Tempted (Closed story, lost interest.(If you want this to continue, please PM me.))

Tempted (Closed story, lost interest.(If you want this to continue, please PM me.))

A 15 year old is met by a teen who is very frightful... but more importantly he is different.

Chapter 1

A mysterious spell

She walked through the park, pulling her hood up to avoid the cold winter chill. She looked up to see a teenager watching her. She was confused. She called out to the stranger, 'Who are you?' he chuckled and answered, 'My name is Jak. And what is yours, pretty?'
'Jak. My name is Josie. Why are you watching me?', she could only look at him, no matter how hard her eyes tried to pull away, she couldn't. Like a spell. She looked at him, and he smirked. Oddly, he avoided her question, 'Well, I must go. My number is here.' He handed her a small slip of white parchment, where the number 332-4167 was written in what looked like blood.
With that, he turned away, and left.
The next morning, her body urged her to call the number. She called it, and when he picked up, she sat and listened to the noises his end made. The question was, why? After about a minute, she finally said something, 'Um, Jak, what are you doing today?' She was going to use small talk until her mom called her down for breakfast. Then she would never call him again.
'I am deciding on schools. What about you?' Josie heard him on his end. 'Oh cool. Have you picked one?” He made a chuckle and said, 'Fairview Oakland High School. And where are you going?' She almost gasped, when she remembered he was still there. 'Oh same school. I guess I'll see you tomorrow!’ and she hung up before he could say anything else. 'Josie! Breakfast!' her mom called.
Down she went for breakfast.


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