who will you marry?(part 52)

Chapter 1


I told you not to call me that falcon, that boy died the day u abandoned him, Johnny says sharply his green narrowing. Tch, he says as he rolls his eyes, how quickly u forget where u come from lightly fingering the dagger on his hip, well at least I don’t abandon my friends when they needed me the most. Watch your tongue boy or I shall remove it for u pulling out the dagger on his hip. Look, Johnny says Taking a few deep breath trying to control his temper im not here to fight, falcon, I just came here to see amora, but you keep this up I’ll test the sharpness of my blade on throat.

They stare at each other neither backing down till a unknown soft female voice says, falcon stand down, but,the one called falcon protests. The only but I want to see is yours leaving, now go before I get angry. The person then steps into the light and it a young girl who looks no older that you are in mage robes her long brown hair is almost the same color as Johnny’s. all the sudden she steps forward and embraces him grinning saying I missed you so much before kissing him on the cheek. Then she notices u and she says and who is ur friend, to Johnny as she continues smiles at you and u feel her gently trying to probe ur mind and u feel dawn put up a barrier before saying to you, be careful something doesn’t seem right. It a long story and one that is best told in private.

She gives u a quick side long glance after u feel her briefly touch her ur barrier as if seeing if there was any way around it, before turning her attention back to jhoony smiling before ushering u both into a small but tidy little room that smell heavily of herbs with a desk and bookcase. She sits on the corner of the desk before offering u and jhoony a chair, before saying,” what pray tell is so important little brother that we need to speak privately.

He grins and leaning a little closer to her says what if I told u that im helping princess Ashanti. She seems to think for a minute as if contemplating before saying one I would say ur lying cause everybody knows that baby died along with her parents the night Vince attacked, and 2 even if she did survive why not show herself and claim the throne which is her birthright? Jhonny frowns a little as if hurt that she didn’t believe him before saying well would u believe me if u saw proof? Of course I would she says provided u can show me this proof. Then her glance goes back to u as he motions for u to remove ur hood and u do it and she looks shocked for a moment as not sure what to say as u, smile at jhoony asking is she going to be okay? Yea, she be alright he says grinning, she just a little speechless. if u think this is bad u should have seen her when she sat front row in her first nsync concert and she fainted when one of the singers touched her hand, it was totally hilarious he begin giggling.

I did not faint because of the singer amora says as she, finally finding her voice as her cheeks begin turning red, I was merely overheated and besides she says u weren’t so cool when u first tired to talk to Maya berry either her greenish brown eyes glistening maliciously as jhoony pulls the most childish move and sticks his tongue out at her, but lets keep things civil here she says quickly. It is honor to have u here my queen she says curtsying in front of you , there no need for that u say quickly helping her stand, and im not queen yet, but you may call me Ashanti. and my name is amora, im jhoony sister she says cheerfully tilting her head to the side slightly just like jhoony. Now that the introductions are out of the way, how can I help u she says slowly as trying to figure out if she should not be still calling you ur majesty, how can I help you?. Well I was wondering if u could help him me find a friend who was captured by Vince. Of course I can provided u have some personal of his for I need at least this for the spell to work. Damn you think as u realize u have nothing of the sort with u, Johnny say quickly u wouldn’t happen to have anything of Shawn would u? leaning back in his chair almost casually he says maybe I do, but what in for me? his green eyes lighting up as you can feel his mind working.

Well two play that game u think as u come up behind him, as he sits in his chair gently letting ur fingers slowly trail up and down his arm absent mindly as u whisper what tell me what exactly would I have to do cuz I’ll do anything for it, emphasizing the word, anything, as he shifts uncomfortable in his seat as ur fingers move slowly down toward his pocket before he looks up into your eyes smiling as if entranced by your smile, saying now that u mention it. Then before he can react u quickly take ur prize from his pocket, saying never mind I already got what I needed moving away as he looked shocked for a moment before frowning as he realized that u played him. Before pouting cutely saying that was so uncalled for, well all is fair in love and war you say gently giggling as u touch his cheek. Smiling at u amora says im impressed, and I do believe u are losing ur touch brother.

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