simple mistake. I knew my dad missed the feeling of the glorious black wings hooked to his back, the feeling of the old parchment of the scroll of death, the feeling of the large sithe in his hand...and I was the blame for all of that being taken away.

"I'm a who Dad..." I said and my voice shook.

"I meant who..." He said but I had already run out the front door.

I ran to a small meadow far away from everything else. I rolled my shirt up and untied the scarf around my waist. My wings slowly opened up behind me and I sighed as the pressure around my abdomen slowly faded away. I sat with my knees folded under me and closed my wings around me as I hid my tear-stained face.

I heard a crack somewhere infront of me and with my fast reflexes, I was on my feet in a second-literally. I didn't see anyone only flowers up to my knees. "Show yourself!" I yelled when I heard another crack.

No one appeared and I had goose-bumps all over. I hate being scared, always have, it frustrates me.

My temper was rising and I could tell my eyes were turning red-just another thing I have to watch out for when I'm around people. I finally noticed a shadow that didn't belong and evilly smiled to myself.

I silently walked over to the shadow but stopped. Expecting to see someone that the shadow belonged to, I was surprised when the shadow had blood red eyes and an evil killing grin. I backed up and my arms raised protectively in front of me.

The shadow mutliplied to about fifty other shadows. They all laughed and then they all disappeared.

That laugh. That evil...crazy...maniac laugh, made my blood run cold and I completely forgot about being angry and frustrated.

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