who will you marry?(part 53)

Chapter 1

The Rescue

But I digress that will defiantly be sufficient to find ur friend. Pulling out a bowl she puts some strange liquid into it before whispering some strange words and drops the hair from the brush into the liquid and motions for u to come over and to look into the liquid and u look into the bowl and you see is not the same Shawn you seen at home he looks starved and skinny, bruised and beaten and u can feel his fear and pain as he seems to look straight at u. He chained down by heavy chains that rattle when he moves. Anger and hurt flows through as u realize that u must rescue ur friend as soon as possiple as she ask is this him? as she looks sadly at him.Yes, u say quietly hold on she says concentrating and the picture seems to zoom out and u see the outside of the room he is and then the castle he is at. I know where that place is jhoony says it about a mile or two away from here but I always assumed it was empty. I guess not, well lets go he not going to exactly save himself he says heading to the door quickly.

Wait, amora says to you, cant it wait jhoony sighs impatiently, no it cannot she says sharply, what do u need? U say kindly and she says, "well I know ur going to need help once u decide to finish off Vince and his army, he been more than a pain in our family’s side, so here she says", as she gives u a silver ring with some strange etchings on it. What this for u say, and amora says that I know it not much but it is so u know when the final battle comes we as neko’s will fight with u I know we maybe not that strong but im sure we will be able to make a difference for u in the end and I’ll try to speak to the mages to see if can get some help, thank amora u say hugging her it nothing she says quickly pulling away, before whispering just promise me u will take care of him nodding at Johnny he the only the family I got and I would hate to lose him. I promise u say surely before saying goodbye to her, and departing into the forest with Johnny praying that u make there in time to save him.

So u say to jhoony what is up with all the nicknames, what do u mean he ask, as u continue quickly toward the castle. I mean the names like quicksilver, amora ,etc etc. well he says quickly, what we call surviving is not exactly legal and if we get caught its best if they don’t know our real name. and it’s also a unspoken tradition for us neko’s, given to us once we come of age based on what we do well or a Particular part of our personality that was desirable. So why did they decide to give u name quicksilver?, hmm he seems to think for minute then says a far as I know they said they gave that name cause I blended into wherever I was very easily so I was very hard to find or much less catch for that matter.

But that name is part of my past that I don’t feel comfortable telling the guys about yet so if u don’t mind can we keep this between us 2. So shane, doesn’t know about ur sister, nope he says quickly, and I do want him know cuz it was hard enough to get them to trust me after I got caught stealing from them when I first met them and Shawn was the only one who stood up for me even though he didn’t have to when the guys wanted to turn me over to the authorities for what I did and he even persuaded shane to let me stay and showed me that there more to life than just surviving so even though me a him we don’t always see eye to cuz of the cat and dog thing I don’t think I could ever forgive myself if anything happened to him but don’t tell I said that though I have reputation to keep.

Okay, u say ur secret is safe with me, thanks he says smiling his green lighting up. Then he stops suddenly, why did u stop u are about to say when u see the castle. It at 3 stories with a pointy tops and u count at least 5 bastilles that u can see decorated around the top of the of the castle and u only see maybe 2 windows strategically placed. It looks almost impregnable and u begin to get nervous trying to think of a way to get into the castle. You have any idea on how to get rescue Shawn from the castle you ask jhoony. Hmm, he says as he seems to think for a minute as he closes eyes for a second, jhoony u say again and holds up a finger and u stay silent for a second not sure what to do then his eyes flash open and he says I got and he says if we can obtain some servant clothing we can pretend were servants and get in without much trouble. You sure this is going to work of course it will a place like this has bound to have more than 100 servants so a few more wont alarm the guards provided we stay in character. Then before u can protest more he tells u to stay here while he see if can get some servant clothes, that boy is to impatient for his own good u hear dawn say with a sigh. Oh come on dawn you say quickly, what the worse that could happen. I wouldn’t say that if I were you. And you worry too much.


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